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All To You and Them

Genre: Romance/General (varies)

Pairings: Sakura/Everyone, other minor pairings

Rating: T to M

Summary: Series of one-shots centered around one Haruno Sakura. Stories about love, triumph, friendship, and endless humor abound.

Warning: Cursing, sexual hints & humor, character poking, OOC characters, Sakura-harem, possible dark fics, not very canon, and lot of mindless humor.

Dedicated: To the lovers and fans of Haruno Sakura and all of those who really just want Sakura to get the love she deserves!

Story Three: The adventures of chibi-Sakura and her possessive babysitters!

Oh Sweet Baby of Mine

Part 1

Her body jerked and spasamed when the jutsu hit her. It was an overwhelming burning sensation. It was so painful and it brought tears to her eyes. Her whole body felt like it was twisting, crunching, and caving in on itself. She panted as she tried to regain control over her body, trying to get her own chakra to counter-act this surprise attack.

But to her horror she found as this juts spread throughout her system, her own power began to drastically dwindle. There was nothing she could do to protect herself.

With a scream of pain and horror she could no longer fight it and then her body disappeared with an unsettling poof.

"Sakura!" Haruno Hikaru cried as she rushed into her daughter's room, a panic look on her face. That scream was one of pain and fear, one that crushed the heart of a mother. "Sakura? Sakura baby! Where are you?"

The room was empty and still.

Hikaru felt panic swell in her chest. She knew her child had been in this room! "A-Answer your mommy right now Sakura! Right now!"


Hikaru paused her panic attack, recognizing that little voice and looked down at a small lump in her daughter's clothes. "S-Sakura?" She approached the lump cautiously, pulled back the items of clothing and found large green eyes blinking back at her.


"Sakura!" Hikaru gaped, looking at the child, who was no more than three years old. "Oh no…oh no! I'm so sorry sweetie! Mama is so sorry! She was just trying out a new anti-aging jutsu Tsunade gave me! It was supposed to get rid of my wrinkles n-not…" She looked at the girl who was sucking on her thumb.

Sakura stared up at her mother, not understanding what was going on. Her mama was saying silly things.

"MY BABY IS SO PRECIOUS!" The woman squealed as she clung to the child, snuggling against her. "I never thought I would get to see you this tiny again! Sooooo precious!"

Sakura, used to her mother's loud behavior, just snuggled right back against her.

"Oh, what am I doing?" She shook her head, pacing around the room. "I need to get your healed. But...but..." She didn't really feel up to going to the leader of the village and face what she has done. Wouldn't it be easier to just re-raise Sakura? They could start over! "But I was really wanting grandchildren and Sakura has so many boy-toys to choose from."

It was a terrible choice. Hide out and avoid getting scolded (aka slaughtered) or let her baby be healed and have many, many husbands.

"Uh…uuh…oh…" Hikaru sniffled. "Tsunade is going to kill me!"

"So…let me get this straight." Tsunade started, her face spazzing with twitches. A very scary looking vain was starting to pump under the skin of her forehead. "You did a medical jutsu without myself present, messed up on it, and now my apprentice is a three-year-old."

"Erm…yep! Hehe." Hikaru giggled sheepishly, keeping her daughter close. She made a good meat-shield against the anger of the Hokage.

"I would kill you," Tsunade snarled quietly as she got up, slowly approaching the woman. "If…Sakura-chan wasn't the cutest thing in the whole wide world!" She then snatched the girl from her mother, snuggling her as well. "What a cutie! Do you want a lollypop sweetheart?"

Sakura, who was about to start crying in fear, nodded slowly. "Y-Yes p-pwease."

"KYAAAAH! Oh my god! She is too precious!" Tsunade squealed, swaying around. She instantly dove into her desk where there was a 'fun drawer' reserved only for sake and sweets. "Here you go honey. Now, why don't you come sit here at the important desk with me and we'll talk with your mama."

Sakura looked up at her mama who nodded with a comforting smile.

