Chapter 26: Beginning of Friendship

'I feel like an idiot.'

'You look like an idiot!'

Harry grinned sarcastically at Linus.

'Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better.' Harry rolled his eyes.

Linus patted him on the shoulder, grinning.

'Oh, you're welcome.' He said.

Harry and Linus were standing just outside the open double doors of the Grand Ballroom at the Palace of Arcana Aegdis. Dimetria had thrown a massive costume party in celebration over the trial success and had invited wizards to join the celebration. She and Dumbledore were also planning on making a special announcement tonight.

Harry was wearing an outfit that Dimetria had given him. It was a medieval suit made of deep blue velvet complete with pantaloons, a cape and even a matching velvet feathered cap. Linus was dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, complete with lightsaber. They were waiting for Evangeline and Hermione. The two girls had run up and locked themselves in Evangeline's room, giggling the entire way, for hours. Ron (who was dressed up as his favorite Qudditch player) had been waiting with them until he got bored.

'Actually, I think you look kinda dashing!' A high pitched voice said behind them.

Harry and Linus turned to find a wide grin on Roland's face as he battered his eyelashes at Harry jokingly. Linus snorted back laughter.

'Can we stop teasing Harry now please? It's embarrassing enough wearing this without you two commenting.' Harry said.

'I'm sorry Harry, I couldn't resist.' Roland laughed.

I'm sure you could if you tried. Harry thought to him.

Roland shrugged in response. Linus was staring at what Roland was wearing, a horrified expression on his face.

'Roland, why are you wearing tights?' He asked, almost horrified.

'Because I'm Peter Pan.' Roland raised an eyebrow.

Roland was dressed head to toe in green, including tights, a cap, fake dagger and brown shoes. Linus turned to Harry, suddenly serious.

'I take it back. You don't look like an idiot, he does.' Linus looked at Roland in tights and shuddered.

Roland and Harry shook there heads. Roland strode past them walking into the Ballroom to join the party. Linus stopped him just before he got to the door.

'Hey my sisters in there, she's dressed as a butterfly and she loves Peter Pan so I'd be careful if I were you.' Linus grinned.

Roland rolled his eyes and sighed.

'A hairy butterfly, never seen that before.' Roland said, as he quickly disappeared from sight.

Harry snorted as Linus growled.

'I'm going to get the man in tights for that later.' He said, through his teeth.

'Who's the man in tights?' Hermione said from behind them.

'Roland, he's dressed up as Peter Pan.' Evangeline replied.

Linus and Harry turned around to find the two grinning girls. Hermione was all dressed up, wearing a red gown, elbow length white satin gloves and a tiara. Harry had to do a double take; her teeth were pointed to look like fangs. Evangeline was dressed in a Hogwarts uniform, a Gryffindor uniform to be exact.

'Who are you suppose to be?' Linus asked.

Hermione and Evangeline smiled.

'Each other.' Evangeline answered.

'You see, I'm the vampire princess and Evie's a Hogwarts student witch.' Hermione smiled.

Linus shrugged.

'If you say so. Can we go in now? We've been waiting for ages.' Linus whined.

Hermione rolled her eyes, marching forward with Linus, leaving Harry and Evangeline in the hall. She looked so different wearing the uniform that Harry seemed to forget that he was staring a little. It seemed to suit her, she looked good in it, and normally it didn't look good on anyone. The pleated grey skirt stopped just before her knees, socks pulled up to her knees and the Gryffindor robe open like a long black coat. Evangeline sifted uncomfortably under Harry's stare.

'Do I look bad?' She asked, biting her lip.

'No, just different.' He answered. How could she think she looked bad?

'Different good or different bad?' She frowned.

'Good. Now are we going to join your mum's party or are we going to stand in the hall all evening?' Harry, smiled

Evangeline smiled, nodding.

Yes, let's get this over with. You look good by the way. She thought to him, as they walked through the doors.

