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Chapter 1
The echo in his mind

It's been two days. Two days in this place. Two days filled with fear and pain. My clothes are covered with my own blood, some cuts still bleeding. My body hurts. I'm tied in a chair, feeling more than slightly uncomfortable and stiff. My automail leg and arm are gone.

The knife sinks in the flesh on my right shoulder. I force back a scream but can't help whimpering hoarsely. My eyes are closed as I'm trying to concentrate in anything else but this. Anything. But it won't work.

"Brother!" I hear a terrified scream from somewhere on my right. Alphonse. His armour has been ripped into pieces even before we got here, there's no way for him to come and help me. I would be willing to die here if I'd be able to get that blood seal far away from here. Somewhere where this maniac wouldn't be able to find it. He knows its weakness. And it scares me. And Al.

The room is normal every way, it's like a normal lounge, cream coloured walls, dark furniture. It would maybe look somehow nice if it wasn't all the blood on the walls and floor and closed curtains. I know that nobody can see us. Maybe hear faintly, but I don't think that those who hear our screams really believe in them. They might just think that it's their sick imagination.

Oh how I wish it would be. But it's not. This is very real. Too real.

"Shut up…" I hear the man in front of me whispering dangerously to my brother. God, Al, please believe him. Don't do anything stupid.

And my brother falls quiet, but I can still sense his fear and concern in the air. It's something that slowly strangles me, something that won't let me breathe freely. Like I would be able to do it anyway.

The man turns back to me and kicks me on my ribs. Hard. I hear a loud crack and try to catch air with my aching lungs, the pain running over my whole body and making a few tears fall on my thighs. My eyes are wide but my vision is blurry.

"Everything is your fault. Yours and your little brother's. And you must pay for it", he whispers in my ear and stands up. He walks somewhere in Al's direction and I try to free myself but with no avail. I can just watch as the man returns in front of me with a piece of armour with a blood seal, drawn with my own blood under circumstances I never want to return to.

"Please… please don't do anything to him…" I try to say, pain running through my body. "Take me… I'll do anything…"

"Brother, shut up!" I hear Al's yell cut the air and making my sensitive ears hurt. The man just grins evilly, his eyes have no glimpse of saneness. He's out of his mind and his holding my little brother in his hands.

"…Anything…" I try as the man kneels down and brings the metal just in front of my eyes.

"So this is the thing you care about the most? This is why you live, this is why you're still sane?" he says with comforting voice, but somehow I don't find it comforting at all. I find it threatening. "It must be horrible to see me wipe your brother out of this world, in your reach when you aren't able to do anything about it…" he says and runs his finger to wipe the blood seal away. I scream. I hear Al screaming as well. The voices echo in my mind as my brother's scream vanishes and half of the blood seal is gone. The grin on the man's face is almost maniac-like.

"No… NO!" I scream as my tears start falling. "AL! ALPHONSE! ALPHONSE!" The man hits me and forces a bloody rag in my mouth to quiet down my screams. He lays the piece with the remaining seal on my lap.

"I think it's enough for today. I'll see you again at morning, Mr Elric."

But I don't hear his words as the scream of my brother echoes in my mind. The physical pain is gone.

"Is there anything about the Elric brothers?" Colonel Roy Mustangs asked his crew as he stepped in his office that morning. The kids were supposed to arrive to Central four days ago and report. They had said so by themselves in the phone, but somehow they never showed up. Roy was worried. It wasn't like them to be that badly late, especially without calling to say that they were going to be late.

"Actually sir, a girl arrived about five minutes ago, she saw their disappearing announcement and says that she saw one of them four days ago in Central. She's in the room right next to this, turn to the left", Breda said. Hawkeye stood up.

"I'm coming with you, sir."

"Alright, first lieutenant. Just try not to interrupt me, I'm busy enough with paperwork and those two decide to evaporate in the thin air. I don't have time for this all…" he snarled and waited the lieutenant to reach him before closing the door and stepping into the room on his left.

A red haired girl, about 14 years old was sitting on the chair. She looked confused and tentative and held her purse tightly. She smiled briefly as they stepped in the room.

"Morning. I am Colonel Roy Mustang, and I heard that you've spotted Edward and Alphonse Elric about four days ago? What is your name?" He sat down towards the girl, Hawkeye standing right behind him.

"My name is Ellie Robin. I saw the little guy, that with golden hair and red coat. I never saw the another one, no suit of armour", she said trying to get courage.

It was unbelievable, the boys almost never split up. Roy raised his eyebrows. "No suit of armour? Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm sure."

"At what time, where and under what circumstances you saw Mr Elric?" Roy went on. He was sure that if they at least found Ed he would know where his brother was.

The girl straightened up and ran her hands through her hair. "It was… about five p.m., I was going to my dancing practise. It was on that area where there's those terraced houses, the yellow ones, about 20 minutes walking away from the centre of Central. There was this… guy, he was carrying this boy you're looking for, he seemed to be unconscious. Err… yeah, I asked if something was wrong and he just said that it was his son and he'd been drinking again and had passed out. Though I don't think I smelled any alcohol." She shrugged on hair chair. "God, how stupid I was. I believed that guy, I never thought… god, if I'd been any clever I'd announced about it to the police before."

