It was the beginning of December. Severus was playing with Harry's laptop, eyes glued to the screen while Harry practised wand movements. Their lessons were proceeding very nicely, with Harry behaving respectfully and soberly while his lover instructed him.

"Some teachers stare at the wall as if there was a spider or some other magnetic focal point drawing their attention. Pupils who are not looked at by the teacher will never feel involved. They will feel bored. One has to make them feel important."

Harry did not dare point out to Severus that he still made his pupils feel rather the opposite of important, for he recognised a characteristic glint in the black eyes as a warning when he was on the verge of remarking on Severus's own teaching methods.

Harry had been tentative about their roles in their relationship, especially when they became intimate. He knew that Severus possessed a headstrong and therefore dominant personality; however, Harry was happy to discover that outside the classroom, he regarded Harry as his equal and was actually only too happy to yield to Harry initiating something sexual between them. Both he and Severus liked to take things slowly, with plenty of hugging, kissing and eye contact. It was reassuring. Things had been growing increasingly heated between them, and Harry felt that it was only a matter of time until they took their relationship to the next level. It seemed so difficult to recall how much they had still hated each other a year ago. And now, they shared such a deep bond and understanding, sometimes communicating in sign language, and sometimes via Telepathy. He sometimes forgot that he had had a voice. Once, Severus had taken Harry's hands in his and asked him:

"Do you miss your voice, Harry?"

I did at first. Now, it's more like thinking back to the times when I had a voice, but without yearning. It's hard to describe. You know… he had smiled up at Severus. If I hadn't lost my voice, then you and I would never have been thrown in together and fallen in love.

"I don't suppose so," Severus had said.

So how can I regret the loss of my voice when I've got you? Harry had asked him; and to that, Severus had had no answer except to kiss the young man he had once hated and whom he now loved so much that it was beyond words.

Harry flicked his wand, trying to levitate the pieces of furniture within range simultaneously – minus Severus's chair and desk, naturally. He was so absorbed that he did not notice Severus stop typing, shut down the computer and rise from his chair. Slender fingers curled around his wrist. Harry closed his eyes as he felt soft lips breathe upon the sensitive area which joined his neck and shoulder. He arched his body against Severus, who, by applying pressure to Harry's hand, gently brought down his arm until it was next to his side. Severus breathed in the scent of Harry's freshly showered skin, noting the way it reacted – the way Harry reacted – to what was a shadow of a kiss. He turned his lover around in his arms.

"Open your eyes," Severus whispered silkily.

Harry opened his eyes and smiled at him.

What do you see? Harry asked.

"I see you, beloved, and myself reflected in your eyes."

Harry stood on tiptoe and kissed him lingeringly on the forehead.

His spell exercise was forgotten as Snape twitched his wand out of his hand. He bent his head and began to kiss a trail from Harry's throat to his shoulder, sliding down the collar of his robes as he did so; and then he was kissing those luscious lips, parting them and entering the moist sweetness of Harry's mouth, triggering an enthusiastic response from the tongue which could no longer speak verbally but had its own seductive language as it pressed against his. The kiss was slow and charged with desire. It was followed by another one, lingering and delightfully depraved, eliciting a breathy moan from Harry. When their kissing and caresses became demanding, something clicked inside Harry with absolute certainty.

Severus, make love to me. I want you inside me.

"Harry, are you sure?"

Yes, if you are sure, too.

"I am more than sure, love."

Snape carried Harry to his bedroom, kissing him all the while.

Harry lay down in bed, nervous and excited in a wonderful way. Severus gazed down at him.

"If you want me to stop, tell me immediately."

I will.

They both smiled at each other.

"You once wrote an essay on what one can do with one's hands," Severus said, kissing his forehead.

Will you call forth the music of love with your hands? Harry asked, smiling.

I will call forth the music of love and more. Do you know that you are wonderfully eloquent?

I am always talking inwardly, Harry answered, running his hand through Severus's hair.

You and I will speak the language of love now, Severus said to him. Then: Harry?


Your fingers are tangled in my hair.

Harry hastily loosened his grip and withdrew his hand. He attempted to caress Severus's face but almost poked him in the eye instead.

Harry Potter!

Oh dear, sorry!

Severus tried to adjust his position by holding his weight on his elbows and moving his body. His elbow slipped on the silk sheet, however, and he fell on Harry with a small thud, who was overwhelmed enough by this unexpected occurrence to lose his telepathic voice as well as his breath. Severus flushed as Harry looked up at him reproachfully.

"I'm sorry, love," he murmured, rolling off Harry.

Harry began to laugh, exhalations of air escaping from him audibly. He couldn't seem to stop. Tears spilt out of his eyes and he clutched at his sides and writhed with mirth. Snape glared at him, his mood spoilt. Finally, Harry calmed down enough to indulge in arousing kisses and caresses with Severus. When the tall wizard lay down upon him, however, Harry dissolved into giggles. Severus, furious, jumped from the bed, snatched up his robes and underwear on the way and left the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. He was joined by Harry five minutes later. He had put on his jeans and jumper, and looked rather apologetic. Severus ignored him. Harry folded his arms around his waist and pressed his face into his neck.