She trotted over to the blond woman, letting her pick her up and set her on her lap. "D-D-Dank you." She sputtered, shoving the candy in her mouth.

Tsunade had to shove a fist in her own mouth to not start shrieking out at the adorableness.

"Ok." She took a moment, before staring at the older Haruno. "What. Happened."

"I dunno Tsunade! I really don't! I thought I did it exactly right…" Hikaru crossed her arms over her chest, looking thoughtful. "Then I hear my baby screaming and I run in and find her like this! Only naked." She sighed, so relieved she had obsessively kept a lot of Sakura's baby clothes in preparation for grandchildren.

"Well, clearly something went wrong." The Hokage looked down at the girl who was remaining silent as the adults spoke. "You and me will have to look over the scrolls, the jutsu, and your steps in great detail. This is…I mean…Hikaru it takes a great amount of training and skill to do something like this! Not even most jounins know this technique. It was band years ago."

Hikaru scratched the back of her head, "Wonder how I managed it."

"You shouldn't have. Well to start off, you need to actually be a ninja." She gave the woman such a look for daring to do any technique without permission. Even if they were good friends it was no excuse for her to break the rules. "You need to touch your target, primarily at a gate within the body so it can spread quickly. It also takes a large amount of chakra. From what you already said, this is making me think something else happened and not the forbidden jutsu." She sighed, "Which is why I can't heal Sakura right now."

"H-Huh? But why not?"

"Because this isn't the forbidden jutsu! The jutsu I am speaking of only regresses the body down to a younger state so that the victim is unable to use techniques or fight as an adult. Their mental state NEVER does what the body does. If this was the jutsu I would be able to get her healed within a day or two. However, since I don't know what exactly caused this I can't treat her the same way. It is too risky that something will happen. You should know the human body is very delicate and complicated." Tsunade gave the girl a pat on the head. "You and I will be at the office and your home. We will go over every single step. Hell, even what you ate this morning. We will need to figure this out."

"W-Well…ok." Hikaru looked at her baby. "What about her?"

Tsunade sighed, "We get her babysitters."

Naruto glared daggers at everyone who was in the Hokage's office with him. He had been so excited when he was told to immediately come and receive a special mission. Now he was sulking to see that he wasn't the only one. Each and every one of his rivals was there ready to take the spotlight from him!

How was he supposed to be the special center of the world when everyone else was there?

Sasuke glared right back before he looked at the Hokage. He wasn't too impressed. He had no desire to be there. But he knew that coming to the Hokage's beck and call was just part of his punishment after his betrayal (which did no good since he still hadn't fulfilled his revenge).

The rest of the "Rookie" teams and Gai's team looked around, unsure what was going on. What would be so important that they all would be called for?

"I have a very special mission. One I think all of you should be a part of."

"Hey, wait a second old hag!" Naruto cried out. "My Sakura-chan isn't here. We shouldn't get started on this without her. She would be very insulted."

Tsunade sighed, "Naruto…everyone…Sakura is the mission. Something happened."

"What?" Sasuke snarled, appearing before her. "What happened?"

"Where is my Sakura-chan? Did some bastards try to hurt her?" Naruto's eyes were already bleeding the fearsome Kyuubi-red.

"Shhh, all of you, shhh! No foul language and no loud noises." Tsunade hushed. "Sakura is here and safe. But something…strange happened. Her mother and myself will work together to try and figure out what happened. But until we get everything resolved we need you to look after her."

Kiba looked concerned, "What happened to her, Hokage-sama?"

The woman sighed, "Voices down, please. I'll show you." She then moved her chair back and smiled under her desk. "Honey, you come out now, ok. I want you to meet some people."

The group looked totally lost.

"What is under your desk there?" Kakashi asked, tilting his head, wondering what was going on.

Tsunade didn't answer as she smiled comfortingly. There was movement and then a little head poked out from the edge of the desk.

"Go on Sakura. Go say hi. They won't bite." Tsunade urged.

