Chapter Poroluge

Bev Coltharts-- Is bright, kind, and can sometimes be a bit of a scatter brain, the main character of this story; her mother and father died when she was young, leaving her in the care of her father's close friend Blaire. Unbeknownst to her she is apart of a family that for generation after generation protected the Seal of Goura with the legendary sword, Daemon Edge. Although seeming like a bright and cheerful child, she feels hollow and empty inside, and never really allows anyone to get close to her heart.

Edgar Colthearts-- Bev's twin brother. Edgar is the most loyal young man that you'll

ever know. Devoted to his twin sister, Edgar can be a bit over-protective, even when it's uncalled for; Due to unknown reasons, He left to train with a traveling mercenary, and hasn't been seen since the day his father died.

Loki-- This brash young demon is constantly making himself stronger through combat.

He has an abundance of self-confidence-- perhaps to much- and violence is his first(and only)option. He see's himself as Bev's protector

and strives to improve his sword skills at every turn.

Blaire-- Blaire is Bev's adoptive father.

His is Cliff Village's resident Craft Knight, and he has trained his children Orina and Tatiana, along with Bev and Edgar, in the ways of Crafthood.

He is generally upbeat and optimistic, but always deadly serious when it comes to crafting weapons.

Orin-- Son of Blaire. He is very skilled with machines, and often comes to Bev's rescue when something needs to be fixed.

He is an intelligent and powerful Craft Knight, and is generally humble. He loves to tease his little sister and Bev. He's also a good cook.

Tatiana-- Daughter of Blaire. While she has some training as a CraftKnight, Tatianna is still young and has taken the role of housekeeper(since no one in the family seems to care). She is innocent and looks up to her older brother and Bev. She's a terrible cook but is always willing to show her culinary skills, much to everyone's dismay.

Ryouga-- Ryouga is a close friend to Bev and Edgar.

He is not originally from Cliff Village; He and his sister Lynn moved in from the wilderness several years ago, but have become respected members of the community. Ryouga doesn't like to show it, but he cares for the young protangonist deeply and is willingly to do anything to shield her from any pain.


' We did it! We're not doing to bad at all! We only have a little furthur to go...'

" Hey..."

' If anyone finds out I let anyone into the ruins I'm going to get into a lot of trouble... But I promised Ryouga I'd do it for him. I can't break my promise! '

" Hey..."

' Even if it wasn't for Ryouga, I'm a CraftKnight! The word of a CraftKnight is stronger then any chain! No matter what happens I can't go back on my word!"

" Bev, watch out!"

The sound of my best friend, Ryouga's, voice snapped me out of my pile of thoughts, but a moment to late; I ran smack into the blue-haired young man and stumbled close to the edge of the cliff we had walking along, loosing my footing. " Ahh!" I yelped, waving my arms frantically in the air in attempt to balance myself. " Wooaahh!!"

As I began to fall backwards, Ryouga's arm shot out and latched onto my thin and slender one, yanking me a bit roughly away from the cliff edge and to safety; I collapsed to the ground as soon as he released my arm, eyes shut as I breathed heavily. " Beverly, are you alright?" He asked hurriedly, bending down slightly and offering a hand.

" Aheheh.. Don't worry about me," I said with a sheepish smile, hearing a note of concern in his voice. Ryouga pulled me up before stepping back so I could dust myself off. " I'm okay! A CraftKnight doesn't only make weapons. She has to prepare to use them in battle!"

" You need to learn how to walk before you fight in battle," the older boy drawled, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow. " Your just repeating what Blaire told, huh? Your still just an apprentince. Am I right?"

I pouted. " I might still be an apprentince... But I'm still a CraftKnight!"

" Huh..." Ryouga merely raised his other eye brow before taking on a slight smirk. " Your worried about getting shouted at by Blaire for this, aren't you?"

I scowled at my older friend. " I wasn't thinking about that!" I said in defense. " I was thinking about why I promised to take you to Goura's Gate..." This served only to make Ryouga's smirk grow wider. " It's your own fault.. If you hadn't fought so pitifully in our duel, youd wouldn't have to do this."

" Pitiful is a harsh word.." I murmured. " I would've won if I just pushed myself harder!"

" Whatever!" The 19 year old said, waving a hand dismissively. " You lost, I won. You made a promise and now you need to make good. The ruin may be a restricted area, but you

can guide me in."

I just sighed. " I know, I know.."

" Well then, watch out." Ryouga warned with a serious expression. " There's a cliff over there. Falling off would hurt then just running into me."

I sighed again, this time in exsperation. " Alright, already. I'm sorry for making you worry."

Just as I turned my head to watch some birds fly by, Ryouga's face turned slightly red. " What?! As if I'd be worried about you. Come on, let's go." Still trying to recover from his embrassment, Ryouga brushed past me rather fast, making me stumble enough to bring me back to attention. " Hey, wait Ryouga!" I called, running after my best friend.

Ryouga paused, then looked over his shoulder at with with a cold look. " Come on, you know we can't get into Goura's gate of your not there." He said tersley.

" I'm trying to apologize!" I said insistently, catching up with him. " You were the first one to get here." Ryouga merely snorted and looked off to the side. " huh..."

I ignored this and looked ahead. " Anyway, the gates are just up ahead..." I turned my body fully towards Ryouga, a slight frown on my face. " Are you sure you want to go into Goura's Gate, Ryouga?" I questioned. " There's some really evil summon creatures past there, you know?"

The blue-haired young man sent me a are-you-kidding-me? look. " Yes! I want to see the monsters that are rumored to be so powerful that they could ruin the world!" Ryouga turned his body to face me, a irritated scowl on his face. " It's not fair how your the only one who can see them!" He declared, taking a step towards me. " I want to check them out myself!"

I sweat-dropped and took a step back, wearing a helpless expression. " What can I say...?"

Unfortuntely, Ryouga mistook it for fear/defeat.

" Ah, I get it.." He said with a smirk. " Your scared of breaking Goura's seal, aren't you?"

A few moments of silence passed before I broke it. " No, that's not it.." I denied with a hard look.

" I see. If your not afraid of breaking the seal..." Ryouga leaned toward me with his famous taunting smile. " Then you must be afriad of Master Blaire finding out!" I scowled at my amber-eyed friend with annoyance; this was honestly getting old...

" Not this again..." I grumbled, rubbing my temples with my indenx finger and thumb. " I told you, I'm not worried about the Master!" When I looked up, my temper slipped. " To hell! with you! Your not so tough in front of your sister either!" Now it was Ryouga's turn to get mad, as his taunting expression turned into a angery glare.

