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The girl ran, terrified, through the deserted ruins of old houses on the ancient isle. Her red hair, still tied in pigtails, bobbed chaotically around her face. She could hear its loping gait behind her, noisily crunching old pieces of brick and twigs. So this was how Amy Potter would die, mauled by an angry beast while escaping from her kidnappers...

She kept running. But the creature was getting closer now. If her heart could beat any faster, it would have sent her into orbit. Unfortunately, it couldn't, and she remained firmly on terra firma - and in danger.

There was a large orange flash, and then the sounds of a fierce battle. She gulped. Two large animals fighting... over dinner. Dinner. Her. Dinner. She was dinner. She didn't want to be dinner. She looked back again, drawn to the torrid scuffle despite herself. The huge three-headed dog that had chased her was now facing off against a large orange-and-black tiger. She didn't know when tigers got to Britain, but she didn't feel this was the appropriate time to question such things. She needed to...

Tree. She needed to climb a tree. Her eyes darted around looking for a good climbee, and found one. She dashed to it, and was soon over five metres high. She kept climbing. She had no idea how she would get down, but she knew she didn't want to get down, so that problem solved itself.

The battle grew fiercer, and then slowly died down. She peered down, and could faintly see one of the animals down on the ground, unmoving. The remaining animal had just one head. Amy was relieved, though not by much. She'd read the Jungle Book, even though the only Muggleborn grandparent she had was long dead. Her father had made a few attempts to show her Muggle stuff. Like the Jungle Book. Which featured a human child and a tiger that wanted said child for dinner. Or breakfast or lunch or dessert, it didn't really matter, did it?

Then the tiger changed ... into a cloaked, but definitely human, figure. Now she breathed a huge sigh of relief. Tiger Animagi didn't eat children. Admittedly, that didn't automatically make Tigerman a friend. Her father had many enemies, and not all the enemies were friends with each other. This could be another kidnapper trying to get her.

One of the heads of the dog moved. Her rescuer turned back into a tiger, slapped the head with a huge paw, and returned to its human self.

"Hello!" shouted Tigerman. Amy's eyes widened. Tigerman was female! And she sounded worried. "You were being chased by a Cerberus," she continued, looking up at Amy's tree. "I've taken care of it. My name is Jane. Will you show yourself, please? I don't want to hurt you. I want to help you get home."

Amy considered her options. Tigerwoman - no, Jane - knew where she was. In other words, Jane could get her whenever she wanted, whether Amy cooperated or not. Right, then. Amy would go with Jane. Which then led to another problem...

"Can you help me get down?" she asked. Then she added, "Please?"

Jane took out a wand as she kept her eyes looking up at Amy. "I can levitate you down, dear. Would you like that?"

Amy nodded. Soon enough, she was on the ground and able to get a closer look at Jane. But there wasn't much to look at, since Jane was wearing one of those cloaks that covered everything, face included. But Jane had a ... was that a tail? Yes, definitely a tail.

"If you tell me where you live, I can make a Portkey for you," said Jane, holding up a Muggle torch. "Do you live around here? And don't worry about the tail. My two boys finally managed to prank me."

"I'm from England," said the girl, smiling slightly. "My name's Amy", she added.

"Oh?" said Jane with a smile. "I grew up there. What brings you to this part of Ireland then?"

"I was kidnapped," said Amy.

"What?" said Jane, her voice growing harder. "Who?"

Amy's face paled as she began to remember her ordeal.

"Right, right," said Jane, starting to pace. Her tail followed her, but clearly had a life of its own. It kept pointing at Amy, as if trying to get a closer look at her. Amy found it slightly unnerving. "Did they send that bitch after you?" Amy nodded. "Before you go telling your mum n'all, I'm not swearing - that Cerberus was female. Now, do you think her masters are still searching for you?"

Amy looked uncertain. "Probably," she said.

"Did they feed you alright?" asked Jane.

Amy shook her head. "They gave me stuff. But I didn't want to eat it in case it had stuff in it."

"And drink?"

Amy winced, and nodded. "I drank water from the tap."

"You're probably alright," said Jane. "I better send you home though. Where's home for you?"

"Potter Manor, 18 Merlin Lane, Godric's Hollow, Wales," replied Amy by rote.

"Potter?" Jane's face turned ashen. "What's your surname?"

"Amy Po ... Smith," said Amy, backing away in fear at Jane's sudden change of behaviour.

Realizing this, Jane seemed to recover somewhat. "I am sorry to have scared you," she said. "I suppose you're Harry's daughter. And Ginny's. I should have guessed. Weasley hair, emerald Lily Evans eyes. You don't look like your grandmother though. Wrong shade of red."

"You knew my father?" asked Amy, surprised. She made no effort to move forward, though.

"I - no. My cousin did. She was a friend of your father's. And of your uncle Ron's. At least she thought she was. She helped them a lot, though I suppose she could have been a bit ... bossy. But they betrayed her, and cast her away when they didn't need her any more."

Amy backed away slowly.

"Don't worry," said Jane with a sigh. "You're probably in shock, hearing bad things about your parents. But they're human, remember? They make mistakes. And I don't judge people by what their parents did. You're innocent. I'm still going to get you home. But I think I better get you home myself. If you're Harry Potter's daughter, there's no telling how many people want to kidnap or kill you. And your home probably has all kinds of wards against incoming Portkeys and stuff. I'll take you to Hogwarts myself. That's okay with you, right?"