"It's not your fault. Alright? Did you see in what house he dragged the boy in?"

The girl nodded. "Yes."

"Can you show it to us? Now?"

The girl nodded again. She was pale.

"Alright. Thank you very much, I'll just get my crew and we'll go. You won't be put in any kind of danger."

"This is the house", the girl said and pointed at the one in front of them. They heard no voices from it. Roy nodded to his team which started to get ready going in. Then he put his hands on the girl's shoulders.

"Thank you very much. You can go home now." The girl nodded and ran away. This was better not be a joke. Roy turned back to his crew. "Let's go in."

They picked the door open and stepped silently in, listening for the voices. They heard faint ones somewhere on their right. Roy led his crew in the direction.

"…it h…ts, doesn't it?" Roy heard bits of speaking. Then he heard a pained cry and gasp. He checked his cloves and stepped in ready to fire.

The sight in front of him almost froze him. Ed was tied in a chair, beaten up and covered with blood. There was a man kneeled down in front of him and that very man had a knife on Ed's exposed neck. His other hand pulled his head back from the braid.

"MOVE AWAY FROM THE BOY!" he bellowed furiously but the man just laughed.

"If you do anything this boy is going to hell where he deserves to be." He cut Ed's throat a little, not deathly but still. How dared he do that just in front of him!? Ed's eyes were cloudy, not really focusing in anything. For a brief moment they met Roy's eyes. The sight was almost frightening, the glimpse of life that always lingered in the boy's eyes was gone, they were just cloudy, dark and… death alike.

That was the time when the man made a mistake and his guard down in pleasure of seeing the fear in Roy's eyes. He had unconsciously lowered the knife and Hawkeye shot him in the leg. The man cried out of pain and grabbed his thigh as the officers pinned him down and Roy rushed to Edward.

The boy wasn't a pretty sight. He sat limply on the chair, cuts and bruises everywhere. Roy started opening the binds.

"GET A MEDICAL TEAM, RIGHT NOW!" he yelled. The binds didn't want open but Roy didn't want to burn them in case he would end up hurting Ed. He spotted and grabbed the knife the man had had several seconds ago and started cutting them. Finally he managed and the boy dropped on his arms.

"Edward? Edward do you hear me?" he asked as he laid the boy down on the floor, which seemed to be covered with blood and laid his hands gently on both sides of Ed's head. The boy flinched and slowly turned his gaze on him again. He didn't answer.

Roy slowly pulled him closer on his lap and brushed Ed's hair slowly. "OK, Edward, where's Alphonse?" The boy stiffed by the words and tears were brought into his already swollen eyes. Roy froze.

"Edward, where is Alphonse?" he repeated but the boy still didn't say anything. Roy's mind was blank, he knew the answer to his question but he didn't want to admit it to himself. "DAMN IT EDWARD, WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR BROTHER!?" Ed let out a small whimper before starting to sob uncontrollably and grabbing the front of Roy's shirt in his weak grip. Roy was just about to scream to him again but someone stopped him. Havoc put a hand on his shoulder.

"Chief… you seen this?" he lifted a small piece of metal from the floor next to Ed's chair.

In the piece there was only half of the blood seal left. He took it with shaking hands.


That was all he could say. He was just starting to realize that the cheerful kid's laugh and sometimes shy appearance was never going to be seen again. He gasped and looked in the crying boy in his lap. That was the time the medical team appeared and Ed was being dragged away from him and the suspect was being moved to the military's interrogation room.


"Not now Hawkeye", Roy snarled back. They were sitting in the waiting room of Central's hospital. He, Hawkeye, Havoc, Breda, Fuery and Falman. Everyone was present when it came to the kid. Even Maes Hughes was on his way.

"I think we have to go through this now", she said determinately. Everyone looked in her, just to get something else in their minds than the kid's broken appearance and the half wiped away blood seal of his brother.

"What is it, Riza?" he asked burying his face in his hands.

"Edward's all alone right now. And somehow I don't think it's a good thing."

"Well, what else could you expect? What do you want me to do, find his father? You know that I've tried and it hasn't worked out. Nobody even knows if that guy's alive anymore."

"He'll try to do something stupid. I can sense it, he's just a kid and in situations like this he thinks like a kid. His whole family is gone, he has no one to rely on and I think Alphonse was pretty much one of the only things he kept living for. He still has all the guilt on his shoulders."

"Again lieutenant: what the heck do you want me to do? Those are things that I can hardly do anything, his family is gone and we all know that human transmutation is forbidden for a reason. It won't work. I'm not wasting my life because of it", Roy snarled, biting his lip.

"What I'm saying is that someone needs to take care of him. Someone needs to keep an eye on him all the time so he won't go and do something stupid like kill himself. And that's responsibility of an adult."