" Shut up!" He snapped sharply, but I didn't flinch, holding my ground with my own stare. " That's not true at all.." Ryouga paused slightly, then let out an angry huff. " Okay, that might be a little true. But you still need to shut up about it!"

Almost instantly my glare turned into a happy expression, as if the whole fight had not taken place. " See.. I told you."

Ryouga turned to throw back a retort, but after seeing my smile he bit it down and sighed in defeat, giving off a small smile of his own. " Tch... She may not be my real sister, but she still means a lot to me," The 19-year old admitted.

' I know what you mean...' I thought with a sad smile, looking down and gripping the sliver chain that always hung on my neck; a memory of a handsome, blond spiked-haired man flashed through my mind. ' Father...'

" Hey, stop looking what your real father left you!" Ryouga ordered sharply, knocking me out of my lost and hazy memories. " Blaire's your Dad now. You should be happy! I know he's a little weird, but still..."

" Hey, it's not like I'm ungrateful about it!" I cried defensely. " He might be a little strange, but he's still a decent guy; Orion and Tatianna are good people too. I have no problem thinking of them as my brother and sister." I glanced down at the memento again. " I hang onto this stone all the time is because Blaire told me to keep it with me."

" Okay, Okay," Ryouga said, holding his hands up in surrender before lowering them. " Oh, by the way, the other day he said he didn't want you to call him master." Hearing this, I striaghtened myself and gazed at my friend with grim curiousity. "...He said to call him your big brother."

I then pulled an anime fall, sending dust and dirt in the air. " Huh? No way!" I exclaimed, jumping up and brushing the dirt off my legs before sighing. " I don't understand the master at all.."

" Heh..." Ryouga snickered at my state. " You have a pretty nice family. I'm a bit jealous." I just closed my eyes and smiled. " Hehe.. But I envy you too, Ryouga."

This obviously stumped my older friend, for he looked over at me with a look of complete confusion. " For what?"

My smile only grew. " Lynn's so mature and beautiful... I really look up to her." I admitted. For some reason, Ryouga's facial expression went back to that of anger. " Hah! She might be beautiful, but at home she--"

When Ryouga didn't finish his sentence, I frowned and leaned closer. " What? She what?!" I demanded, but the older boy pushed me back with my face, using only one hand as he looked in a completely different direction. " Shut up.. I think I heard something..." He hissed, eye narrowed in concentration. Slightly alarmed and startled by his on-gaurd behavior, I decided to listen as well, closing my eyes as the wind blew gently, making my red-golden hair sway gently in the breeze, ruffling my clothes as well.

" Ah..."

" Hey, I heard it too!" I exclaimed, opening my eyes in surprise.

" It's a voice! It came this way!" Ryouga growled, then charged in the complete opposite direction of the ruins. Instead he was heading for.. " Over there?" I asked in confusion. " But my house used to be in that direction..." Not waiting any longer I took off at a run, heading in the same direction my best friend took.

As soon as I caught up with Ryouga, he motioned over to a clearing just ahead of us. " Look, Beverly."

" What? Is someone on the ground?" I questioned curiously. That's when Ryouga tensed up again, eyes narrow once more but this time it was with rocongnition. " Wait a minute! It's not human! It's a summon creature!" I squinted a bit, then pulled back with a gasp. " Is that a child?"

" It's a oni-child from the relam of Silturn..." Ryouga repiled gruffly. " But what's an oni-child doing all the way out here?" Feeling movement beside him, Ryouga looked up just in time to see his younger friend dashing up into the clearing. " Wait, Beverly!" He cried in fustration before standing up to chase after her. ' Damn girl.. your so reckless! One of these days your recklessness is going to cost you your life!'

Meanwhile as I neared the oni-child summon creature, rustling in the bushs made me draw to a halt, my senses tingling; I held my ground as I looked around my surroundings. ' What ever injured this poor summon creature must still be around here...' I my mind caculated. ' I better be careful.' No sooner had those thoughts passed through my mind, out of the corner of my eye a purple-blackish blur shot out of the bushs and toward the tired and injured spirit, who was leaning on his sword panting from exhaustion and slight blood lost.

" Watch out!" I cried, darting foreward with an incredible burst of speed. As the summon creature looked up he saw the monster from earlier jumping at him again, mouth bared and claw raised to do some serious damange. ' Damn it!' He thought, and shut his eyes in order to prepare for the worst.

But the worst never came.

Surprised and curious, the oni-child peaked open one of his eyes to see a young human girl in front of him, her right arm flung out as she breathed a bit heavily. Seconds later a tall, blue haired human boy came running into the clearing, clearly angry about something. " Beverly, you little fool!" He hissed, grasping the girl's upper arm in a harsh hold. " Are you completely stupid?! You don't just go charging in on situations like this! What if the monster's still around?" The girl he had called Beverly merely gave him a glare and yanked her arm out of his grasp.


" I know how to handle myself, Ryouga," I argued, glaring back definantly at my older friend. " And besides, the thing was heading right for him! I couldn't just stand there and watch him die!" She motioned to a purple-black heap just a few feet away. " I delt with the problem anyway! Just as it was a few inchs away from my face I swung my hammer at it's head. I'm pretty sure I crushed it's skull."

" I see..." seeming to calm down, Ryouga turned to the fallen summon creature, who was staring back wearly. " But how did he get here?"

I frowned, puzzled as well; is the guy was a stray summon creature, shouldn't the wards stopped him from entering our village?

" I-I don't know..."

Hearing the oni-child speak up, I snapped out of my thoughts and gave my attention to him. " This rabbit came out of nowhere and started to attack me, so I hit it back and as we brawled all of the sudden I ended up here."

" You probably stumbled into it's territory," Ryouga said after awhile. " So it got mad and chased you all this way. Understood?" But the oni-child was far from understanding. " Don't talk to me like that!" He snapped. " I was just about to beat it when the girl stepped in!"

" Really..." Ryouga drawled, raising an eyebrow. " You were about to beat it? all by yourself?" The oni summon creature stood up and shealthed his sword before crossing his arms and turning to my older friend. " That's right!" He confirmed in irritation. " You got a problem with that?!" I glanced at Ryouga, who now wore a scowl on his face. " Watch your tongue, kid." Ryouga commanded, fisting his hands. " Beverly here saved your disrespectful butt." The oni-child snorted angrily. " And I'm telling you..." The oni-child began, his voice gaining volume. " She didn't save me at all! I was going to win!" The summon creature took a step closer to the young man, a smirk crossing over his face. " You got that?! You girly-haired jack-ass!" I slapped my forehead and groaned, whoa-boy...