Sakura shyly stepped out, looking down. "H-Hewwo….m-m-my n-name i-is S-Sakuwa….I-I'm fwee." She said, holding up three chubby fingers.

And like that the group was on the ground with a gushing nosebleed.

"Oye! Don't bleed! The wood will be ruined! And the blood might scare Sakura-chan!" Tsunade scolded as she stormed over and picked up the little girl who looked all teary-eyed again. "Now, now. You didn't do anything wrong. They're all just being idiots, ok?"

"O-Otay…" Sakura sniffled, shoving her thumb back in her mouth.

Naruto was the first on his feet and was nearly clawing at Tsunade to get to the girl. "L-Let me see her, hag! J-Just share her! Please!" He begged, reaching desperately for the child.

"Hmph! You be careful. Drop her and I'll kill you." She hissed dangerously as she slowly handed Sakura over to the greedy Naruto who eagerly snatched her up.

"Hi there Sakura-chan! I'm Naruto!" He cuddled against her. "MINE!" He hissed to the others still trying to see straight after such a terrible blood loss.

"Hush!" Tsunade ordered. "Now listen, all of you. Haruno Hikaru messed up a jutsu that affected Sakura, as you very well see. We don't yet know what exactly happened. I will be working with her to figure it out. All of you are to work together and watch over Sakura."

Ino's eyes sparkled. "We get to babysit her?"

"Yes. Look, it might seem like a lot to have you all watch her, but I know you all care for her. And Sakura doesn't have her adult memories or her powers. She is an easy target for any enemy. So I want you all to guard her as we figure this out." Tsunade went back to her seat.

Hinata squealed softly, hurrying over to the girl in Naruto's arms. "H-Hello Sakura-chan. I'm Hinata. Would you mind if I was your friend?"

Sakura blinked and nodded shyly. "F-Fweind."

The plum-haired girl nearly died. "Oh sweetie. You're too cute! We can have a tea-party later if you want."

Instantly the girl was nodding rapidly, wanting that a lot.

"Good, Hinata is already doing what is needed. While you guys are on a mission, you are taking care of a little girl. You need to look after her, keep her safe, and keep her occupied. Bathroom, food, toys, movies, the whole shebang. You need to give her all of it on top of the protection." Tsunade crossed her arms over her chest. "Hikaru has informed me that Sakura was very shy and fragile at this age. So you can't raise your voices around her."

Sakura looked up at Naruto and shyly touched his cheeks, "Whiskies…"

Naruto pretty much melted into a pile of goo. "Yes! And they are all yours. You wanna kiss them?"

"Narutooooo," Sasuke, Neji, and Kiba growled.

"No! None of that!" Tsunade said quickly, waving her hands around. "You boys need to control your possessiveness…the same with you girls. If you feel like you're going fight, hand the girl to someone else and take it away from her."

"Of course. We won't do anything like that." Shikamaru sighed, stepping up. "Ah, but Hokage-sama, should anyone else be told of this?"

"Anyone else?"

"I mean Gaara and his siblings. You know they will be here soon for that meeting and you know they care for her too." Shikamaru explained, remembering his girlfriend and her brothers.

"I suppose I will. I will make sure that they come to me first and I will explain to them the situation. Now, all of you are understanding what you must do?"

TenTen raised her hand, "Hokage-sama, what do we do if you don't get this resolved by tonight?"

Tsunade tilted a brow, "You will be staying at her place of course. I won't have that poor baby sleep in a scary and new place. You can figure who and how many will stay with her each night. If you have any questions you will need to get one of the ANBU members to get a hold of me. Hikaru, Shizune, and myself will be locked up for a while." She then waved them off, "You're dismissed."

They all grinned as they looked at the quiet girl in Naruto's arms.

"Oh, and if I hear she was miserable for one second you all will suffer a hell like no other in this world."

Naruto grinned at the girl in his arms, not wanting to hand her off to anyone. They were all walking down the village to a small park where most children her age were taken. "My daughter with Sakura-chan will look just like her! Only with blue eyes."