"Go away," Severus growled. Harry inched his way around so that he was looking into Severus's black eyes.

I'm sorry for laughing. But it was funny.

"This was supposed to be our first time together."

You did flatten me out.

"And you tugged at my hair, nearly poked out my eye and then laughed at me. Do you want me to dunk you in the lake again?"

I was laughing at both of us. It was cute, you know.

"How amusing."

Let's try again sometime later.

"Go away," Severus repeated tersely, managing to get rid of Harry by means of applying a sharp elbow to the young man's ribs.

I love you.

Severus ignored him grumpily.

Harry prudently retreated. Severus was not the type to forgive or forget easily – rather the contrary. However, his temper calmed down enough to be on speaking and kissing terms with Harry by the evening. A week later, they initiated another attempt. They had shed all their clothes and were thoroughly enjoying themselves when Severus made the mistake of licking at Harry's ribs. Harry squirmed and wriggled.

"Would you mind staying still?" Severus said crossly.

That tickles!

"Fine. You go ahead," Severus said tiredly, lying down on his back and closing his eyes.

Harry pounced on him, pinning him down with his body. Severus, startled by this radical course of action, accidentally kneed him in the stomach.

Harry immediately curled up into a foetal position, clutching at his tummy. The dark-haired Slytherin murmured a profuse stream of apologies and wrapped his arms around Harry. They lay quietly in bed for a few moments. Then Harry turned to him with a heart-warming grin and laughed into Severus's neck. Severus could do nothing but join him. It felt good to laugh like that at the series of little misfortunes which cropped up whenever they wanted to consummate their love.

Severus trailed his fingers down Harry's back, knowing that Harry loved that particular caress. Seriousness set in.

Snape touched the firm cheek and traced the lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

The young man had an exquisitely delicate face. His mouth was a sweet fruit-flower which Snape proceeded to taste languidly, feeling the petals yield to his seductive invasion and fold over his lips.

"Tell me to stop if you experience discomfort or pain, Harry."

I will, Harry answered with shining eyes.

"Please do. Otherwise I'll make you take an Unbreakable Vow."

There was no need to stop, and a wonderful while later found them lying in each other's arms, Harry smiling and playing with Severus's hair. Severus murmured to him telepathically:

I would like to show you something tomorrow.

And what is that something, Mysterious Pearl? Harry asked eagerly.

You'll see, Beautiful Eyes.

The next day, in the evening, Severus led Harry to a room near the Potions classroom; opening the door, he revealed an enormous rectangular pool of greenish-blue water. Silvery stairs attached to one edge of the pool led right into the water. Separated from the large pool was another pool, but very small and round.

"I have to keep fit somehow. And, like you, I love the water," Severus said, gazing at the pool. He turned to Harry, who was gazing at the pool with wide eyes, "I swim regularly in the large one, and the small pool is for bathing and relaxing. The water of the pool is enchanted to change colour, temperature, and depth, and it is charmed to ward off bacteria. If you join me for a little swim, then I'll show you the pleasures of the water. You are the only one to whom I have shown this place. And please don't tell anyone, because this is not a public swimming pool."

Thank you for letting me see something which is so private to you, Severus.

They exchanged a kiss.

"And now, if you would care to strip…"

Shall I fetch a pair of swimming trunks? Harry asked.

"Swimming trunks?" Severus's mouth curved upwards. "There's no need of any kind of gear, I think."


Severus snorted and shot him an amused glance. He inclined his head and whispered into Harry's ear:

"Mr Potter, I have admired and worshipped you in all your naked glory, if you care to recall."

Harry blushed at the memories.

Severus smiled and touched a rose-tinged cheek, then whispered into Harry's other ear:

"So innocent, so sweet…and yet so wayward. I am taking my wand into the water, but leave your wand behind."

He stepped back and undressed quickly, leaving his clothes in a neat heap at the edge. He went down the stairs, his long black hair curtaining his back, wand in his left hand. He slid into the water smoothly and vanished underneath the surface.

Harry removed his socks and finally his underwear. Although Severus and he had seen each other without clothes, he could not help feeling a little shy and exposed, especially because of the size of the hall. He lay down on his stomach and gazed into the depths of the water. He thought he could see something shimmering at the bottom. Severus emerged and swam gracefully to the edge of the pool. Stretching, he cupped Harry's face, locked him in a kiss, then grasped his forearms and pulled him inside the pool. Harry began to splash water at Severus, who raised his eyebrows, dived underneath him and appeared behind the young wizard. Severus had a playful side which charmed Harry completely. They raced each other until Severus took his hand and guided him down to the depths of the pool, casting a Bubble-Head Charm on them both. Harry stared, fascinated. Beautiful colourful flowers, shells, turquoise seaweed and lots of other things which he hadn't thought possible to survive in the shallow depth – shallow when compared to the depth of a sea. Severus glided next to him, watching his reactions. The floor was covered with smooth pebbly rocks. Harry rubbed his toes against them. They certainly felt real. The walls consisted of stone walls with all kinds of plants growing in their crevices. After diving around for a good while, they resurfaced. Severus removed the charm.