" What?!" Ryouga's red-brown eyes widened in disbelief before narrowing in anger. " You think you can talk to me like that and get away with it?!" The smirk on the summon-creature's face grew to a slight sneer as he took a step back and swung a hand to grasp his sword. " Oh, you wanna fight me, huh? Bring it on, punk!" He taunted.

That's when I decided to interven.

Pushing past the oni creature, I hurried over to my best friend side and pushed them apart. " Hey, you two. Chill out a little." I said calmly, wearing a friendly smile as I held them back from tearing each other apart. Ryouga let out a growl before backing up. " Alright. Now what? You seem to be able to stay calm through this..." I merely stared at him, smile still in place. " Look at him... He's just a kid." I explained, motioned to the oni-child. " Getting mad at him won't do any good at all." What I happened to say didn't make the oni-child

any calmer either. " Hey! Don't treat me like a child!" He said angrily. " I told you to calm down." I said in a stern, yet slightly cold voice. " If your mature as you claim to be, you ought to listen to other people."

The oni-child looked stumped at the tone of my voice, as did Ryouga. " I... Uh..." He stuttered. " Okay."

"... Man, you're cold." Ryouga said in quiet surprise. I only started to smile my usual smile again, as if nothing had happened. " I'm used to talking to kids like him." I repiled.

Ryouga striaghtened and sent me a playful grin. " Huh... You've changed since I met you."

" But seriously, how did he get into the village in the first place?" I pondered out loud, a unusual serious look on my face. " We have a ward around here to keep

summon creatures away. He shouldn't been able to enter.."

" A what?" The oni-child questioned in confusion. " A ward? I don't know anything about that!" Ryouga crossed his arms again and started to broode. " I guess one of the keystones might of collapsed. We'll have to tell the chief about that." He looked up at the oni creature again. " By the way, who's your master?"

" I'm not serving anyone at the moment." The summon creature said lazily. " My master died awhile ago."

I glanced at him in sympathy. " I see... So your a Stray Summon..." I pointed out, smiling almost sadly. Ryouga, however, was not so sympathic. " I'm sorry, but this village doesn't allow any Stray Summons in." He said bluntly.

" I-I get i-it, I-I leave," the oni-child stammered quickly, and started to move around me when he froze, let out a yelp of pain, and collapsed onto the ground again, clutching his wounded side; Ryouga and I appeared on either side of him in a flash. " Hey, your hurt!" I exclaimed, examining his bloodied side. " Nonsense, it's just a flesh wound," the oni-creature insisted, but when he tried to get up again, he cried out in pain once more when he stretched the gash. " D-Damn it..."

For awhile all three of us just stood there: the oni-child sitting on the ground, Ryouga standing on the right side of him looking annoyed and bored, while I crouched down next to him on his left side. Finally, I broke the silence. " I see..." the oni-child looked up in confusion as he watched me stand up and brush the dirt of my flowered skirt. " Will you accept my apologie and come back to my house so we can treat your wound?" I asked politely, wearing a small smile as I held out my hand for him to take. For several moments the summon creature merely stared at my offered hand, then he let out a tired chuckle. " S-So you finally admit it." Wearing a smile of his own, he took my hand and allowed me to pull him to

his feet; I let my eye wander over the oni's profile: The oni-child did indeed have the appearence of a kid, with long white hair stopping at his waist and caught up in a ponytail, revealing

his pointed ears; his eyes were an amber color, shining with pride and mischief. The stray summon wore an old slightly torn up tank top, along with tan pants, and red wrist gaurds and

a red necklace, a belt also hung loosely on his hips while a giant sword rested on his back. " Will you accept my apology and come and rest at my place?" I asked the young oni with

a smile. " Huh?!" His eyes widened in surprise. I just closed my eyes and smiled more, trying to reassure him. " Will you a least let me look at that wound?" I asked again. The stray

summon frowned slightly while looking over at me in thought. " Please?" I begged, making a cute face that had the oni-child snickering. " Fine, if it'll shut you up." He said finally, trying to sound annoyed but wore a smirk on his face. Ryouga sent me a frown, and sighed when he saw I wasn't paying attention to him at all. " I don't know what your thinking..." He

grumbled, knowing very well what the conseqences were for letting a stray summon into the village. " Well, I'll go tell the chief about the fallen stones." I felt my best friend brush

shoulders with me as he passed, snapping me back into reality. " Hey, wait up!" I called to the older boy. Ryouga sighed again and turned back. " What now?" He asked impaitently.

Ignoring his negativity as usual, I walked over to the oni-child's side before turning back to look at my friend. " We haven't been introduced yet!" I said cheerfully. " I'm Bev. And this

guy is Ryouga." Ryouga shot me a glare at the lack of formality, and I sent him a glance of apology. " And what's your name?" The oni seemed to heasitent a bit, but after a moment he relaxed before replying. " It's Loki." He answered. " Nice to meet you, Loki." I said happily. " Well then..! Let's go back to my place!"

" How's he doing, Tatianna?" I asked anixously, walking over to where two red-headed siblings seat around the oni-child, my injured arm cleaned and bandaged. Tatianna finished tying the knot of the gauze on Loki's side and looked up at me with a cheerful smile. " Lucky for him, it wasn't a very serious wound." Tatianna answered. Loki looked the other way with a

sulk. " It still hurts!" He complained, earning a sigh from my older adoptive brother, Orin. " Don't be so dramatic. It'll get better in no time." He scolded, causing the young oni's sulk

turn to a scowl of anger. " Calm down, Loki." I said gently. " You know that Orin's worried about you." Loki stared at me a few minutes before snorting and turning his gaze to Orin

and Tatianna. " Anyhow.. Why don't you thank Tatianna for what she's done for you?" Orin asked, prodding the summon in his sister's direction. Loki frowned. " Huh.. I guess I did

bother you guys..." Orin smiled in exsperation, starting to get tired of this conversation. " Hey, hey.. Just say 'thank you' already." The young craftknight chided lightly. " That's all

you need to do." Tatianna, misinterupting Loki's expression, gripped her brother's shoulder while saying, " It's okay. I think he's embrassed." At once the stray summon became flustered, a hint of redness coming across his face. " H-Hey!" He sputtered. " Who's embarrassed?!" The older sibling shrugged off Tatianna's hand as he turned to look at her. " No, it's not okay." Orin retorted with a serious frown. " He needs to learn how to act respectfully. This is for Loki's own good." I slapped my forehead and heaved an exsperated sigh. Oh no.. " Ooh, listen to you, grandpa." The younger girl taunted with a smirk. " Lecture the kid some more will you?" Orin glared at his sister, which goaded her into continuing.

