A/N: AU. I swear, AU. Fenna isn't like this at all!

One hundred thousand years.

One hundred thousand journeys.

All moot.

All over in an instant.

Fenna smiled.

She wasn't one to brood or exult. After all, she had crossed the line to self-actualization while still in the womb. Everything from then on was too easy to celebrate.

When Brendan had taught her, had given her an early lease on life, had he realized for what he was paving the road? That his child could ever become… this?

Fenna laughed to herself and smiled up at the dark sky. A shadowy figure was approaching.

It glided swiftly toward the ground, sensing Fenna's need for haste.

The dybbuk bowed. "I bring news."

"Speak," Fenna hissed. She had determined a long time previous that nothing would come of her acting her age or personality.

"Maul was attacked." The dybbuk (Aja, was it?) bowed her head. "And we believe that the dybbuk Marcus was involved."

"One of your kind? How can you explain this?" Fenna was calm but not careless.

"He's always been a rogue," Aja whispered. "Befriending Kibou instead of working with the Dark Mistress, trying to warn the Angel when we attacked… Marcus is a spitfire. We sent Maul to trail him. He met a squad of Creatures of the Dark sent by the Ruling Council, and one attacked Maul. A bat, from the look of it. A giant bat. Marcus must have left with them."

Fenna's eyes narrowed. "Who else was in this group?"

Aja concentrated, bringing her memories of the crime scene to front of her mind.

Fenna closed her eyes and concentrated on her lieutenant's memory. "A vampire…Deshwitat Rudbich, I'd wager…a giant raccoon? Shukaku? Saraya of the New Order… that DID patient Ryana Atobe…another vampire, one I've never seen before…an enormous bat… and one, no- two, faint imprints of shinigami. Odd."

Aja stared at her. "You got that from an empty alleyway?"

"Respect, Aja," Fenna reminded the dybbuk.

Aja lowered her head deferentially. "My apologies for my breach of etiquette."

Fenna shook her head. "Leave my sight. Now."

The dybbuk escaped hastily.

Fenna allowed herself a wry smile. Aja wouldn't be so quick to defer to a little girl if she knew… knew that Fenna was only a child under the hooded robes of the invader Pain…