There's a sequel avaible right now called "Swallowed by lies".

Summary[Sequel to Parent's responsibility Ed's personality has changed and Roy's having a hard time accepting it. His drinking habits start coming back and the military notices that with Ed they can pull Roy around. When Hohenheim steps in, they're in a mess.

As you can guess already, it's Parental!RoyEd

http:// /s /4009229 /1 /Swallowedbylies

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Let's take a little preview:

"It's just that… it'd be a lot easier if I could be like I was. The Edward before was probably liked and loved. But when it comes to me… everything feels like it's forced, you know? Of course they say it's alright but I feel like I'm trying to take someone's place who has died. You can never take a dead person's place", he said slowly.

You don't have to read this sequel. I don't know how it's going to turn out and if it will be like this story. We'll see about that. This is for those that are interested in this sequel.