.: Game Over :.


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In order to save Ryou from being humiliated by the most powerful person in school, Yami, Yugi challenges him to a duel, only to loose. The terms: Yugi is to be his slave for a week.






Seto/Jou (established relationship)

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. . . 001 . . .

The Terms

"Game over. You loose, Yugi."

Yugi Mutou, the sixteen-year-old champion of any and all games and puzzles, stared numbly at the little holographic cards in his shaking hand, the colourful pictures blurring as his breath hitched in pure panic.

How could this happen? How could I loose…

The lunch hall erupted into cheers as the audience (nearly the whole damn school) began congratulating the victor. Yugi's wide amethyst eyes rose to meet those across from his, who had been studying Yugi with an almost intense concentration.

Yami Hakeida…

Yami Hakeida, the senior who had the whole school falling at his feet like he was some type of exotic God. The girls fought for his attentions, the guys would kill just to find out what it would be like to be him for one minute. He was the Student Council President, the captain of the football team and he was the leader of a group of seniors who had the most influence over the school.

And now he takes the title of Game King without even so much as a frown to mar those perfect Egyptian features of his.

Ignoring the fact that he had one of the most commanding presences Yugi had ever known, he was also the best-looking person he had ever seen. His whole appearance literally screamed sex. It was intimidating to be close to him.

He stood at a little less than six feet tall. His frame was built like a lean powerful swimming athlete, not a scrap of puppy fat to be seen on him. His shoulders were broad with a narrow waist and long legs. He wore skin-tight leather trousers with belts that criss-cross his hips, a sleeveless leather vest underneath a white crisp shirt, normally accentuated his body frame. The leather was, of course, against school uniform policy but the teachers were so scared of Yami that they didn't dare comment on it.

But the most striking features of Yami, in Yugi's opinion, had to be his gravity defying tri-coloured hair that was so much like Yugi's own. His sharp eyes were a blood red and could pin a man in place, making them wet themselves. No joke, he actually reduced a sophomore to peeing himself in the middle of the corridor by one single look. Dark skin, dark lashes, lips that would make the knees tremble, how could anyone possibly defy him?

Well, Yugi did.

Little Yugi Mutou, the junior who spends most of his time buried in a book or solving a puzzle. He was the smallest in his year, perhaps even in the school, which would explain why he would go unnoticed by the general populace of the student body. Accept for a select few who actually made any effort to involve him in anything. That included Bakura Ryou, Katsuya Jounachi, and Hiroto Honda.

He was five foot four and incredibly delicate in frame. It proved nearly impossible to survive the aggressive P.E lessons with the other boys. His features were disturbingly effeminate, with large amethyst eyes, a pouty mouth, ivory white skin, curvy hips and small graceful hands. His school uniform consisted of black trousers, a long-sleeved black t-shirt underneath a white shirt and a blue blazer. It hung off of his tiny frame but there was nothing he could really do about it. The school didn't cater for someone of his small body size.

So what could have possibly possessed him to challenge Yami to a duel?

It all came down to an unfortunate accident involving Bakura Ryou, Yami and a full plate of spaghetti bolognaise…

.: Flash back :.

Lunchtime had always been a gruelling affair. The whole school, consisting of at least a thousand pupils, had the same lunch period. They were expected to fit into a tiny lunch hall that comprised of tables and chairs that would host only half of the students attending the school. And you can guess who sat in the lunchroom. The popular cliques and those closest to them in rank.

Yugi and Ryou made it a point to avoid the lunch hall as much as possible and bring lunches from home to sit outside by the art block. But that day Ryou had woken up late in the morning and didn't have a chance to make his lunch. So, ignoring the little voice in their minds that was screaming against the idea, they braved the crowds of the lunch hall to get Ryou some mediocre food that wouldn't kill him. The dinner ladies' culinary skills were not exactly that of a five star restaurant's chef. Even the criminals in the prisons were getting better food then the students at Domino High.

Painstakingly analysing all of the available food choices, Ryou decided on a big helping of spaghetti bolognaise, dripping in that lovely meaty sauce that just makes your belly rumble like thunder.

"About the only thing that's edible on the menu," Ryou sighed, picking up the plate and hurrying along the line to pay. Meanwhile, Yugi quickly passed the cutlery table and collected a knife and fork as well as a couple napkins for Ryou. It only seemed wise to hurry the process along so that they could be free from the lunch hall and its oppressive atmosphere.

"Come on," Yugi said as they met up and began heading towards the large double-doors that symbolised their freedom and the outside world. "It's even worse then a cattle market in here."

"No kidding," Ryou grumbled as he tried his best to protect his precious food from going all over the place as he was nudged and pushed this way and that as students fought their way to get to their tables and such.

A particularly hard shove took Ryou by surprise and he lost his balance, the plate of spaghetti bolognaise went shooting up in the air. Yugi and Ryou watched in horror as the plate and all of its contents flew through the air and right into someone's lap and head.

The whole hall seemed to freeze, all noise disappearing like someone had turned the noise switch off. You could have heard a pin drop it was so silent. In slow motion, both of their lines of sight travelled from the mess in the lap, up a tense and shaking strong torso, along a swan like neck to an expression that could only be described as livid.

It was the face of Yami Mazaki.

His blood red eyes were narrowed on Ryou and he stood up slowly, the bolognaise sliding down his front in a sickening 'sloop' at his feet. His three friends Anzu, Seto Kaiba and Bakura, watched on with unreadable faces, although Yugi was sure that he could see a hint of a smirk playing about at Bakura's lips.

"How dare you," Yami said in the most deadly voice Yugi had ever heard. He swallowed hard around a lump in his throat.

