The one Scaffler whom no one ever noticed crept up the stairs stealthily.

She was stronger than they thought, stronger than they'd ever know.

She wouldn't let anyone stand in her way.

Becky Scaffler was inimitable.

She could also keep a secret, one Danni would never suspect was coming, whether or not she was on the Ruling Council.

After all, there were some things that no one knew about Becky…about her scheming and plots…and now she was about to expose part of her great secret.

A step creaked, and Becky froze. Did Danni hear? No, her breathing was regular.

The deeper the sleep, the easier this would be.

Becky reached the top of the steps and pulled out her weapon of choice. It made a loud clunking sound that was unmistakable.

"Is someone there?" Renee's bleary, sleepy voice jolted Becky back into action. She slipped into the bathroom, somersaulted over the wet, tiled floor, and landed in the bathtub, pulling the shower curtain closed in one fluid motion.

Renee opened the bathroom door and looked around.

Becky didn't breath.

If anyone finds out…ANYONE, my cover is blown. No one can know. This is too important to botch up. It's bad enough that they have to know… not Renee, too.

The "they" in question were waiting patiently on the outdoor porch outside of Josh's room.

Becky was supposed to let them in at exactly 11:50 so they could all execute the mission together.

It was already 11:54.

"Danni? Mimi? Josh?" Renee asked, though by now, Becky could tell that she was beginning to doubt her senses. "Denee? Becky?"

Give up… just give up… Becky prayed.

Renee finally turned to go back to sleep.

Becky waited five minutes until she was sure Renee was asleep, then crept out of the bathroom, leaving wet footprints in the hallway as she headed toward Josh's room.

They were clear evidence, but Becky didn't care.

By the time they were found, it wouldn't matter anymore.

The trickiest part of the operation was here, getting past Josh. Especially since Josh was next, after they were finished with Danni.

Becky dropped to the floor, sliding on her stomach toward the door leading to the porch.

Hopefully, Josh wouldn't see her if he suddenly woke up.

A lot of this operation was counting mostly on luck.

Becky reached the door and carefully unlocked it, squirting oil on the hinges so it slid open silently.

Her backup team filed in silently, a few giving her reproachful looks for her tardiness.

There was no time to lose.

They had to strike at precisely midnight.

One by one, they swiftly moved out of Josh's room and into the hallway, retrieving their own weapons from the bottom of the linen closet.

The weapons had been hidden there for three days.

It was a miracle that they hadn't been found.

Becky led the team into Danni's room.

One by one, they raised their weapons…

And shot them straight at Danni.

One thing Becky could admit about Danni was that she had fast reflexes. She was up and out of bed before they could shoot again.

"What?" Danni looked around wildly. "Becky!" Her eyes met her sister's first, then shifted to some of the others of the team. "Yuushi? Choutarou? What's going on?"

Becky grinned and shot some more confetti at her sister. "Happy birthday, Danni. And surprise!"

Yep, she was definitely the sneakiest Scaffler.