" What?" She asked in mock innoence. " You sound like an old man." The tall red-head opened his mouth to reliate, but I cut him off. " Hey.. Stop arguing in front of the wounded."

I commanded sternly, bringing my adoptive siblings back to the present. " Oops.." Tatianna murmured. " Your right, Bev." Orin folded his arms and nodded in agreement.

" Yeah.. I guess we were embrassing you, Bev.." He said sheepishly. I just nodded my head tiredly, not really catching the end of his sentence. His sister did, however. " Hey! We are

not!" The younger girl argued, surprising me with her outburst. Orin just smiled knowingly and continued. " No, she's right." The older boy said. " Tatianna's the only one who was being embarrassing." Loki turned to me with a look of sympathy as the girl snapped at her elder brother. " Now I see what you meant before about handling agruments.." He murmured.

I smiled in gratitude and despair to my new friend. ' You do understand me, don't you?' I thought sadly. Unfortuntely, the ruckus that my adoptive siblings had started had caught the

attention of a certian individual.

" Oh.. Do we have a guest visiting us?"

Upon hearing the voice of their father, the argument ceased immeditaly as a tall, red-headed man like Orin and Tatianna around his middle fourtys entered the room from downstairs. He

had slightly spikey hair like Orin and the same brown eyes as Tatianna, standing two inchs taller then his son. Blaire strode foreward to us and stopped a few feet away, wearing a smile

on his face. " Welcome to Craftknight Blaire's house.." He began, but trailed off when he got a closer look at the oni-child. " Hey, a Summon Creature. We don't get many of those

around here. Who's his master?" I jumped slightly at Master Blaire's question. I forgot about that detail.. " I have no Master. " Loki answered before I could reply. Blaire stared at the

oni-child thoughtfully while cupping his chin. " That means.." He started. " Your a Stray Summon?" He glanced over at me as he asked this question, making me bow my head in

shame. " Yes.." I admitted. Orin crossed his arms once more as he went into thought, looking very much like his father. " Hmm... What are we going to do now?" Orin wondered out

loud, motivating me to raise my head and striaghten. " Yeah.. Stray Summons aren't allowed to enter the village." Tatianna added, and everyone turned to stare at Loki, much to the oni's dismay. " I know! I was invited to come here!" Loki exclaimed in defense before turning towards the door. " I-I'll just being going then." Startled and alarmed by his statement, I took

a step towards him a gripped his shoulder, effectively stopping him. " But.. you might get attacked again." I stated in concern, but Loki shrugged off my hand like Orin had done with

Tatianna and turned to face me with a frown of annoyance. " If that happens, I'll just keep fighting back untill I can't anymore. I told you that!" The oni-summon snapped, eyes slitting.

And if you try to keep me here.. I'll fight you too!" I felt my eyes widen with surprise at Loki's exclaimation. " You'll fight me?" I asked in disbelief, then my lips curved into a smirk.

" After all I've done for you?" The oni's scowl became more darker and pronounced at my taunt. " You want to fight me, huh? I won't have any problem beating you!" Orin and Tatiann

watched the heated exchangment with curiousity and a hint of nervousness, while Blaire looked on with what seemed amusment. " I don't mind, but why don't you take a moment to

think about what your saying? I was able to take care of the creature that hurt you to begin with. Do you still want to fight me, knowing what I'm capable of?" I drawled, sounding very

much like my older friend at the moment. Loki's amber eyes flashed dangerously, he swung his hand backwards and grasped the hilt of his sword. " Do not underestimate me!" He

growled. " Hold it right there, you two!" Master Blaire boomed, making both the oni and I freeze. Blaire strode up to the two of us with a thoughtful expression, arms crossed as he

exmained us. " You know, you two seem to have a connection between you."

Shocked, Loki and I glanced at each other and asked simontaniously(sp?), " Are you listening to the same conversation I am?"

" No, I see it too!" Tatianna clarified, surprised as we were; Orin merely nodded his agreement. " No, we don't!" We both shouted at the same time, then we paused. " Uh..." Blaire

chuckled at our antics. " Say Loki, have you ever heard of Craftknights?" The older man questioned. Loki turned away from our glaring contest and faced Blaire, wearing a slight frown.

" Crafknights? You mean those guys who melt iron and make all sorts of things?" Loki repiled with a question. Now it was Orin's turn to chuckle. " Craftknights usually just make

weapons." Orin verfied with a grin. " We have a workshop in the basment." Master Blaire continued with a smile. " Would you like to see?" Loki thought for a few moments before

replying with a unsure nod. And with that, Tatianna and Orin headed down the stairs that led to the basement, then Blaire followed with the oni-child in tow, his voice drifting over to me

as he went down to the lower level. " Bev, come with us." I merely stood there, looking kind of speechless at the events that had just taken place. ' Well, this is certianly one way to

spend a day..' I mused. ' I wonder when Edgar will write?' About 6 months after my father had died twelve years ago, my twin brother had announced that he would be training

under a man named Kratos Aurion, a traveling mercenary who happened to be in Cliff Village when Guren attacked. Needless to say I was pretty stunned; usually if your only parent died siblings would stick together, but for some unknown reason it seemed like he wanted to get away from everything, even me. When it came time to say good-bye, it ended into a agrument with Edgar and I, and well... we didn't part on good terms. Realizing that I had been standing there for almost three minutes, I shook my head to clear it and hurried down the staircase.

"..This is our workshop. We make weapons here." I heard Master Blaire state as I hit the bottom of the stairs; Orin gave me a reprimanding glance as I joined the others before turning his

attention back to Loki and Blaire. " So they make their own weapons and use them in combat?" Loki asked excitedly. " Cool!" I felt myself smiling at the oni's enthusism, he seemed to

be such a lively spirit. " And now, Loki." Blaire began, catching my attention again. " How would you like to be a Gaurdian Beast for Bev?" This surprised both Loki and I, but more

me then Loki. " A Gaurdian Beast?!" I repeated in a stunned tone. " This is pretty sudden!" Loki glanced at me for split second before adressing Master Blaire. " A Gaurdian Beast?
Are you saying I'll have to be a bodyguard?" The oni child questioned with a frown. " The role of the Gaurdian Beast is to ensure to the safety of the group." The older man explained.

