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Overview: Miley&Lilly femslash couple. They love each other and are really happy but something from Lilly's past which has been long buried comes back to haunt her.

"I'm bored."

"Me too."

"Hey Miles I got an idea!"

"Quick call the presses!!! Lilly Truscott has a brain!!!"

"Hey!!! I resent that!"

"Ah but you only resent it not deny it!"

To that Lilly just poked her tongue out at miley.

"Wow I wouldn't put that back in your mouth."


"It's green."

Confused Lilly looked in the mirror. Her tongue really was green.

"Damn my love of green sweets. Mmm skittles"

"Well you should eat them then instead of sucking on then."

"But then they last longer!!! Ooo wait I'm remembering my great idea!!!"

"Again call the presses!"

"O shut up. Anyway, do you wana hear my amazingly good idea to beat boredom?"

"If it involves me and you and your green tongue I'm in."

"Well it does involve me, you and my tongue. But it also includes the beach and annoying people."

"Then I'm definitely in."

"Then to the beach!"

The young twosome joined arms and marched to the beach to annoy people by making out. The girls were the happiest they have ever been in their lives. They were a typical young couple with the sickly sweet conversations containing light-hearted jabs at each other with almost every conversation ending the same way. You know the kind of couple you can't stand to be around, especially if your single. They were together and there was nothing they wanted more than each other. They loved each other and when they were apart it was like a physical pain. Everyone knew they were together due to an unwanted incident involving a loose bathroom stall door and a camera phone but both girls didn't really want to linger on the memory of that part of their relationship. They were out and proud and anyone who didn't know they were together soon did after meeting them. All that mattered to them was the here and now. They really should have worried more about the future.

When they arrived the beach was unusually empty.

"Ok now this just spoils our fun."

"Yeah, if this were a western the tumbleweeds would be rolling."

"If this were a western we would be wearing leather chaps, have a five o'clock shadow and there would be horses."

"O so not all bad then."


"You. In leather chaps." Miley boldly said, pulling Lilly closer to her by her hips.

"Trust me if you saw that you would run for the hills you varmint," replied Lilly, continuing the western theme.

"I remember you saying that about me seeing you in a bikini."

"Yeah but I had to stop you running away."

"No you didn't. You had to close my mouth to stop me drooling..."

Miley closed the distance between them leaving one hand on Lilly's hips and moving the other up Lilly's back to her hair while their lips met. Lilly poked her tongue forward begging miley to allow it to enter. Miley parted her lips and their tongues wrestled for dominance. Lilly draped her arms over Miley's shoulders and pulled her more to her. The hand Miley had on Lilly's hip worked its way into Lilly's shorts and Lilly let out a soft groan into Miley's mouth.

There was a faint cough behind them but both girls were too involved with each other to notice. The coughs got louder and louder but they were still ignored. Finally the ignored cougher gave up and let out a wolf whistle that resounded through the empty beach.

Even though the girls were out and proud they still jumped apart as if they had been electrocuted. Then they turned around and saw Oliver standing there grinning from ear to ear with his arm around his girl Sarah. After Oliver's messy break up with Becca he had gone into a deep depression. This had only complicated things between Miley and Lilly as they had to spend all their time with Oliver fearing he would do something drastic. The only drastic thing he did however was dye his hair even darker and start to wear make up. Then he met Sarah and she succeeded where both Miley and Lilly had failed, she got him to finally cheer up after everyone learned that Becca wasn't the only reason that Oliver had sunk into depression.

As soon as they realised that it was Oliver and Sarah standing there, they came together again falling back into each others embrace.

"Hi Oken. Still smokin'?" Lilly asked jokingly. Miley muttered a greeting but was too busy looking at Lilly, her mind replaying the event of a second ago and wishing that she could still be there, kissing her love and holding her like nothing else mattered in the world. Of course to Miley, nothing else did matter, in her eyes there was only her and Lilly on this empty beach. She stared at Lilly's lips, watching them move but not comprehending that they were moving because she was talking to someone. Suddenly Lilly turned to her and Miley was shaken out of her stupor.

A blush spread up her neck until it reached her cheeks as she realised that she had been caught staring at her love. The blush turned an even deeper red when she acknowledged the presence of Oliver and Sarah. "Erm hi," Miley said, bowing her head in embarrassment.

"Yea hi Casanova," Sarah replied slyly and only slightly sarcastically.

At this both Lilly and Miley shared a private smile at Sarah's use of Mileys secret nickname. They rested their foreheads together so they looked into each others eyes and just smiled and it went back to just them being on the beach. Suddenly the distance between their lips started to close.

cough cough

Both girls continued to get closer to each other, totally ignoring Oliver. Their lips met and their tongues started to fight for dominance, a fight that both girls hoped neither would win. Lilly brought her hands to hold Mileys head to hers while Miley let her hands wander to Lilly's hips.


Again ignoring Oliver, both girls continued their public display of affection, losing themselves in their passion.

"Come on guys," Oliver whined. "It was fun at first but now you're taking the 'in love' thing too far."

Finally Miley responded to Oliver by making a shoo-ing motion with her hand in his general direction. When Oliver started to protest Mileys hand gesture was followed by Lilly's much ruder one which was not for young eyes to see.

Oliver stood there flabbergasted and Sarah was shaking with silent laughter. "Come on Oliver," Sarah whispered in his ear. "I think they want to be alone. Besides this is kinda turning me on..."

All of a sudden Oliver ceased to notice his two best friends making out. "Ok bye guys," he threw over his shoulder. He and Sarah hurried off in the general direction of Sarah's house. Miley and Lilly didn't notice the hasty exit of their best friend and his girlfriend.

When Lilly finally broke away from Miley for the want of breath alone she glanced at the spot where Oliver and Sarah had been standing. "Weren't there people there a second ago...?"

"Who cares...?"

"I do..."

Miley stole a quick kiss. "You care too much."

"Yeah but I could have sworn a second ago..."

Miley continued the kiss, gently biting Lilly's lip, preventing her from continuing. "You also... talk...too much," she added between kisses.

Lilly forcefully pushed Miley away. Lilly looked angry and Miley just stood there staring in shock at her lady love.

"Miley just let me think goddammit!!!" Lilly shouted.

Miley first looked scared and shocked. This was a side of Lilly she had never seen before. Even when they had fought before Lilly had never shouted at Miley like that. Miley quickly looked away once she had overcome the shock, she didn't want Lilly to see the hurt in her eyes and the tears that had started rolling down her face.

"I have to go Lilly. I'm sorry," she whispered the last part under her breath.

And so cracks appear in the seemingly perfect relationship. And what happens when some takes advantage of that and widens the cracks? Lilly knows she's done wrong and next chapter will focus on her viewpoint. Read and review and I'll try to upload more soon. That is if people want to read more.