Sakura looked up at him, not sure what he was saying. She continued to suck on her fingers, looking around at the strangers with some concern. She was use to being only with her mama and her mama only.

Kakashi sensed this and leaned down to be at her eye-level, "Hey there Sakura-chan. Your mama and the Hokage are gonna be busy. So you're going to play with us all day. Does that sound fun?"

She nodded shyly, not much of a talker.

He chuckled and gave her a pat on the head.

Naruto growled possessively and pulled her away from the man.

"Alright dobe, you had your turn. Hand her over." Sasuke ordered, holding out his hand for the girl.

"No." Naruto hissed, not one for sharing.

"Naruto." Kakashi warned. "Tsunade will crack your spine in two. Behave. You can hold her again later."

Naruto grumbled, remembering that the woman would indeed kill him if he started a fight. "Fine. But I stay with Sakura in her room, her bed tonight!" he smirked. "I'll protect her from monsters and nightmares."

Sasuke growled, "Perverted dobe." He then took the girl, looking down at her. He's never held a child before. It was a weird sensation, but not one that was bad. He had wanted to rebuild his clan so he would need to get use to dealing with little ones. And the fact that it was Sakura made it all the better.

'Tch he thinks he will get a daughter with my Sakura? Keep dreaming dobe.' He smirked. 'She and I will have at least thirteen children.'

"I-I S-Sakuwa." She greeted, wanting to be polite.

He smiled, "I'm Sasuke."

"S-Saaa….Saasu…" She frowned, concentrating on saying his name. With her little lisps she found it difficult at times. "Saw-ke!"

He chuckled, "That will do."

"Hey Sakura-chan! My name is Kiba!" He grinned. "You wanna see Akamaru? He is a biiiiig puppy!"

Her eyes sparkled and she nodded, "Puppy!"

He grinned and called for his best friend to appear, but slowly, for the girl.

Sasuke scowled, not liking that Kiba was taking away his spotlight from Sakura.

"Hey, that mutt of yours better be gentle." Naruto warned, keeping himself close to Sasuke, ready to steal the girl back at a moment's notice.

"Akamaru would never hurt Sakura-chan." Kiba growled, insulted the gentle dog would be accused of such a thing.

"Puppy!" She reached out to pet the big, happy dog.

Sasuke pulled her back for a moment but then leaned down to let her pet the dog. "You be careful, ok?"

"O-Otay!" She giggled, petting and hugging the dog that was enjoying the attention. "Puppy."

"His name is Akamaru, Sakura-chan." Kiba squatted down so that he could talk with her. "Can you say that?"

She nodded, "Akama-wu!"

Kiba grinned, proud of her. "Good job!"

"Hehe," She beamed right back.

"My turn to hold her!" Kiba called out.

"No. Naruto held her for like fifteen minutes. You can wait your turn, dog." Sasuke huffed, still clinging to the girl.

"Will she even remember how to walk after this? You guys won't let her feet touch the ground." Chouji laughed, finding it all very amusing.

"And don't forget to share!" Ino scolded. "She's my best friend. I wanna get a chance to hold on to her!"

TenTen huffed, "Hey, I believe Sakura and I became best friends. You were too proud and busy after the duck-butt."

"Will you guys stop calling me that?" Sasuke twitched.

"I-I apologize TenTen, but you are wrong. Sakura-chan and I are best friends." Hinata inputted, ignoring the insulted Uchiha.

Ino glared at the both of them, "Both of you back off. I am Sakura's best friend so I get to hold her first."

Scowling, Hinata took a step forward, ready to tackle the blond but was stopped.

"Hinata." Shino placed a hand on her shoulder. "I understand your affection for Haruno-san but you must remember what Tsunade-sama said."

The female Hyuuga looked at her boyfriend and sighed. "You're right. We have to avoid any bitter arguments." She straightened herself back, biting her tongue to not snap back at Yamanka.