Wow! Beautiful! Did you perform all the enchantments?

Yes – with some input from Albus. He does so love sea flowers…

And I do so love you.

They kissed passionately, their bodies pressed close together. Severus's hand snaked between them, fondling the young man intimately for a few minutes. Harry threw back his head as he felt himself pushed to the brink of endurance.

Not yet, Severus's voice whispered in his mind. He swam to the edge of the pool, displaying a perfect breaststroke, Harry next to him.

Severus lifted him in his arms, climbed up the silvery stairs and set him down on the side of the pool, conjuring a soft fluffy blanket for them to lie on beforehand.

A flush suffused Harry's face as Severus lavished kisses on Harry's body, crawling up now and then to taste Harry's lips.

Harry arched his body as the kisses reached the part which joined the thigh to the hip. Severus was a master of sensuality and knew Harry's particularly sensitive parts.

Harry shivered as he felt the long fingers close around his arousal. He moved on the blanket, fingers digging into the cloth. Then he felt Severus's mouth take him and he screamed mentally, hips jerking for a moment with shock. Severus pleasured him for a minute before crawling on top of Harry and kissing him deeply. Harry was delirious with the sensation of Severus's tongue, which had suckled at his arousal a few moments ago, exploring his mouth, exchanging the taste of himself between them.

They made love very slowly on the blanket, not getting enough of each other, changing positions all the time; once it was Severus writhing on the blanket, then it was Harry again, all the time delaying that moment of exquisite climax. They became two rivers, which, floating separately, meet and merge together, impossible to divide.

Severus's cries of ultimate pleasure echoed off the walls that evening. Harry's face displayed the myriad of sensations he was feeling, and his telepathic bond reached out to Severus's mind when he finally reached the peek of rapture. His view dissolved into colours, and the hum of magic caressed his ears, as did Severus's sounds of enjoyment and the expression on his face when he, too, was engulfed by the same lake of bliss in which Harry was floating. Their fingers interlocked frantically, the blood escaping their knuckles with the pressure. Harry squeezed Severus's body between his thighs with all his force until the shock waves faded. A sheen of combined water and sweat covered their skins.

Finally, when they had recovered their breath from their pleasure, they went over to the little pool to clean up and cuddle. When they climbed out, rubbing themselves down with the soft towels, Severus summoned a bottle of exquisite-smelling cream because their extended stay in the water and the hygiene charm which eliminated germs and bacteria (the equivalent of Muggle chlorine) was bound to make their skins dry.

Mmmh, Secrets de Sorcellerie? Wow, how many wizarding brands are there I don't know about? Harry said, reading the label on the bottle.

"Let's see. Be-Witch is a product line only for witches, obviously, as is Nymph. Soi-gné is another one for wizards."

Looks like French names are popular.

"French, mon cheri, is a language of love and desire."



Can you speak French?

"Only about ten words," Severus whispered, "but I can offer you what I believe is called a French kiss. However, don't ask me about the etymological origins of this intriguing term."

Harry accepted the offer eagerly and was rather breathless afterwards.

"Lie down on your stomach, I am going to rub this into your skin," Severus said. Harry obeyed, displaying his back. Severus rubbed in the cream and massaged Harry's back. Harry closed his eyes, enjoying Severus's ministrations enormously.

A little later, it was Severus's turn to enjoy a massage. Harry had small and gentle hands which spoilt him to his heart's content. They were pleasantly groggy when they retired to Severus's bedroom to sleep.

I am looking forward to teaching, Harry said, touching his pearl.

In the meantime, I will be your teacher and your most willing pupil, Beautiful Eyes, Severus breathed, kissing him.

In his office, the Headmaster of Hogwarts was humming contentedly, a speculative look on his wise face.

"You know, Fawkes," Dumbledore mused as he patted the phoenix, who was looking decidedly shabby, "I do wonder from time to time what kind of relationship Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin really had before they quarrelled..."

Fawkes squawked and burst into flames. Dumbledore chuckled.



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Harry has just finished his seventh year. Voldemort is unfortunately still around, and Severus is called regularly for Death Eater meetings. After reading an article about the "Wizarding World's Most Eligible Bachelor", Voldemort toys with the sinister idea of Severus marrying Harry but mournfully points out that this would be impossible because of Dumbledore. Severus, who is on Dumbledore's side, tells the Headmaster about Voldemort's thoughts. To his horror, Dumbledore thinks that it is a perfect idea. After a tense wedding ceremony with two outraged spouses in Dumbledore's office, Voldemort, who is delighted at the turn of events, tells Severus that he has one year to torture and abuse Harry in nearly every way he wishes and to prevent Dumbledore from finding out. Simultaneously, he is to find a way for the Death Eaters and Voldemort to invade Hogwarts. After a mutually traumatic consummation of their marriage, things look very dark for both Severus and Harry…Until, against all hope and reason, they realise that they have only each other…

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