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His Story

-Sho Joann-

Forbidden Forest, 1943

"I'm not going with you!" he refused and began to take a few steps back.

"You will! Think about my sister!" Saya yelled back at him and pulled his hand.

"NO! I'm not going!" he cried and grimaced when she tightened her grip on his hand.

"Van Louis, let's make things easier. For our own sakes!" her patient is wearing thin. 'God, why must he be so selfish right now. My sister is dying, waiting for me to drag this idiot Van Louis home!' she thought to herself and suddenly, an idea strikes her.

Hagi stopped struggling when he noticed her mumbling something under her breath but her grip on his hand never loosen. He caught a few weird words but he couldn't make up the meaning behind it.

"…Blue rose, the darkest desire and passion, light of eternity-"

A chant!

It was too late, though. His head started to spin and his body felt so heavy. But before he fell into his own world of darkness, he saw a triumph smirk tugged at the corner of her lips.

Oh, tricky woman, wait till I get my hands on you!


The Castle, 1943

A young man figure, about 17 years old, stood quietly behind the big oak doors. He was very tall, his skin was pale as the moonlight and his shoulder length black, shiny hairs were let loose. Despite his good looking face, he had a very dark aura around him as if trying to warn people not to get to close to him but failed miserably when three maids giggling madly and blown kisses towards him as they passed him by.

He wondered has he started to lose his touch lately?

"You have been enjoying yourself, I see" his thought was interrupted with Solomon's soft voice.

He quickly throws his coldest glare at Solomon.

"Your mother is doing fine, Sho. You don't have to worry" Solomon's eyes softened when he saw a tear trickled down Sho's cheek.

"I left her too long, Solomon. Just because we had a small quarrel over-" he stopped and quickly turned his head when he heard a soft thud.

"Urgh, he was too -pant- heavy -pant-!" she complained, over and over again before she heard an amused chuckle.

Solomon ran towards her and helped her with the heavy load. His suspicious eyes took a glanced at the fainted man's face. A Van Louis, at last.

Saya felt a familiar presence behind her. No, not Solomon. Someone else she knew a long time ago. If she is not mistaken, it was Felton Joann! What he's doing here!

"Are you happy to see me after a hundred years, Saya?" Sho threw her his infamous smirk. Wait, it is not Felton. Who is this man?

She gasped.

It was none other but Sho Joann.


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