The Ballroom was full of people milling around, all wearing brightly coloured costumes, laughing and talking to others. The mood was happy and light, the smiles were infectious. Harry and Evangeline were already beaming as they made their way over to the Weasley's. Musicians were playing songs in the corner on there own raised platform for the people dancing in the middle. No ones costume was more elaborate than Dimetria's. She was twirling gracefully on the dance floor with Dumbledore, wearing a crinoline 18th century gown, complete with powered wig.

Dancing in circles on the edge of the dance floor, laughing madly, were Emily and Grace wearing Disney princess dresses, Grace wearing Belle's dress and Emily Cinderella's. Molly and Arthur were in the middle of floor dancing a very slow waltz and Remus and Tonks were dancing and talking to Lucien and his wife, Lisa, who were dancing beside them.

'Your mum looks nice Evie.' Ginny said as soon as they made it to them.

Ginny was dressed as a black cat, wearing a black unitard with a tail pined to it and a cat eared headband. Whiskers had been drawn on with eyeliner.

'I wouldn't be surprised if she had that dress in the back of one of her wardrobes somewhere. You look nice too Ginny.' Evangeline smiled.

'Thanks, mum wasn't too thrilled with me just wearing a unitard though.' Ginny blushed.

Out of nowhere Roland appeared behind Ginny, nervously glancing at Ron and the clowns (Fred and George). Evangeline grinned.

'Hi Roland, want to dance?' Evangeline said.

Ginny jumped in surprise and smiled shyly at Roland.

What are you doing Eve? Harry asked, he would've asked her if she wanted to dance.

You do know that Ginny has a crush on Roland, don't you? She replied.

'Ah, actually if you don't mind Eve, I was going to ask Ginny if she'd like to…that is if she wants too…I'd totally understand if she didn't.' Roland quietly added.

Wait, Roland do you like Ginny? Harry asked, teasingly.

Roland didn't reply, he was waiting patiently for Ginny's reply. Ginny's blush almost matched her hair.

'I'd love to dance Roland.' Ginny smiled at him.

Roland smiled back gently taking her small hand in his cold one and leading her to the dance floor. Evangeline was laughing at Ron and the clowns; they were watching Ginny and Roland like hawks.

That was so sweet! I'm jealous though, Rollo's a great dancer. Evangeline thought.

For the next hour, Harry and Evangeline walked around stopping to talk with others they met along the way. Roland and Ginny hadn't come off the dance floor yet. Ron was watching them closely, leaning on the windows with Harry. Evangeline, Hermione and Linus' butterfly sister, Lyra were dancing with Grace and Emily, when the music stopped. Stepping onto a stage were Dimetria and Dumbledore, some ministry officials, Vladimir and Lucien. The crowd broke into applause. Dimetria beamed under her wig.

'I would like to thank you all for coming and celebrating our new found friendship and understanding. May it lead to success in the future.' She said.

More applause broke out. Dimetria signalled her audience to be quite.

'I have some announcements to make tonight and thankfully it is all good news. As most of you are aware, Cornelius Fudge has resigned as the Minster for Magic.' Dimetria paused as cheers erupted from the crowd.

'As of yet the Ministry hasn't found a replacement. It is between two possible candidates, Alinta Cain and David Altair.' Two people behind her took a step forward and waved to the audience.

'On to other news, I'm sure you'll all love to know what has happened to Cootes and the rest of his band. First the Ministry has declared that the Hunters are to be dismissed and are no more. Secondly Cootes and the older hunters have been judged as no more than murders and are to be placed in Azkaban for a few years. The younger hunters have been given community service sentences and opportunities to become Auror's.' Dimetria smiled.

'My last piece of news is particularly exciting to me. Dumbledore and myself have been working with the Ministry over the past week and I'm more than pleased to announce that a new department has been created, Office of the Ambassador representing the new relationship between vampires, werewolves and wizards within the Ministry. The Ambassador has been decided on and Dumbledore will make that announcement.' Dimetria said.

Dumbledore stepped forward, eyes twinkling and beaming at the audience.

'The new Ambassador or head of department will act as not only Dimetria's voice but also Lucien's within the Ministry acting on the behalf of vampires and werewolves. It is without further ado and great pride that I announce that Remus Lupin has been chosen for this position.'

