Warning: If you don't like the stories that contain a version of a vampire Harry, then don't read this any further...

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Chapter 1: Sorry

Harry sat on the Dursley's couch in the living room watching the clock on the wall miserably while the rest of the family rushed around like chickens without heads. It seemed that everything was stuck on fast forward besides Harry and the clock, that was moving agonizingly slow as Uncle Vernon and Dudley waddled around the living room. As soon as the clock struck eight, Uncle Vernon confronted him for the sixtieth time that evening.

'You know the drill boy, and if you muck this up again you'll be in that cupboard from now till Christmas and I don't care if those freaks threatened me not to "mistreat" you, they can belt down the door for all i care! This is going to be the biggest deal I'll make for my entire career and if you so much as sneeze up there…' Harry interrupted him by jumping up off the couch and staring at his Uncle's slightly red face furiously.

'Yes, ok, I get it! Like I'd want to be down here anyways.' Harry said, storming off in a huff up the stairs, taking two a time, before slamming his bedroom door satisfyingly hard causing the many portraits of Dudley to fall of the walls.

'Harry Potter! You nearly broke my Duddykins!' Aunt Petunia shrieked through his bedroom door.
Harry, still livid, started kicking and throwing things around the room trying to vent some of his anger.

'Like I care if it broke. It might have been an improvement!' Harry yelled to his room.
He heard his Aunt give an indignant sniff as the doorbell rang downstairs and the whole house seemed to sake as Uncle Vernon and Dudley ran to the door. Harry rolled his eyes and leaned out his open window staring at the quarter moon.

'Mr and Mrs Holloway! How lovely it is to see you, please came in.' Uncle Vernon's fake happy voice floated up to Harry's open window.

Harry opened his trunk that was at the end of his bed and pulled out his wand and black cloak. As soon as he heard the front door close with a sharp snap he pushed the window pane as high as it would go and climbed out onto the slight awning over the front door, reached up and pulled the window down a little before climbing down the lattice like it was a ladder on the side of the house and dropped on the soft dewy grass in front of number four. He tucked his wand in the back pocket of his jeans and threw the cloak over his shoulders. Harry smiled slightly at his little achievement before walking off down Privet Dr.

A dark shape landed on the roof of number twelve Privet Dr. The dark shape turned out to be a woman of sixteen or so wearing a hooded midnight blue velvet cloak. The woman sat on the chimney and stared up at the moon, the silvery light seeming to reflect eerily off her eyes making them shine every time she moved them.

'Why did Sirius have to die? Why, why does everybody die when they're around me? I wish the Dursley's would though.'

The woman stiffened and crawled to the edge of the roof couching on the guttering. She watched the figure of a boy around her age walking along the footpath with his hands in the pockets of his jeans and his face downwards. In fact she was really listening to the boys thoughts and by the sound of them this guy didn't have a very happy life.

What a peculiar time to be wondering the streets though. She thought to herself.

She watched him walk down the street and disappear around the corner. The girl jumped down from the roof and landed gracefully, like a cat, making no sound at all and ran down the street after the boy. Unfortunately for the boy, he was the only person on the street and she hadn't eaten for a month. As much as she absolutely hated it, she had to take the boys blood or she wouldn't survive another month. She caught up with the boy fairly quickly and blended into the shadows seeming to disappear in thin air.

Harry stopped in the middle of the footpath glancing over his shoulder. He had the bizarre feeling like he was being watched. Nobody was to be seen in the darkness. Frowning and shrugging he stared walking again, but the feeling just wouldn't go away.

Dumbledore's probably having me tagged again. He thought, rolling his eyes.

He stopped again as a bush rustled behind him but still he couldn't see. He continued walking slowly trying to inconspicuously reach behind to his back pocket to grab his wand, but this was hard to do underneath his cloak. Before he could even whip his wand out a strong something held him by the shoulders, pinning his arms by his side. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the side of neck.

Oh shit, that couldn't be what I think it is! His panicked brain thought.

His voice was caught in his throat so he couldn't scream, the hand that had just culched the handle of his wand dropped limply at his side, his vision was staring to blur and he was getting very dizzy.