" There are many dangers in collecting materials. But there's more to it then that. I what I mean is.. It must become a partner to it's master in order to make superior weaponry." Loki's

frown deepened with confusion. " A partner?" He repeated curiously. Blaire nodded with a similar expression from eariler. " Let me be blunt: We can't allow summons into the village.

Even if we were to kick you out, Bev would be punished just for bringing you here." This startled me big time, I never really thought about the consequnces untill the last minute.

" R-Really? Oh what did I get myself into?" I muttered to myself. My Master smiled at me when he heard my words before continuing. " If you become Bev's Gaurdian Beast you won't

be a stray summon anymore, and you can stay." Loki looked torn; it looked like he wanted to stay, but his ego seemed to prevent him from what he truely wanted. " I don't care!" He

finally snapped. " I'm done with you! I'm not going to have anything to do with you humans anymore!" I felt sadness flow through me when I heard this; who in the world could've

treated the oni-child so horribley? " Loki.. I don't know your story, and you may have suffered at the hands of humans," The red-head said with sympathy. " You were summoned to this world and lived as a Stray Summon, but... can't you trust a human.. and Bev, one more time?" The oni turned to face while I did the same, not answering quite yet. " It wasn't just

coincidence that Bev brought you here, Loki." Blaire continued, beaming a smile of pride towards me. " Bev rescued you, and brought you here out of good will. It makes good sense to me that you two ought to make a pledge to become partners." Loki's eyes flashed again, and a smirk of arrogance formed. " That's not what happened! No one rescued me!" He

argued while looking at me dead in the face. From beside me I heard Orin and Tatianna sigh in exsperation, knowing what was coming. " Wait.. if I had to rescue him, what makes you

think he'll make a good gaurdian beast?" I asked my master while taunting the oni next to me. The oni-child stiffened from the insult and swung back in my direction. " Hey.. Are you saying I can't protect you?" Loki asked darkly, clenching his fists. " Do you really think you can protect me?" I questioned quietly, eyebrow raised. Loki huffed out and beat a fist

agaisnt his chest. " There's no doubt in the mind!" He exclaimed with a smirk. " I'm strong! I can beat you down right here, right now!" I ignored the set of groans that were heard and

showed a smirk of my own. " This again? Do you really want to try it?" Loki reached back and grasped his sword. " Bring it!" He taunted, but we never got the chance as Master

Blaire pulled us apart by the back of our shirts. " Hehehe.. I think you two really seem connected to each other." Orin stated while laughing behind his hand. " What makes you think

that?" Loki and I demanded at the same time, then glanced at each other in surprise. " Uh..." Tatianna, on the other hand, seemed to be excited about my new partner. " Alright!" She

said cheerfully. " It's not official untill the Bonding Pledge is signed. So I'll go gather everyone at the Momument Square." Loki nodded wordlessly and the small red-haired girl looped

her arm through the oni-child's. " Catch up with me later!" Tatianna called over her shoulder as she dragged Loki up the stairs; Orin followed after his younger sister, leaving me alone

with Master Blaire. " Bev.." I automatically turned to face my foster father the minute he spoke. " Yes Master?" I questioned. Blaire saw the life shining in the young woman's eyes,

and closed his own as he smiled. " Your a good kid." I gaped, did Master Blaire just give me a compliment? " What are you planning, Master?" I asked suspicously, looking about at

the taller man with narrowed eyes. Blaire let out a warm chuckle before answering. " Nothing harmful, I assure you." He repiled mysteriously with his happy smile still in place. " I'm

going on ahead to the Momument Square. Don't be late!" He called over his shoulder as he headed up the stairs. " Hai!" I called back, then when silent as I entered my thoughts again.

Two men stepped onto land of the island; one man seemed to be around 18, and stood at a height of 6'0", with dark-grey eyes that were framed by sunlight-colored locks. The older man looked to be in his late twentys, standing about a couple inchs taller then his student. He had red-brown eyes, one of them which was hidden by his auburn spikey hair that seemed to defy gravity. " Well, it looks like we finally made it, here." The purple-clad man said calmly, scanning their surroundings with his unhindered eye. " Should head for the village? Or go

on for the Capital?" The young blond male was silent for awhile. Then, slowly he stood up striaght and repiled, " Let's head for the village." And with that, the young swordsman

strode off, walking briskly. His teacher shook his head and sighed before hurrying to catch up.

" There you are, Bev." Orin commented as he spotted his adoptive sister walk into the clearing. " Loki's already made his choice."

The young oni let out a rude snort. " Quit stalling!" He ordered. " It isn't good for my image." I let a frown slip as I stepped up beside the tempermental stray summon. " Since when

did you care about what people think about you?" I questioned curiously. " With the Chief's permission, you'll be accepted as Bev's Guardian Beast." Tatianna informed him. Loki's

cocky expression faded, only to be replaced by one of confusion. " What? Don't we need a summoner to make this thing official?" The oni asked with raised eyebrows. " Nah, you

just have to pledge in public to make it official." Blaire answered lazily, waving his hand dimissively. " It's just a ritual these days." Tatianna peered around Orin, then suddenly spoke, " Oh! There's the Chief."

Sure enough, a old, yet wise looked man came into the clearing, using a cane as his aide. " Now, let's proceed with the signing of the Bonding Pledge." He said briskly.

" This old geezer's talking about pledging and bonds. Isn't he a summoner?" Loki asked rudely, making me glare at him. " Loki, shut your mouth!" I ordered. " That's the Chief! But if I I remember correctly, he's a desecendent of a summoner..."

" Your right about that!" The Chief said, sounding proud. " I'm from a family of Summoners, just like Beverly Colthearts."

Surprised and slightly startled, Loki turned to me. " Wait, you have a last name? You, Blaire, Orin, and Tatianna.. Your summoners too?" The oni-child questioned, a hint of curiousity in his tone. " My real father died when I was little.." I repiled with a hint of sadness. This made Loki even more surprised. " Blaire's not your real dad?" He asked with shock.

" No. My brother and I were taken in by Blaire, who was a friend of Dad's.." I answered again, not looking up from the ground. Loki decided that he had asked enough, and turned back to face the Chief, his expression mixed with guiltness and smpathy. " My ancestors were involved in sealing Goura, you know!" The Chief boasted, killing the air of depression.

" When I was young, I used to use great summoning spells handed down through my family to call upon the powers of great and terrible summon creatures!"

I sighed and nudged Loki a bit to get his attention. " Bear with him..." I whispered, keeping my eyes on the elder man. " This story is really long. "

" Really? If this Chief is such I great summoner, I should listen!" Loki whispered back, eyes determined. " I want to be able to fight him!" I grinned weakly. " I've never actually seen him summon anything, though."