Roy turned to face her. "Are you trying to make me baby-sit him?"

Riza smiled warmly. "Good that you got it. And do it well."

Roy gasped. "You can't be serious. I can't deal with kids, I really, really can't. Someone else needs to take that job." He looked at his crew. "Any voluntary?"

The men backed away wide eyed. Roy blinked. "Come on, he's just a kid, he won't kill you." They backed even further away.

"Alright now, give me some good reasons why you can't take a fifteen-year old kid to live with you for a while!?" Roy bellowed. Everyone in the waiting room turned their gazes on them.

"I live in the dorms! No room!" Fuery stated quickly.

"Me too!" Falman, Havoc and Breda yelled.

Roy raised his eyebrows. "No you don't Breda." The man glowered him and snarled.

"…It was worth a try…" he muttered.

Roy sighed. "Alright, you two, why not?" he asked form Hawkeye and Breda.

"I hate kids. And that one drives me crazy, I don't think I'd be able to take care of him for more than two minutes", Breda snarled.

"I have Black Hayate, there's no room and I think it's your responsibility, Colonel", Riza said. "Since no one else can, you're going to take care of him. Don't try to avoid the responsibility, I trust in you." All the crew nodded. Roy stared at them.

"You can't expect me to take care of a… anguished teen!? What's wrong with you, I can't even keep a bird alive, how could I manage to do it with possibly suicidal teen!?"

"You'll manage. Just make sure he eats proper food twice a day and make sure he won't get any chances for suicide. That would probably be dragging him everywhere with you and keeping an eye on him, don't let him near any dangerous objects", Havoc said smirking. "Just try not to become suicidal yourself."

"You… you're crazy, I thought I had a smart crew but obviously I was wrong", Roy snarled. "I can't take care of a kid, I know nothing about kids."

That was the time Maes Hughes stepped in the room. Hawkeye smiled dangerously.

"But you have a friend who's going to be more than happy to change that." Roy paled and swallowed. No, this was not reality, no reality was this nightmarish…

About ten minutes later they were allowed to enter Ed's room. The kid had been drugged asleep, obviously he hadn't cooperated and they had finally managed to persuade him to drink a little 'water'. Ed was like a bird with broken wings in the hospital bed. Roy gulped as they stepped in. At least he didn't have to spend a lot of time in Maes' lecture about children… yet. Somehow he was sure that his friend wasn't even nearly finished yet.

He sat down in one of the three chairs there was in the room. Maes sat in the one next to him and the rest of the crew decided to just stand.

"Alright, Roy. When he wakes up you have to start getting to know him and letting him to know you. You have to build the bridge of understanding between you two-"

"Maes, what the hell are you talking about!? 'Bridge of understanding', yeah right!" Roy hissed to his friend, the others chuckling in the corner. Maes just smiled.

"That's one of the most important things! You have to be able to understand each others and it won't work if you know nothing of each others. You can like… start talking about what kind of weathers do you like-"

"What kind of weathers do I like? Are you crazy, that is so dumb! I bet you didn't ask Elysia what kind of weathers she likes when you first saw her!"

"Well, she was a baby! You have to get to know a teen-ager, there's a huge difference, Roy. I can borrow you a couple of books I've bought about teen-agers."

"Thank you, but no thank you. Work takes a lot of my time and if you put in there taking care of a kid I won't really have any free time and even if I do I won't waste it reading some books like those!" He snarled dangerously to his friend who still amazingly kept smiling.

"I'll get them to you tomorrow!"


Ed whimpered and muttered something in his sleep, face filled with pain, exhaustion and fear, but they couldn't really catch the words. Maes pushed him closer to the kid and smiled.

"When he's having a nightmare, your job is to comfort him."

"Excuse me!? What am I even supposed to do?!" The other officers were having a hard time not to laugh to their Colonel who obviously knew nothing about children.

"Hug him! Whisper encouraging words in his hear, stroke his hair! Anything else you can come up with."

"WHAT!? You can't expect me to-!"

"Do it Colonel", Riza said and loaded her gun. Roy swallowed blushing furiously. He took a hesitant step closer to Ed and hugged him with a face filled with disgust. He couldn't believe he was actually doing it!

"Tighter, Roy." Maes said. He was enjoying being able to boss his friend around. It was really fun! He had always imagined Roy having a kid of his own but he hadn't really believed that it would someday really happen. Well, actually it didn't, at least so far, but this was so fun. Roy taking care of a kid! Aww! He quickly took his camera and took a picture as Roy tightened his grip, blushing more furiously than ever before.

"MAES!" he yelled as he heard the click and let go.

"Whaat?" Hughes said and put his camera away. "Come on Roy, you couldn't expect me not to take a photo? This is just so sweet!" The other officers ran away from the room. Roy could hear their laughing.

"I hate this. I HATE THIS."

"Congratulations, Roy! Your first succeed, the kid isn't whimpering anymore! This is going well!" Maes yelled happily. For a moment Roy just wanted to strangle him to death and disappear somewhere far away where nobody knew him.

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