The girl released him after a while utterly repulsed by herself and gently placed him on the floor, looking around the completely disserted street wringing her hands together. She knew that he'd wake up in a few minutes, maybe with a slight headache, and with no recollection of the event but it still made her nervous. As she glanced down at the boy lying face down on the footpath something made her panic. The boy wasn't breathing. She crouched down and looked at the bite marks she had given him, they hadn't healed and he had no pulse. She had rocked back on her feet and let the tears run down her face, she didn't mean to kill him. She moved him under a bush, an ran back to Privet Dr, tears still making their way down her covered face. She slowed down and looked around the homes to find something that would tell her where the boy had come from. The open window on the second floor of number Four Privet Dr caught her attention. As she crossed the dewy grass and saw the footprints on it and climbed the wall up to the open window, she cursed her parents for what she was, a Vampire. Still crying, she reached up to the pane and with her bloody finger wrote "Sorry" before jumping back down and running back to where she left the boy.

The boy however wasn't where she had left him. Slightly confused she looked around and spotted a near by park and a dark figure on his hands and knees under a tree. The girl curiously crossed the road and walked silently behind the figure. It was the same boy all right. Looking concerned she crouched down next to him.

'Are you alright?' She asked, and hoped he was.
The boy shook his head.

'No, something bit me and now I don't know what's wrong me. I feel weak and cold all over.' His voice was shaky.
The girl bit her bottom lip. It couldn't get any worse.

'Its ok, I think I know what bit you.' She whispered to him miserably.

The boy slowly turned to look at her. His eyes were a startling emerald green, but in the light of the moon and a near by street lamp they shone and reflected the light, just like her eyes do. The eyes were hollow. Vampires have no soul. His skin was also the trademark porcelain white, which contrasted strangely with his jet-black messy hair.

'What?' He asked weakly.
She looked right at him.

'Me.' She whispered, showing him her pearly white fangs.
He sat back on his knees, holding his still spinning head, but his wide eyes never leaving her.

'You…you're a Vampire?' He asked, quietly, reaching up to his newly healed neck.
The girl nodded, sadly.

'And now so are you. I'm really very sorry. I know sorry can't cover what I did but…' She started to say.
He shook his head.

'Its ok, I think. It explains a lot, like way I can suddenly see clearly in the dark, why I'm cold.' He whispered to the grass they were sitting on.

The girl sighed. This has never happened to her before, but everyone knew the rules. She stood up and offered her white hand to him, finally taking off her hood. Her eyes were an amber colour and matched her long soft curly Auburn hair that fell around her face elegantly, her lips a rose red and her skin porcelain white. She smiled, but this time her fangs where gone.

Harry stared at her. She was beautiful, no other word to describe her. The light making her reddish eyes shine eerily.

'My name is Evangeline Drackais and because I accidentally turned you, by our laws, I'm the one who has to teach you what to do, basically. I promise I wont harm you anymore then I already have so you can take my hand you know.' Evangeline said, laughing slightly.

Harry smiled slightly and allowed her to pull him to his feet. He was still very dizzy and Evangeline had to hold him upright before he fell back to the ground.

'Sorry.' Evangeline whispered.
Harry got his balance and shook his head.

'No its ok. I shouldn't have been out this late. Don't blame yourself Evangeline; I'm just to blame. So we're even. I'm Harry, Harry Potter by the way.' Harry said, smiling back at her.
Evangeline nodded.

What shocked Harry the most was the fact that she didn't show any recognition at the mention of his name. Everywhere he went his name was recognised, even without him saying it. Not that he liked it or anything, but it startled him.

'Haven't you ever heard my name before?' He asked.
Evangeline had stared to walk toward the rusting monkey bars and turned around frowning at him.

'Should I?' She asked, confused.
Harry stared, walking after her.

'Not to sound big headed or anything, its just that the whole wizarding world knows my name.' He said, miserably.
Evangeline smiled and nodded her head.

'Yes, well the wizarding world loves to ignore us so we don't hear everything. The two worlds don't really like each other. Am I right in assuming that you must have been a wizard?' Evangeline asked him.
Harry nodded.

'Yes.' He answered.
Evangeline sighed and continued to walk toward the monkey bars.

'Then be prepared for a shock to the system Harry.' Evangeline said, over her shoulder to him.
'Welcome to my world.' She added, smiling evilly at him.