" Huh?"

Meanwhile, the Chief was busy carrying on with his story. "...So anyway, this beautiful young lady came to my hut and asked me for my help, which I was happy to give! Oh she was wonderful. She made the most delightful cookies... And we shared a cup of cocoa later..."


"... And the weather in the mountains changes so quickly that you can be in danger if your not careful. Which reminds me of the time I kept bees for a couple of years.

Bees make the sweetest honey..."

" Yo.. Bev!" Loki's voice, which came in a loud whisper next to me, snapped me out of my half sleep trance. " ZZzzz... Huh? What?" I mumbled, opening my tired eyes and rubbing the sleepiness from them. " Uh.. Look's like I was falling asleep again." Beside me, the young oni was tapping his foot impatiently, arms crossed. " This guy has done nothing but talk since we got here!" The oni-child complained. " I'm not sure I can take much more of this..."

"...I'm not deaf, you know," The Chief said irritably, making Loki and I sweat-drop in shame. " Ah-ha, sorry..." Loki muttered.

The Chief cleared his throat and turned to me with serious eyes. " So... Bev. Will you take an oath in front of us that you accept Loki as your Guardian Beast?" He questioned with

authority. " Yes... I will!" I said with a smile. The chief smiled and turned to the crowd of people. " Alright! I hereby approve of Loki as an official Gaurdian Beast!" He boomed, his voice echoing across the clearing. " This will conclude the Pledge Signing."

" It's over? Just like that?" Loki asked. "Uh, yeah..." I sighed. The Chief passed me and stopped in front of the oni-child, servaying the Stray Summon with his ancient

eyes. " Serve your master well and protect this town as a Guardain Beast of an Edge Fencer."

" An Edge Fencer? What's that?" Loki questioned, turning to me for the answer. " Bev." The Chief said simply. " The Colthearts clan has unlocked the power to use a magic sword to seal Goura within this village. For generations they have protected the seal keeping the evil Summon Creature Goura imprisoned."

" It's not that diffcult," I admitted, rubbing the back of my kneck; I jumped when the elder turned towards me again suddenly. " You too, Bev. Take care of Loki from now on."

Loki didn't seem to agree with the Chief. " Wait, I may not know about the ceremony, but I do know that a Gaurdian Beast protects their Master. So that means I'm the one who has to

take care of Bev." He huffed, making me laugh nervously behind him. Once everyone had gone off to do their daily routine, Blaire approached us with his usual smile. " Now that the ceremony's over..." Blaire began.

" Huh? Now what?" I questioned curiously. " You need to practice making weapons!" He announced, making my own smile falter. " What?!" I gasped in surprise and disappointment. " I'd think it would be better to go around and introduce Loki to everyone in the village..."

" Quit procrastinating!" Blaire barked, making me flinch and draw back. " Both of you, into the workshop! Go, go, go!" Loki made a face behind me while I reassured my

master. " Alright, Alright!" Statisfied, Master Blaire turned and left, heading back for the house.

" Hey, Bev," Ryouga greeted, as he and his sister walked up to us. I looked up with a slightly dazed look. " Oh, Ryouga, Lynn," I said tiredly, rubbing my face with a sigh. " Sorry that things got so hectic here."

" Don't worry about us," Lynn said reassuringly, smiling from behind her hand. " Yeah. You shouldn't be running around outside too much. The sun will make your skin look old."

My older friend commented with a playful smirk. " Your not so young yourself, Lynn."

" Well, everyone get's older..." She stopped in mid-sentence when she realized who he was talking about. " Hey! What are you talking about?! I'm still young!" I sighed and cradled

my head in my hand; Whenever Ryouga teased Lynn about her age, things never got pretty. " Oi, Bev." Ryouga said a bit sharply, regaining my attention from my pile of thoughts. " Don't forget about the promise you made! You don't have to do it today; just

remember it."

" Oh, yeah. The ruin, right?" I asked, rubbing the back of my head. " Of course. A Craftknight's word is stronger then the mightest chain!" Ryouga chuckled slightly at my slight

childness. " Heheheh... Alright, I'll wait for you at home. Come pick me up when you want to go."

" Okay, I'll meet you at your place then," I agreed, nodding. " What are you two talking about?" Lynn asked curiously. " Eh, nothing special..." I lied cheerfully, then hurried off with

Loki at my heels.

Later that night, I came downstairs after finishing dinner, only to find Loki on the floor holding his stomach. " You ate Tatianna's sweet's, didn't you?" I asked in amusment, bending

down next to my new companion. " Ugh.. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.." He whined. I chuckled and shook my head before helping Loki to his feet. " Why don't we go for a

walk?" I suggested while stretching my arms over my head. Loki seemed to perk up at the prospect of getting out of the house. " Alright! Where too?" He asked, a bit eagerly.

" Hmm.. How about where my old house used to be?" I suggested while passing him and heading up the stairs. " Your old house?" The oni-child repeated in confusion, then followed

after me.

" Here we are.." I sighed, stretching my arms out again with a slight yawn. " Yeah.. The night breeze feels good..."

Beside me, I felt Loki look around, as if he was trying to remember something. " Is this place special to you? This is where we first met, isn't it?" Loki questioned, feeling a bit lost.

I glanced at the oni with a smile. " Yes.. I used to live here with my brother, and my father, when he was alive..." I murmured, letting my memories wash over my mind. " It was so long

ago.. I can't rememeber much about my home here. But for some reason, I always feel relaxed when I come here. So I visit whenever I'm stressed." Another though came to mind.

" This is also where I met Ryouga for the first time." Loki followed my gaze to the scare reminder of the house. " What happened here?" He asked heasitently, as if he was afraid of

offending me in some way. " Do you remember when the Chief said there are ruins sealing off the evil Summon Creature Goura?" I questioned the oni-child, turning to face him. Loki

turned to me with a startled face. " What?! Your house was destroyed by Goura?!" He asked in amazement and wonder. I chuckled and shook my head. " No, no. It was summoned a

long time ago, but it was too powerful for any summoner to control... They couldn't even send it back to it's own world, so they needed to seal it within the ruins here." My face and

expression hardened as I continued my explantion. " Then a Summoner named Guren tried to set it free." Loki frowned, and crossed his arms as he shifted his weight to the other foot.

