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Unexpected Visit

Sunday was spent walking around in a dream-like state of absolute numbness. This was his last day from the humiliation and total degradation that was sure to come on Monday. Twenty four hours to decide whether to get on with it (it was, after all, only a week. Seven days. 168 hours. 10080 minutes. 604800 seconds of sheer hell. ::Whimper:: Oh God.) Or stay at home for at least a month until it all blew over and Yami and his gang found someone more interesting to pick on.

Hours were spent in fantasizing all of the things Yugi could do in that time, like finally getting round to clearing out his old puzzle box from when he was an ickle kiddie. Finishing the gold puzzle his grandfather had given to him when he was in Egypt. Playing dungeons and dragons underneath the warm, safe covers. Then his guilt for having to lie to his caring Grandfather, saying he had come down with a flesh eating virus or something, won out.

Who was he kidding anyway? There was no way on God's green Earth that Yami would let him sulk off without some kind of retribution. The moment Yugi appeared in school Yami would seize his chance and Yugi would forever be extremely sorry for having the sheer audacity to breathe in a mile radius of his Godly presence. There was no other way but to stick it out to the end.

This was for Ryou, his best friend. He was doing this for someone who would do the exact same thing for him…. Dammit, Ryou had better buy him an extra large raspberry and apple sundae for his troubles of trying to be the hero.

Night had settled over Domino and with it Yugi felt a suffocating blanket of dread wrap around him like a cocoon. No more chances of pretending it all away, ignoring the growing uneasiness in the pit of his stomach as he watched the light fading from his bedroom window as he got changed into his pyjamas. Sleep for Yugi that night did not come swift and it was broken up by incessant tossing and turning and getting his legs caught up in his comforter.

Morning rose.

As soon as Yugi's eyes opened blearily at the incessant shrilling of his alarm clock, his mind supplied him with exactly why his stomach was churning like a washing machine. He groaned and rolled over, further burrowing into the very comfortable and warm bed but the constant noise of his grandfather in the kitchen kept pulling him from sweet oblivion back to consciousness. Sighing in defeat, he threw back the covers and climbed out of his bed, narrowly missing the different games scattered across the floor.

Yugi went through his usual morning routine as if he was in some kind of trance. He changed into his uniform without humming a tune and attempted to make his bed without putting any effort into it.

Sugoroku watched over his cooling mug of black coffee as his grandson entered the kitchen while shuffling his feet along the floor as he made his breakfast. His blue eyes narrowed in concern when Yugi attempted to pour his orange juice on his cornflakes, but managed to regain some semblance of his common sense before he poured it.

"Yugi." He called to his grandson as whilst placing his cup back onto the kitchen table and picked up a piece of toast smothered in jam and butter. Taking a great bite, he asked, "Is something the matter?"

Yugi looked up from staring listlessly into the depths of his cereal bowl and smiled a rather pathetic smile. "No, of course not. Why should there be anything wrong?" Sugoroku saw right through that smile. It barely touched Yugi's violet eyes and looked more painful than happy.

Taking another bite of the toast, Sugoroku waited until he swallowed the mouthful before answering. "I'm not sure. You just seem unhappy this morning. Something bothering you at school? At home?"

Yugi shook his head and took the milk out of the fridge to pour it over his cornflakes. Putting it back, he picked up his spoon he then proceeded to shovel the cereal into his mouth with feigned enthusiasm. "Nung, muffing womg."

Sugoroku gave him a blank look. Nothing wrong? Yeah, it that is true then he was twenty years old. Watching Yugi eat, he became thoughtful. If there was something wrong, then it should be up to Yugi to decide to tell him or not.

"Listen, Yugi. I may be an old man but I still have everything working up here," he tapped his index finger against the side of his head. "I know there is something wrong but I won't make you tell me if you don't want to. I just want you to know that I am here for you if you ever need to talk to me."

Yugi looked up at his grandfather with a very guilty expression on his face. Swallowing the cereal in his mouth, he finally smiled a real smile since he got up this morning and nodded. "I know that, Grandpa. I really do. If i… If I could tell you, I would. But this is something I am going to have to do by myself."

While those words may not be exactly comforting to Sugoroku, he couldn't help but feel a swell of pride for his grandson.

He opened his mouth to reply to his last comment, but was interrupted by a low rumbling sound that gradually grew in volume until the cups on the table began to shake and their ears began to ring. Staring at each other with startled eyes, they realise the noise was coming from outside and sounded like it had stopped by their front door. They both scrambled up at the same time and headed to the front door to investigate. Once opening it, Yugi followed his Grandpa out and froze in his tracks at the sight in front of him.

On the road, astride a sleek black motorcycle, were a rider in black leather and a matching black helmet with the visor down over their eyes. The rider gunned the engine one last time before turning it off and silence once again reigned in the neighbourhood. Reaching up with tight leather gloved hands, the rider pulled off the helmet in one motion to reveal unmistakable tri-coloured hair and intense ruby coloured eyes that immediately pinned Yugi in his place and take his breath away.