Amy nodded cautiously.

"Good. Let's go. I'll make a Portkey to the gates. I'll leave you when I've left with someone I trust." She cast a Portus spell on her torch. "Hold it."

Amy put her hand on the torch tentatively, resolving to ask her parents several questions about their past friends when she got back.

"Just one more thing, Amy. Hermione Granger was innocent. And she's dead now. Tell your parents that. I was there when she died."

It didn't take long for Harry and Ron to find the island where the kidnappers lived. They had found the house from their daughter's memories. She'd also drawn a makeshift map. A few charms later, they had narrowed the criminals' hideout to a lonely old cottage between some rugged cliffs and a forest. They figured it was the one Amy had run through.

After placing anti-Apparation and a host of other wards on the building, they carefully entered. Their caution turned out to be unnecessary. There were three men there, lying bound, gagged, and in dark pools of blood. Upon closer inspection, the three carcasses had been sliced in the same location. In male sympathy, Harry and Ron winced...

"Bloody hell," said Ron for the umpteenth time after they had Portkeyed the bodies to Auror Headquarters and cast the standard preservation spells for the investigators to document later.

Harry nodded. They left the house, and looked in unison at the forest, then at each other. Without a word, they both wanted to find Hermione's cousin. They hadn't seen Hermione since she had slept with Harry after giving him a Lust Potion. And while she was dead now, it felt right of them to pay their last respects. Even to someone who thought that their old friend had been innocent.

They were halfway towards the woods when they saw the tiger. It looked at them calmly, not worried that they both had their wands out. It turned its back to them and began walking towards the woods, turning its head to look back at them a couple of times. Warily, they followed, Harry going first, Ron covering him. They walked about ten minutes before they saw the house in the middle of the woods. The tiger looked at them, then disappeared in it. They approached the house cautiously. They were both surprised when a woman and two boys came out of the house.

"Mr Potter? Mr Weasley?" said the woman brightly. "I'm Jane, and these boys here are Brian and Chris. I thought you might turn up soon enough. Please, have a seat."

Mutely, the two men sat down on the proferred deck chairs. Their hosts looked human, if one overlooked their tails, cat ears, whiskers, and the stripes on their arms and necks. One of the boys was wearing shorts, he had stripes on his legs too. The stripes on the boys were not as pronounced as those on the woman's - they could have been mistaken for ordinary cat stripes... suddenly Harry remembered where he had seen similar stripes before.

"Ron?" he hissed. "Did Millicent Bulstrode really have a cat?"

Ron looked at him dumbly.

"Remember Hermione and Polyjuice in second year?"

Ron suddenly got it, and then his eyes widened as he got it even further.

"Right!" said Jane, noting the men's realization. "Boys, I'll roar when I need you, alright? Now transform and shuffle off."

To the men's astonishment, the two cat-boys turned into young tigers in an instant and scampered off.

"They're just happy not to get back to their Transfiguration lesson," said Jane. "Rather like their father that way," she said, looking at Harry. "Not that it should matter much, I suppose. We were doing advanced stuff," she said like a proud mother.

"What are you?" blurted Ron.

Jane looked at him with an amused look. "I'm a Felician, Mr Weasley. A catwoman, tigress in this case. And Hermione Granger's cousin. Yes, she wore a glamour for seven years. And yes, both of you have seen her true form, when you were all twelve. She was lucky to be able to return to your world after that incident with Polyjuice. Turns out it works differently on Felicians - it reveals our true appearance. It took Dumbledore's fervent intervention at her trial by our council to get her back to Hogwarts."

"She got in trouble for that?" asked Harry.

"Pity she didn't go back to where she belonged," muttered Ron.

"I quite agree," said Jane pleasantly. "Because if she had stayed away, then Mr Potter would have not have gotten the vital clue of what Slytherin's monster was, and your sister would have been dead and she wouldn't have fed a Lust Potion to Harry five years later while you fed one to Hermione."

Ron jumped up furiously at this, while Harry pointed his wand at Jane. Then two orange flashes happened. By the time Harry had pointed his wand at his friend's attackers, it wasn't in his hand any more. And one of the tiger cubs was standing on Ron's prone body while the other held Harry's wand proudly in his teeth.

"Of course, Voldemort would have arisen two years early and probably won without my cousin there to keep saving your arse," said Jane, twirling the wand in her hand smartly before turning to her boys. "Good job, kids. Now Brian, stun him with his own wand please, and then you can get off him Chris. Mr Potter will take him back to his home."

She looked directly at Harry again, watching his mind think furiously. "Hear me out, Mr Potter. I do not wish to hurt anyone, I just want a chance to tell the other side of the story. The side you never allowed Hermione to tell. Besides, would you want to hex me in front of your sons? Yes, your sons. Hermione never told you she was pregnant, did she? Of course not, you had kicked her out of your life before she had a chance to. And she was a victim as well. Even if you don't believe me when I say who was responsible for the Lust Potions - I admit I don't have proof - I do have proof that she was given a Lust Potion at the same time you were. I don't think the perpetrators planned that you would act on the potion with each other."

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