"I-I'm… I'm so sorry!" Ryou sputtered in sheer horror. The realisation of what actually happened hit him right between the eyes. He had just embarrassed the most popular person in the whole school.

He was so dead.

"Sorry? You're sorry?" a bitter smirk graced Yami's face. "Your going to be more then sorry by the time I'm finished with you. Your going to wish you were never born." He took a menacing step towards Ryou and Yugi felt more then heard the whole hall take a collective breath.

Yugi reacted without thinking, his instinct to protect his friend over-riding any common sense. He stepped in front of Ryou, inevitably bringing everyone's attention to him. "He said he was sorry! What more do you want?"

Yami stopped in his advancement towards Ryou. Those disconcerting eyes narrowed slightly, taking in the whole of Yugi in one slow motion that left Yugi trembling with an unknown emotion. They literally took his very breath away.

"This is not your business, Yugi," Yami said softly, but the meaning carried through the hall room like he had shouted it. "Stay out of this."

Yugi tried to ignore the confusion and surprise of Yami knowing his name in view of getting Ryou out of a very sticky situation. "I can't stay out of this. Ryou is my friend. He said he was sorry, there's not much else he can do."

"Yugi…" Ryou's meek voice reached Yugi's ears and Yugi turned to see Ryou's bent head. "Listen to him, you should stay out of this. It was my fault, I should be more careful."

Yugi gaped in surprise. "Your fault? It wasn't your fault it was an accident. It's people like him who are at fault. They think they can treat people like dirt and get away with it."

"We get away with it because we can. Because were the ones with power in school over you insignificant idiots." This came from Seto Kaiba, his ice blue eyes bearing down on them with no emotion in their depths. He was so cold to everyone, Yugi often wondered if he was some kind of robot. "Your nothing but bugs to us that can easily be squashed beneath our shoes."

"So that gives you the right to humiliate my friend?" Yugi demanded.

"In short, yes," Yami said, bringing Yugi's eyes to meet his own again. "Now, get out of my way."

Yugi knew that he had not the physical strength to fight Yami; Yugi had barely the strength to open up a jar of mayonnaise. It would be plain suicide to even think of challenging him that way. His wide violet eyes searched desperately around the crowed that had formed around them for anyone who looked like they would help his cause.

But there was none.

Some were openly smirking at him, eager to see what punishment Yami had for them. Others were pretending it wasn't happening and carried on with what they were doing or just looking at the ground, avoiding his eyes.

So no help from third parties then. They were on their own. If he couldn't fend off Yami with strength, then what…? The only thing that he was ever really good at was homework and games. He couldn't really throw random bits of scientific knowledge or mathematical problems at him. He would just be laughed at. And games…

Yugi's eyes grew widened slightly at an idea. Games were good. Card games were even better.

"I challenge you to a game of duel monsters! If I win then you have to leave Ryou alone." Yugi said triumphantly. This can't go wrong; I've never been beaten…

Yami stopped once again and seemed to consider Yugi in a new light. "And if I win?"

Yugi considered this for a moment. "If you win… then you humiliate me instead of Ryou."

"Yugi, no!" Ryou cried out, his hand clutching at Yugi's small shoulder. "Don't be so stupid!"

"I don't accept." Yami stated in a bored tone. "That's too boring."

Yugi gulped audibly. "Then what would you suggest?"

A small smirk graced his lips, making Yugi's stomach plummet. "If I win, then starting next week, you'll be my slave for the whole week."

"Slave?!?" Ryou screeched in horror. He turned back to Yugi who was still staring at Yami and shook him roughly by the shoulders. "No! You can't do it! It's so childish!"

A slave? For the whole week? Oh God… Yugi shook his head mentally, berating himself on thinking such desperate thoughts. There was no way he could loose. He believed in the heart of the cards.

Don't start to doubt yourself now.

"I accept."

Those two little words caused a ripple of excitement throughout the crowed of watchers and they all started to talk at once. The noise was almost deafening. But Yugi paid no attention to them, or to Ryou who was sagging against him in fright. His whole attention was on Yami, who looked, for lack of a better term, like the cat who got the cream.

He looks like he's already won.

Yugi's eyes hardened.

It was time to duel.

.: End Flash back .:

And now Yugi had just lost the most critical duel he would ever play. And by the sounds the crowed was making, it had been the best duel they had ever seen. But Yugi didn't appreciate any of it. Every trick he had laid down, Yami had evaded it. Every tactic Yugi had applied, Yami had countered it. It had been impossible to get at his life points and any that he did take off it had been sheer luck.

Yugi wasn't a conceited person. In fact, he was so modest, he bordered on being aggravatingly blind to his merits. But he knew that he was talented at games. He had to be, to earn the title of Game king. But it was a whole different thing of being overly confident which results in the bitter taste of defeat, then watching a previous nobody in the whole card game genre to come along and wipe the floor with you in no more then half an hour.

Yugi's eyes once more rested on Yami. Just who are you?

Yami stepped closer to Yugi and Yugi's senses was attacked with his smell, a scent that reminded him of spices and sand. It was the most intoxicating scent Yugi had ever smelt in his life.

Resting his hands flat against the desk before him, Yami lent down so that it put their faces inches apart. "So now I get you as my servant for the whole of next week. What should I do with you, I wonder?"

The lingering question sent a slow shiver down Yugi's spine and he wondered if it was unwelcome or not. He didn't know quite what to say to that. "I…"

Yami seemed amused by his blatant embarrassment, and pulled back slowly, almost reluctantly.

"I'm already looking forward to it." With a last lingering look, Yami walked away, the crowed parting before him like he was a God.

Two days… Yugi thought. Two days to find away to get out of this.

To Be Continued.

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