I don't own Power Rangers itself however all the OCs in this story are mine.

Outreach City was burning, ruined, from the massive battle that had raged for nearly three hours. Cars, trucks and buses lay scattered all over with the bodies of the innocents who had lost their lives in the fray mingled amongst them. The southern section of the city was rendered nothing more then a crater where a white clad form fought with a possessed fury against a black and gold demonic figure with every ounce of strength he had.

Behind the two lay three dead figures in green, black and red uniforms. They lacked the leg, arm and chest armour worn by the white figure yet their costumes where similar. As the white figure paused for a moment to take a breath he received a fist to the face and was sent flying. Two blurs, one blue and the other yellow, shot past and attacked the demon only for the demon to rip the yellow figure in half and rip the blue figures abdomen in half and send her flying.

The white figure caught the blue figure and whimpered, "No… no… Mina…" The blue figure barely managed to touch the white figures helmet and managed a whisper…

"I… love you… Mavrik…" were her last words as he life faded to nothing.

The demon cackled demonically and gestured at the destruction around them, "So what will you do now White Ranger?! Your comrades are dead and even your mighty Southern Cross Megazord is reduced to scrap metal!" The beings golden eyes glared down at the white ranger as a strange aura drifted from the ranger.

"I…" The white ranger muttered, "I…" His head slowly rose, "I…" He stood and slowly looked up at the demon as red eyes flashed behind the black visor on his helmet, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" He roared at the top of his lungs and erupted forward and began to attack the larger demon with a speed and force the evil creature had never seen before.

The enraged power ranger succeeded in pinning the demon to the wall of the crater and gripped the creature by the neck and snarled, "I'll never let you harm another innocent creature. I'm going to kill you here and now and ensure your power is never used for evil again!" The demon felt fear for the first time in it's life as it struggled against the enraged rangers power and attempted to avoid those eyes glowing from within the visor.

Suddenly the demon felt its power quickly seeping away and watched in amazement as the white rangers costume changed from the hand holding him towards the body. The gauntlets the ranger wore changed from gold and silver to black and gold as the white cloth shifted to purple. As the demon weakened he felt a dark power rise from the white ranger as the colour change finished. The white ranger was no more; he was now the purple ranger!

"Good bye Kaze." The Purple Ranger muttered before he tore the demon limb from limp until it would take weeks to gather all the pieces of the demon. The ranger took one last look behind him and removed his helmet. Tears ran freely down his cheeks as he whispered, "I'm so sorry guys…" He then vanished into a purple light.