"My turn, duck-butt!" Kiba whined, trying to get to the pink-haired child.

"No!" Sasuke growled, pressing his foot against the dogface. "She's mine and it's my turn! Back off!"

"I think I should hold Sakura. You all are far too rough with someone who needs to be treated with soft hands." Neji said, trying to get to the girl in his hands.

"Ok, ok." Chouji stepped forward. "Everyone just stop." He sighed, "Look, all of you keep forgetting that you can't fight. Especially if the girl is in your hands."

Neji looked at the plump-man than looked back at the child. "Yes. We should not let our anger get control of us and harm my Sakura."

Sasuke huffed and pushed the two brunettes away, pulling Sakura back close to him. "Are you ok?"

"Uh-huh." She nodded. "U-Uhm…Sawke? I-I…I-I hungwy."

"My Sakura-chan is hungry?!" Naruto looked at her in a panic. "What would you like, sweetie?"

"Uhm…" She shrugged shyly, playing with Sasuke's shirt.

"Hey, you can have anything. Don't be shy. Just let us know." Sasuke urged.

"Uhm…" She bit her lip. "Ice-ceam?"

Sasuke chuckled. "We will get you some ice-cream."

"But, you need something a bit healthy too. Let's also get you some other food too." Neji said, not wanting her to get a tummy ache. "Is there something else you like?"


"Ah! I make a real good spaghetti! I can make that for dinner!" TenTen grinned, looking proud.

"O-Otay." She smiled, looking excited.

"How about we go to the park and you can get your ice-cream first and then we'll have spaghetti for dinner." Kakashi offered, so relieved she was such an easy-going child.

"Wait, I have to make it for everyone?" TenTen gaped.

"Of course! You heard what Tsunade-sama said." Ino flipped her hair back. "We all need to protect her and we need to provide for her. So, if you volunteer for dinner, you have to do it for all of us."

"B-But…b-but that's over ten people with huge appetites!" The girl continued. She thought she would make it for herself, Lee, Sakura, and maybe one other guy. Not the whole friggen group.

"Guess you should go get started on it." Hinata smirked. "Don't worry. We'll take care of Sakura-chan."

"I-I…b-but…" TenTen looked down at the girl who was looking so excited for the promised spaghetti. "F-Fine. Lee and….Shino! You both are going to help me. I need a lot of supplies and a lot of help."

"YOSH! I am prepared for the mission!" Lee saluted. "I will carry all the groceries while walking backwards on my hands and for anything I drop I must preform fifty squats."

"Oh no you don't. You're not going to carry anything weirdly." She growled, grabbing her boyfriend by the ear and dragging him down the street. "BUG-BOY! HURRY UP!"

Shino, not really bothered by the temper, looked at Hinata.

"I promise I will behave. Besides, it's just Ino now and me. I am sure the both of us can control ourselves. Since there are so few women now, we'll work together." Hinata swore.

"Right." He nodded and walked off. He wasn't one for showing public affection. Luckily Hinata understood and being very modest herself was ok with how slow they were going.

"Ok, so we got dinner planned. We'll get Sakura-chan some ice cream for a snack. And we'll take her to the park." Ino hummed, tallying off everything. "I think we need to really make sure she plays in the park. We need to wear her down."

Hinata nodded, agreeing. "Yes. Though she is very sweet, she is a child. If we don't wear her out she could be up past her bedtime."

Neji twitched and nodded, remembering all the times he had to take care of his younger cousins. Out of everyone here, he probably had the most experience with babysitting.

"Sakura-chan," Kiba asked, looking at the cute girl. "What would you like to play at the park?"

"Uhm…" She looked thoughtful. How was she supposed to pick? There were so many options! Swings, sandbox, tag, red-rover, hide and seek…it was almost too much for her brain to handle. "S-Swings!"

"Ok." Kiba nodded.

Kakashi jumped in, "I'll push her!"

"W-What?! No! I want too!" Naruto and Kiba whined.