Applause sprung up again. Lupin stood in complete shock, even as Tonks kissed him on the cheek. Walking toward the stage people shook his hands and patted him on the back as he walked past them. Dumbledore shook has hand beaming at him. Dimetria and Lucien were smiling and clapping along with everyone else.

'Um, I don't honestly know what to say. I didn't even think I would've been a candidate. I guess I just have to say thank you. I'm very…very honoured to be given this opportunity; I just hope that I won't stuff it up now.' Lupin said, to laughter and applause.

'I'm sure you won't Remus. I wish you all the best of luck.' Dimetria said.

'Thank you.' Lupin smiled.

'Well this is a party, lets continue with the celebrations! Maestro, music please!' Dimetria smiled.

The music started up again, the dancing resumed now with a happy buzz that followed Dimetria's announcements. Evangeline looked around to where Harry was standing by the windows to see what he thought of Remus' new position. But Harry wasn't standing by the windows any more or even near the congratulatory crowd that was crowding around Remus.

The door to the balcony was open, letting the cold night air in. Leaning on the railing, looking at the moon was Harry. Evangeline walked over to stand next to him and looked at his face. He looked worried.

'Harry, what's wrong?' She asked.

Harry sighed.

'Voldemort.' He replied, not looking at her.

Evangeline frowned at him.

'Will get what's coming to him. Vampires and Wizards fighting together should be strong enough to stop him once and for all.' Evangeline said.

Harry shook his head.

'That's not what I meant. He's still out there and it has to be me and only me that can stop him.' He replied.

Evangeline frowned in confusion.

Why does it? Of course it doesn't have to be just you Harry. Don't be ridiculous. She thought.

Again Harry shook his head.

'No it does. There's a prophecy about me and him Evie, 'non can live while the other survives'. One of us has to kill the other; there is no other way to stop him. Just me.' Harry replied, quietly.

Evangeline watched him in concern.

'Well, you're not exactly alive Harry.' She said.

I don't think it works on minor technicalities Eve. He thought.

Evangeline shrugged.

Regardless, do you really think that Dumbledore, my mother, Remus or anyone else would just let you fight him alone? We'll be there, even if you wish us to be or not. Prophecy or no prophecy, I'll be there. She thought.

Harry smiled and nodded. He made to leave the balcony when Evangeline stopped him.

'Did you mean what you said?' Evangeline asked, biting her lip.

'About Voldemort? Yes every word.' He nodded, confused.

Evangeline sighed, running a hand nervously through her auburn curls.

'I meant earlier, at the trial last week. Did you mean everything you said?' She asked again, quietly.

'Eve I was under the influence of a lot of truth potion, my memory is a little hazy of what I said and hadn't said.' Harry said, frowning.

'Oh, it doesn't matter then.' She said, quickly waving it off and turning back to the moon.

Harry stood where he was for a long moment before leaning on the railing again, watching Evangeline nervously playing with her nails.

'Now I'm curious. What did I say?' He asked.

Evangeline turned her head to look at him shrugging her shoulders.

'It doesn't matter.' She whispered.

Come on, you can tell me. Harry thought.

Evangeline looked at him for a long moment, almost like she was searching for something, before sighing and looking back at the moon.

You said you loved me.

Her thought was even a whisper. Harry almost didn't catch it. They stood in silence, Harry staring at Evangeline's nervous face, before he smiled slightly at her.

And you wanted to know if I meant it? Harry asked.

Evangeline didn't answer or look at him for a while, twirling on her hair nervously. When she did look at him, her eyes were sparkling in the moonlight locked to his green ones.

'It doesn't matter.' She whispered again, dropping her amber eyes to the floor.

Harry was still smiling as he reached for her hands, pulling her so she was facing him. He lifted her chin gently with his finger so she was looking at him. Slowly, he leant in and gently placed his lips on hers. Evangeline's eyes widened in surprise, then she sighed and closed her eyes. When Harry pulled away he was still smiling.

I meant it. I do love you Evangeline. He thought, before walking away back to the party.

Evangeline stared after his retreating back, a stunned expression on her face. She turned back to glance at the half moon lightly touching her lips. Her face slowly broke into a beautiful smile.

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