Author's Note: For Stacey who picked the prompt drizzle and asked for a Dani/Sam friendship piece. I'll say it's set during New Mutants v3 #15 pre-kiss but it could easily be some other time when they were hanging out (e.g. X-Force tenure, UXM in SF, etc.). Unbeta'd, I'm afraid, so poke if there are errors. Cheers!
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sweet content
by Bether

Dani had her legs perched on the railing as she rocked lazily in the chair swing hanging on the porch. She had a beer in hand and her eyes were closed as she listened to the drizzle pattering on the various metal surfaces nearby. It was musical, in its way.

It was only when she felt someone sit down beside her that she opened her eyes again. It was, of course, Sam who joined her. He was holding his own beer and settled into a position that mirrored hers. He smiled when he noticed he'd caught her attention. "So."

"Mm-hmm," Dani hummed, smiling softly. She twisted so her feet were resting in his lap (because, with his longer legs, they could swing further—that was the excuse she was sticking with, anyway) and let out a content sigh.

Sam rolled his eyes but didn't upend her legs. Instead, he slung an arm over the back of the chair and watched the grey drizzle falling. It wasn't a half bad way to end the evening, sitting with his friend and sharing a drink in comfortable silence.