" What was he planning to do with Goura once he set it free?" He asked again, rapted with attention. I furrowed my eyebrows a bit. " I heard he was so confident with his abilites that

he thought he'd be able to control Goura's power. He went on a rampage in the village while trying to undo the seal..." The young oni nodded, understanding where it was heading.

" And that's when you lost your home..." Loki finished. I nodded, and felt my eyes mist over as I continued to speak. " Yeah.. My father, Master Blaire as well as the rest of the village

fought together to defeat Guren. My house was destroyed in the process and I was badly hurt. My father died while using the power of the Edge Fencer to rescue me." Loki remained

silent while bearing a look of sympathy. " They say my mother died right after my brother and I were born. So, I was all alone in the world..." The oni-child's eyes saddened even

furthur as he felt his master's pain. " Bev..." His voice trailed off, as he had no words to comfort her. I looked up at the oni and gave a sad smile. " But Blaire took me in and adopted

me as his daughter.. I know he was going through a hard time when he lost his wife in the destruction.. I had some trouble fitting in, but I eventually made friends with Orin and Tatianna.

I'm not alone any longer!" Loki and I faced each other again. " And now I have you as my partner Loki." I said brightly. " Right!" Loki nodded ethusistically. " I'm here for you

Master! Don't worry, I'll cut down anything that get's in our way!" I laughed as Loki unshealthed his sword and began to excute moves at imagnary enemys. " Hehe.. I really can count

on you..."

" Here we are!" I said cheerfully, coming to a stop in front of a large, stone carved door. Loki looked up at the door warily. " So, this is where Goura's sealed, huh..?" He muttered,

mostly to himself. At the sound of leather slapping loudly agaisnt the marble rock ground, I turned around to see Ryouga running over to us, his long, blue-blackish hair trailing behind him. " Sorry to keep you waiting, Bev." Ryouga said, sound apologetic. " What about Lynn?" I asked cautiously. " She thinks we're somewhere else," He said, waving his hand dismissivly. " Now open up the door!"

" Hold your horses, Ryouga." I chided, smiling a bit. " In here are some of the most powerful summon creatures rumored to have enough power to mess up the world. Some of this monsters are Stray Summons that have stopped listening to their masters. Fortunetly, there's a spell I can cast on this door here that'll warp us striaght to the maze before Goura's seal."

" I've never heard anything like this.." Ryouga murmured, mostly to himself. He striaghtened and sent a smirk my way. " Now let's go in!"

I smiled at Ryouga's ethusisim and slight restlessness. " You got it!"

" Hold it right there, kids!"

A dark, rather gruff kind of voice interrupted my concentration, thus unableing me to complete the warp spell. " Who are you?" I demanded, half-curiously, half-defensively. The man standing behind us stood at a height of 6 feet, barely taller then Ryouga; His hair was a light-navy blue, falling in slight waves down to his shoulders. His eyes, a cobalt-black color, were hard and cold looking. " No one told me about a spell..!" He muttered angrily to himself as he strode up closer to us. " Who the hell are you?!" Loki snapped, tired of being ignored.

The man snapped his head in attention, and stared down at us as if he had just noticed our existence. " Me? Why I am Gedharm Gerossa," He announced in pride, smugness in his voice. " You have a last name?" I wondered out loud, then focoused my eyes on Gedharm, their grey color flashing sliver. " Are you a summoner?"

" Why yes, what an astute observation," Gedharm drawled, looking down at me in slight amusment. " Now, girl... would you be so kind as to guide me to Goura's Seal?" At this announcement, my friends stiffened, and my body felt like it had been hit by an electric shock. " W-What?"

" I have never been one to believe in myths," The summoner continued. " But hearing all these rumors, and hearing about this seal from yourself, there's no why it could be a myth!"

Recovered slightly from my shock, I striaghtened and glared at him with my sliver rimmed eyes. " And why do need to go there?" I said calmly, but anyone could've heard the anger hidden in it. " Isn't it obvious?" Gedharm asked, a bit miffed. " I want Goura." This time my legs nearly gave out, I had to lean slightly agaisnt the stone door for support. " Are you crazy?" I snapped, temper slipping. " No one can control him!"

" Oh? Are you denying my request?" Gedharm asked coolly, his black eyes flashing from anger. " That's not a very wise thing to do, girl..." He took a step towards me; this, however, invoked Loki's warth, causing him to growl and bare his teeth. " Are you threatening us, old man?" He demanded hotly, then charged towards the evil summoner, hand fisted. " Loki, no!" I shouted, but it was in vain. Gedharm caught my Gaurdian Beast easily by the throat, holding him up as if he was mere fly. " LOKI!!" I cried out, my body shaking from the anger subsiding in my body. " Now, do you want to rethink your answer over?" The summoner asked breezily, raising to long fingers and driving them into to Loki's still injured side, causing him to gasp in pain. " D-Damn it...!" he gritted. " Well?" Gedharm asked impaitently, jabbing his fingers harder. I felt my heart wrench when Loki cried out in pain and anger.

"...I'll lead you to Goura's seal." I grounded out, fists clenched tightly and lips formed into a tight line. Taking a deep breath, I turned around to face the stone door, missing the look of despair and sorrow Ryouga gave me. Muttering quietly to myself, a golden magic circle formed under me, glowing brightly as I chanted:

Hear me, gaurdian of time and space!

Open the gate, crack the sky before me!
I'm calling your name, almighty ruler of time and space,

Gaurdian father, Cronos!

Please lead me! Please protect me!

Open the path of light before me!

Moments later we stood in front of the ancient seal of Goura, I turned around to face the summoner who had foolishly invoked my anger; he wasn't looking at me right now, rather he was looking around the room, looking impressed. " Very good..." He said, turning his attention back to me. " Now.. will you grant me another favor? I don't think your in any desecion to refuse, do you..?"

I glared at him for a long while, hatred coming to life through my eyes. " What is it?" I asked slowly, trying to rein my temper in. " How do you release Goura's seal?" He demanded, his eyes flashing with a half-crazed look. Startled and slightly angered, Ryouga striaghtened and threw a dirty look at Gedharm, but once again I did not notice, for I had given him my full attention due to the horror and shock. " Wh-What?" I gasped. " Are you asking for a death wish? No one can control Goura!"