The shock of seeing Yami outside of his house – how did he even know where he lived in the first place? – Rendered him speechless, sputtering a few syllables here and there. His heart felt like it was going to burst from his rib cage at the mere sight of Yami. Horrible thoughts were flashing through his mind as to the reason why he was at his doorstep. Could it be that he was going to say something to his Grandpa about the bet…?

Oh God, he didn't think he would be able to look him in the eye again if his Grandpa knew he was going to become Yami's slave for a week over a stupid bet.

But he didn't mention anything. Instead, Yami placed his helmet on the seat of the motorcycle behind him and nodded in acknowledgment at Sugoroku, "I am here to take Yugi to school."

Both Mutou's blinked in surprise, Yugi perhaps a little more than surprise. Try shocked/terrified/mortified, but Sugoroku didn't need to know that. Again, images of his death and other such horrid fantasies ran through his head and he whimpered softly. Sugoroku, on the other hand, was completely delighted with the whole idea. "Really? Well, that's very kind of you. My Grandson has such a way to walk to school, so I'm sure he would jump at the chance to ride with you on your bike."

Yeah, Yugi thought with cynicism. I would jump off a cliff if it meant riding with you on your bike.

"Would you like that, Yugi?" his grandfather asked him and Yugi felt all of the attention turn onto him like a spotlight.

"Um…" he stalled, trying to think of a better excuse than 'no, I do not want to go on your death trap you call a motorcycle', but failed miserably. Smiling thinly, he could only draw the power to nod.

"Excellent." His Grandfather grinned. Yugi had the sneaking suspicion that his Grandfather had pushed him into this. Mumbling that he had to go back into the house for his school bag, Yugi shot back into the house to get away from his Grandfather's beaming face and Yami's smug expression.

Yugi probably spent a little too much time in the house to get his bag, but he really didn't care. He needed the time to splash cold water on his face and to calm himself. After feeling his heart rate return to something that resembled normal, Yugi grabbed his bag and wandered back out to see Yami and Sugoroku engaged in conversation about engine mechanics. It immediately broke off when they spotted him. Patting him a little too enthusiastically on the back, Sugoroku wished him a good day at school and went back inside, inevitably leaving the two alone.

Well, this wasn't too awkward at all.

After a couple of minutes of sizing each other up, Yugi opened his mouth to break the silence but instead let out a little squeak as the helmet was shoved into his arms. He fumbled with the helmet slightly, making sure he didn't drop it and scratch it. "Put it on." Yami instructed as he swung his long leg over the bike and settled back on the seat.

Yugi frowned down at the helmet and then up at Yami. "But this is your helmet. What will you use for a helmet?"

Yami shrugged noncommittally. "Doesn't matter, I'm a careful driver. Besides, if you fall off the back during the ride there, at least it won't be your head you have to worry about."

Yugi blanched at his words and began to step back. Yami must have anticipated the move as his hand shot out to grip Yugi's arm and held him in place. He gave Yugi a warning look before sighing and taking the helmet. He guided it onto Yug's head before Yugi could protest. He snapped the clasp underneath Yugi's chin, making sure it was tight enough to be secure but not tight enough to cut his the blood flowing to Yugi's brain. Satisfied, Yami nodded. "Get on the back and hold on tight to me."

Yugi nodded and clambered on awkwardly. "I, uh… think I should warn you."

The way in which the seat was made had Yugi blushing a very becoming shade of tomato red. His thighs and lower stomach were pressed obscenely close to Yami that no amount of wriggling around put nay space between them. "Warn me about what?"

Yugi slid his arms around Yami's waist as Yami started the engine. "I should warn you that I'm not very good when it comes to fast vehicles." He had to virtually shout over the engine to be heard.

"You're going to have to yell louder, I can't hear you!" Yami shouted back and Yugi frowned with growing anxiety. Yugi knew full well that Yami could hear him. "I said I should warn you that I'm not very good when it comes to AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!"

With that, Yami took off in the direction of the school at top speed, causing Yugi to scream like a girl and cling on to Yami tighter. His whole life flashed before his eyes as the road and scenery was whizzing past at an incredible rate. Scrunching his eyes shut, he tried to concentrate on anything other than where he was now. But the turns made his stomach lurch and he clung to Yami even more.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the bike came to a stop and Yami turned off the engine. Blinking in the daylight, Yugi saw that they were parked in the school's car park and passing students were throwing them curious and excited glances. Realizing exactly why they were staring at them, Yugi blushed and scrambled off the bike and away from Yami. Amidst the shock of seeingYami at his house, thefrightening bikemotorbike ride to school, he had somehow completely forgot thereason for thembeing ineach other's company.

The bet.

Now, at school, there was noescaping his fate that was in the hands of the boy who was staring at him like he wasan insect underneath his microscope.

To Be Continued...