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Hunter Hunted:

Vin crouched behind a rocky outcropping as he tried to catch his breath. He couldn't remember the planet's name, but then he'd lost track of planets not long after he'd lost track of time. He'd stopped counting the number of days he'd been running at 162, and that was fourteen planets ago. He drew a strange sort of bitter amusement from the fact that he was living day to day and he'd lost tracks of which day it was weeks, maybe even months, before.

He checked his supply of arrows and found the same number as the last six times he'd counted. He was definitely going to need to either make or buy some new ones. Three wouldn't last him long. Probably not even a day or two if he wanted to eat. Granted, he had more pressing problems than food at the moment.

A branch broke somewhere beyond the rock he was hiding behind but he didn't move to see his hunter's progress. He could only hope that he'd disguised his scent enough. He'd certainly covered himself in more than enough mud. Finally the noise moved beyond him and he allowed himself to breathe. With slow, deliberate movements Vin rose and removed his bow from where it was strapped to his back, smoothly stringing it. He nocked an arrow but didn't draw back the string of the bow just yet as he silently followed the creature hunting him. The path was easy enough to track. He smiled grimly at the fact that the hunter had become the hunted.

He stilled, raised the bow and drew back the string. It took Vin only a second to aim before he let loose the poisoned arrow. He'd been careful when treating the arrow tips since the poison was strong enough to kill a human in seconds. The creature hissed as the arrow struck home and spun to look at Vin. It charged towards Vin but he remained where he was and within a few steps the creature had faltered and fallen. Vin smirked.

"You cannot flee forever, Runner," the Wraith sneered. Vin unstrung his bow and returned it to its place on his back. He kept wary eyes on the downed creature as he drew his knife and approached it. The Wraith reached up weakly to try and draw his life from him but Vin simply kicked the hand away and pressed down on the wrist with his boot.

"Can try," Vin said as he leant over it and slit its throat. The Wraith gurgled as blood spilled from its mouth. Vin wiped his blade clean and in moments was on his way back to the Gate. He'd have to find another planet on which to rest for a few hours, maybe even get some sleep.