Sorry my bad I don't know what I was talking about. The only angel in that epilogue was Lilly. But it must've been obvious because the angel will be Blaire lol. O I really need to stop writing these things when I'm sugar and caffeine fuelled.

Anyways due to public demand (Well one person, ICEROSE92!!!) here is the epilogue that ends on a happier note...

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Miley felt her life slowly ebb from her body. She was in agony but she deserved it. She had just killed herself and her love. She had committed what she had been brought up to believe were the two worst sins ever. She was dying a slow death, pure agony racking her body. And I deserve to feel every second of it.

Lilly had been brought out of the darkness. For the first time in over a year she was in the real world. She opened her eyes but what she saw distressed her. She saw her only love standing there with blood flowing from her stomach. She brought her hands up from her own stomach and saw the blood that covered them.

Miley saw a joyous sight. She saw Lilly's eyes.

Lilly's eyes locked on Miley's, silently beckoning her to her.

Miley stumbled to the bed, keeling over and collapsing to lie beside her love. Their blood mingled on the sheets of the bed, staining them. They were joined.

As both of them felt the life start to leave them Lilly managed to sum up enough strength to do one last thing. She brought Miley close to her and whispered one last thing into her ear; "Thank you."

Miley died smiling.

Their spirits left their bodies. They floated above their own bodies, looking down upon the scene of sorrow they had left behind. They just floated there, not knowing how to move on. An angel appeared in a blinding flash of light. An angel that looked surprisingly like Miley. The eyes were different and the hair was a dark blonde bordering on brown instead of the dark brown of Miley's hair.

Lilly looked into those deep chocolate brown eyes and she felt a tug of recognition.


The angel nodded a slow nod. Instead of saying anything she just extended both her hands to the newly dead lovers.

Miley looked at the hand in front of her in awe as what Lilly had said sunk in. This was Lilly's sister.

Without recitation both girls grabbed the hand that was offered them and Blaire responded by taking a firm grasp on both their hands. Then she flew away with both the girls souls still holding on to her hands...

There you go folks!!! This story is official finished!!! But there will be a sequel which will disregard the past 3 chapters of this story. So basically it will continue from chapter 12. It will be called... (Drum roll please)... LONG TIME DEAD. (You can just tell its guna be cheery can't you lol)

Yea well I'm working on the trailer for it so it should be up possibly today or tomorrow.