" Ah, but that's where your wrong," Gedharm drawled, tightening his grip on Loki's throat. " Now, tell me how to release Goura." My grey eyes, which were a dull, flat grey by now and full of coldness, narrowed at him. "...I don't know how." I answered finally. " Oh, really?" The summoner drove his fingers harder into Loki's now bloodied side, causing the oni-child to grunt in pain and swear. " Y-You bastard!" My heart thumped wildly, since I feared for my partner's safety as I watched him dangle from Gedharm's clutchs. " I'm telling you, I don't know!" for a minute my anger switched to a scared, pleading tone. " Please, release Loki!" Finally taking my word for it, Gedharm loosened his grip on my Gaurdian Beast and carelessly threw him to the side before striding up to the anicent seal; Without waiting for even a split second, I made a dash for Loki, skidding to a stop in front of the injured summon creature. " Are you alright, Loki?" I asked franticly, pressing a hand gently to his re-opened wound. " I-I'm sorry, Beverly..." Loki whispered, looking down to the floor in shame. I ignored his unnessecary apology and focoused on his ripped side, chanting softly: " great spirits, I ask that you come to my aid, help me heal this innocent soul!" I said quietly. " First aid!" A warm, greenish-white light glowed softly over Loki's injured side, closing the wound and taking away the pain. Once I was finished, I turned around to face a small, giant tank in front of me, it's cannon pointed in my direction. " Cattan, distract them while I work on the seal!" Gedharm ordered, not looking back.

I reached behind me and gripped the handle of the sword that was strapped to my lower back, slowly drawing it from it's shealth. " Ryouga, look after Loki!" I shouted, rushing towards the mechniod summon spirit.

" Oh, welcome back, Orin!" Tatianna greeted from her place at the stove. " Has anyone seen Bev?" Orin asked lightly, dropping into a seat. " I saw her near Ryouga's earlier, but..." Tatianna stopped what she were doing. " You mean she's not with you?" came Blaire's voice, echoing slightly as he came up the stairs from the workshop. " No.." Orin murmured, shaking his head. " So no one's seen her? Not even Loki?"

Blaire, hearing a hint of distress in his son's voice, snapped his head up and regarded Orin with serious eyes. " Something wrong?" Blaire asked calmly.

" I.." But before he could explain, a tremor rocked the house, knocking Tatianna to the ground and almost had Orin and Blaire off their feet, but managed to contain their balance untill

the earth settled down. Silence filled the house for a minute or two, then Blaire turned to his eldest with a grim expression. " Orin, come!" The red-head nodded and followed after his

father, mentally praying for his adoptive sister's safety as he and Blaire headed towards the Seal.

Several minutes later I was able to finish off the cattan with one more powerful slash, powerful turning my sword towards Gedharm. " Step away from the Seal!" I demanded, pointing my weapon at the summoner's back. But Gedharm ignored me, lost in his own little world. " Dammnit! Why won't it open!" He raged. " I guess my only option is--" Ryouga let out a loud growl of frustation and anger towards Gedharm, taking a step in front of me. "--blow it up!" Quickly he raised his hand and summoned no other then Cattan back, giving him a rash order. " Cattan--" Ryouga shifted, running towards the mechianoid. "-- Blow up everything!" Cattan obeyed instantly, firing it's cannon everywhere, including towards me.

" Beverly!" Loki yelped, hearing his master cry out in surprise. I had braced myself for the oncoming attack, but after hearing nothing, I looked up to see a much taller figure standing protectively in front of me, besides the major body transformation, he looked a lot like--

" Ryouga...?"

The new Ryouga said nothing, nor did he turn to look at me. He just kept his yellow eyes trained on the alter. " Hey.. Your a Summon Creature!" Gedharm exclaimed in slight surprise.

No sooner had the words left the summoner's mouth, there was another brief flash. " What the heck happened?" He questioned, turning back to the seal with suspicous eyes. That

flash may have looked harmless to the others, but when the room flashed, a wave of pain ripped through my body so suddenly that it had me on my knees, gripping my hair. ' What's

going on?' I wondered, oblivous to Loki who was kneeling at my side, asking what was wrong. ' My head hurts...' " The Seal is reacting to your eariler attack..." Ryouga spoke, bring-

-ing me back to the present. Chills ran down my body when I saw a wicked smile appear on my friend's face. " Hehehe.. Well done Gedharm!" I watched helplessly as the older boy

pushed past the insane summoner and stepped up to the alter, a fiery golden aura covering his body as he pressed his clawed hands agaisnt the seal. " Ryouga! What are you doing?!"
I shouted in alarm, wincing as the pain intensfied. " He's reviving it.." The summoner repiled, causing my eyes to widen in shock as Gedharm let out insane chuckles of laughter.

" Goura will live again!" Horrified on what was progressing, I tried to shake off the pain as I rose to my feet in attempt to run to my friend, but the room flashed again, and I collapsed

when my entire body throbbed with pain, like a heartbeat. I wrapped my arms around my stomach as if trying to prevent something from escaping. Just then, Master Blaire came charging

in the Chamber of Seals with Orin at his heels. " What is the meaning of this?!" Blaire roared. Orin came up beside the older man and let out a breath of surprise when he saw his

adoptive younger on the ground. " Bev! Are you alright?" Orin asked in concern. " Master.. Orin..." I managed weakly, pushing myself to my knees and pointed to the alter. " It's

Ryouga! He's trying to break the seal!" Master Blaire and Orin followed the direction I was pointing at and stiffened in surprise. " That's Ryouga?!" Orin gaped in shock.

" I've been waiting for this time to come..."

Blaire's eyes narrowed upon hearing a unnerving and bodiless voice echo from the giant crystal. " The Seal of Goura! Stop this madness at once!" Blaire shouted angrily, running over

to the seal where Ryouga and Gedharm stood.

" Do not interfere!"

The voice growled out. And with an explosion of power, Master Blaire was thrown back, ramming right into me as I managed to get to my feet, sending the both of us to the ground. I

let out a groan of pain before once again getting to my knees, cradling the back of my head where I had whacked my head on when I fell, letting out a gasp of horror when I saw that my

sword had been shattered. " My sword..!" Remembering the current situation, I turned around and stumbled over to where Blaire's motionless body laid. " Master..!" I breathed in

fright, and started to shake him, only to recive no answer. ' No, this can't be happening.. not again!' I thought desperately, shaking endlessly. ' No.. no.. no..' " NOO!" I screamed in

sorrow and anger. Then with a brilliant flash of light my entire body was engulfed by a red-pink aura, scaring my Gaurdian Beast who stood a few feet away. " Beverly?!" He yelped in

confusion. Completed with his task, Ryouga turned around just in time to see the burst of power from his friend. " Oh..?" He walked away from the alter and closer to the bright aura.

" So this is.. Mono Shift...?"

Then everything went black for me; the last thing I ever heard was Ryouga chuckling and laughing rather darkly...