"Toooo baaaad!" Kakashi sang. He looked quite victorious. "Come on sweetie. Come to uncle Kaka!" And he promptly plucked the girl from Sasuke's hands and took her into the park.

"W-What? HEY! Give her back! It was still my turn!" Sasuke roared, chasing after the hyper masked man.

"Whee!" Sakura giggled as Kakashi pushed her. "Ah-wheee!" She continued, squealing and laughing with each push.

Kakashi was enjoying himself. Though he wasn't a huge fan of kids, he could deal with Sakura. Though she had supreme bratty moments when she was twelve, this age she was a little doll. He should tie Ino to a post by her hair for what she did to his bubbly girl. True, Sakura turned out wonderful…but Kakashi liked blaming people for anything.

"Don't push her too high!" Naruto whimpered, watching the tiny girl up in the air. "Not so hard!"

"Sakura, sweetie, hold on tight….not too tight though! I don't want your hands hurting!" Kiba worried, pulling at his hair.

"Let me know if you feel sick. I'll take you down and let you rest if you do." Neji fretted, his eyes never leaving the giggling girl.

"And don't you dare jump off. You will get hurt. And don't "whee" so loud. Your throat might get sore." Sasuke ordered, feeling like his legs were going to start shaking.

Ino rolled her eyes, "Guys, chill. Sakura-chan will be ok. She is a tough girl. And damn it Kakashi, don't push her so high!"

Chouji shook his head behind his girlfriend. "Ino, dear, language."

"Ah right…ahem, I man, you push her too high and I will shove that mask down your throat, scarecrow." She growled, pointing a menacing finger at the man.

Chouji slapped his hand over his face. "Close…enough."

Shikamaru sighed, "Are we going to do anything but watch them fret over her and she get pushed?"

His best friend looked thoughtful, "How about you and I go get some drinks for everyone? It will get us moving a bit."

"What a drag…" Shikamaru groaned.

"Better than watching them all act like loonies."

"I suppose. But will they be alright if we're gone?" Shikamaru tilted a brow. "The only, mildly, sane one is Kakashi. And I use mildly generously."

"The stand is just over there. How much trouble can they get into in about ten minutes of getting drinks?" Chouji knew he should not have said something so clearly cliché and clearly asking for terrible happenings. Of course, now that it was too late he figured he could still get himself lemonade.

"Stop fretting over MY Sakura-chan, teme! She is mine! I'll take care of her." Naruto said, having another tantrum.

"I don't see your name on her, dobe. You know I am better suited to take care of her anyway."

'Better make it a beer. Yes, a beer sounds so much better.' Chouji twitched.

As if reading his mind, Shikamaru grabbed on to his friend's arm and dragged him to the stand. He did not want to be around these idiots any longer in case he caught their "idiot virus".

"Now, now you all." Kakashi shook his head in amusement. It was quite a show to see them all bicker and snarl at each other. He found himself always wanting a soda and some popcorn as they do their little "macho-possessive-grr-out-emo" moments. It never got old.

"This asshole thinks Sakura-chan belongs to him, but she's miiiiiine!" Naruto said, whining like a five year old.

"Yours? I do believe she loved me first and the most out of all of you." Sasuke hissed.

"Yeah, then you went and broke her heart, her confidence, her faith in humanity, and did we mention her heart?" Kiba growled, sounding menacing, like the dog he was. "We can all agree that you deserve her the least of us all."

"Though I can say for certain, I am fated to be with Sakura. We have a connection that is deeper than any of you could hope to obtain." Neji crossed his arms over his chest. "Fate cannot be changed or denied. You all will never have her."

"Boys, boys, boys….why not just share her?" Ino grinned. "An orgy with Sakura. Lucky girl."

"Ino!" Hinata gaped, horrified at such a disgusting. "Sakura is no pervert, like you, she is a pure girl who deserves to be with Neji-nii-san."

"Oh don't start with that. Sakura deserve them all, Ms. Stick Up Her Ass." The blonde sneered. "I don't think there is any rules against it here."

"Actually, I don't think she could legally be married…" But Kakashi was ignored as the two began to huff over what was best for Sakura. "Well, we tried, right Sakura-chan?...Sakura-chan?"

Why was the swing so unusually light?

Eye widening, Kakashi looked at the now empty swing and paled drastically. "WHERE IS SAKURA?!"

Instantly the all stopped and nearly wet themselves in terror.

"SAKURA?! SAKURA?! MY BABY WHERE ARE YOU!?" Ino shrieked in terror, looking all around.

"How on earth did she get off of the swing?! What if she is hurt?! Where is she?! SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto roared, panicked.

"Whiskies!" A little coo of a voice said.

They all looked up to see little Sakura dangling from a high tree, beaming at them all.

Neji grabbed his heart and keeled over.

Naruto turned into a statue, grasping his cheeks as he screamed a disorientated scream. Ino and Hinata were blubbering, running around screaming for help…momentarily forgetting they were kunoichi.

Sasuke grabbed Kakashi by the collar, ready to beat him, "We told you not so damn high!"

Kakashi looked horrified, "I didn't think I was! Honest! Don't hurt my face! You know it's quite scrumptious under the mask!"


Kiba was the first into action as he jumped up on the branch and slowly made his way over to the adorable girl, forcing a grin on his face. "What are you doing up here, love? Don't you think it's a little dangerous?"

Sakura smiled, "Walking!" She laughed as she bounced around on the thin branch.

"N-Now, you don't want to do that. What if you fall? If you fall…Kiba-kun will cry to the point he throws up his insides and then die." He reached for her. "Why don't we go back down now and have fun? You can ride Akamaru! I'll buy you more ice cream! Doesn't that sound better?"

The child just grinned, unaware of the danger she was in as she continued to hop along the branch like a bunny. She liked how it made her feel she could jump higher than normal.

"S-Sakura…." Kiba begged, looking panicked.

"Doggy!" She laughed, pointing to him, still dancing around.

"Y-Yes, doggy…now come here. You need to come here right now." He ordered, not wanting to make her cry but she needed to safe in his arms.

Blinking, hearing his tone she nodded. She looked down, worried she got in trouble. She didn't like getting into trouble. "O-Otay."

"Good girl. Now…come on, come here." He held out his arms, relieved he would be the hero and everything will turn out all right.

Of course not.

Sakura meeped as she took a tumble, falling down to the hard ground.

"SAKURA!" They all cried out.

Neji promptly had another heart failure.

But of course, needn't have worried as a large amount of sand rushed forward and captured the falling girl.

They all paled.

No need to guess who this was.

"You all are pathetic." Gaara hissed, bringing the girl over to him with his sand. "I should kill you for your negligence."

"Awww, she's so tiiiiny! And look at her cute eyes!" Temari swooned over Gaara's shoulders. "Just the cutest wootest little thing ever!"

"Oh good god…no." The group groaned.

"Yay! More people for the battle royal!" Kakashi grinned. "I'm gonna go get some cheddar popcorn now! Who else wants some?"

"I still have to kill you, you masked bastard!" Sasuke roared, pulling out his katana and swiping it at his teacher.

"Oh-hohoho! Can't ever reach me!" Kakashi chortled.


Gaara twitched, "How my Sakura hasn't been traumatized by now is a miracle."

Author: I am very aware we now have cannon-parents for Sakura. However, after writing Hikaru for so long I couldn't let her go. So she is and forever will be Sakura's single-parent-mother (at least in some stories).

And yes, this is such a Sakura-love collection. It is all just a way for her to get as much love as possible. That is the plot for everything! XD

BTW: After this story there will be no more "sneak peeks" of what is to come. I think it will be easier on myself to keep it a surprise to you and to myself. That way if I feel inspired for something else besides what I gave you a sneak-peek for I won't feel like I'm breaking any sort of promise!