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A head of black hair tossed and turned in the throws of a familiar nightmare. Small features scrunched then slackened as the body stilled. Several minutes later a frown returned and the motions of a bad night started up again. All of this was normal right? People often had night terrors, even more couldn't help but move in their sleep. Well as normal as this was the person performing the acts was anything but.

Harry Potter had always been different. The bigger boy had made that abundantly clear to him before his Uncle had dumped him off in the streets. If Harry cried he got hit, if the other boy cried he got fed. That didn't matter once he was on the streets however. A child of four, looking to be one, could barely walk let alone survive on their own.

Somehow he did the impossible again. For six months he stumbled along the dirty streets hiding from the big scary people and living off what he could glean from sympathetic women. He especially liked it when they gave him the soft cookies in the park. Those were so good and he always got so many! Of course the scary man would always look for him there so he hadn't been down that way in a while.

When it started to snow more people started showing up, all of them feeling the same as the scary man. He didn't like that they always found where he was hiding, didn't like the way they tried to hurt him with their sticks. The scary man found him several days after the first snow and Harry took off running. It was as a red light killed the cat he'd scared up that the boy tripped and fell through a rip in space.

Weapons were out, seals half done, as thirty or so Anbu jumped away from one spot. A child came tumbling through the ceiling in the middle of the group. Impossibly green eyes stared widely at all the hostile creatures around him. Animalistic masks stared back. He lifted his hand to fix his glasses and cried out in surprised pain as a needle was suddenly sticking it to the ground.

Morbid fascination took control for several seconds before an ear piercing wail erupted form the small body. The hand was jerked up and off the impaling needle to be cradled against a small chest. Immediately everyone tensed up even more. The man that had been standing at the front of the group was the only one not covered in a mask or cloak.

His yellow hair stood out glaringly, as did his concerned expression. He motioned for a man in a dog mask to come forward but Harry flinched away from him immediately. The small boy whimpered and scrambled as far back as he dared without touching anyone before he could move no further and he was caught. Of course he didn't struggle, he remembered what happened last time he'd struggled.

The toddler let himself be tucked into a warm cloak hidden from view. He closed his eyes in abject terror at the thought of what was going to happen now that he'd been caught. There had been times when he'd hidden from the big people with some of the smaller big kids. They'd delighted in telling him all about the horrors of orphanages. Would they put him into one of those?

They stood for several long minutes with muffled sounds reaching the scared toddler. Blood seeped from under his little fingers and a burning pain lanced up his arm but he was quiet. Crying had caused this man to catch him after all. A little squeak left him as they started to move and a short time later he was being exposed to dim lights and cool air.

"Here we go, alright there kid?" Of course the poor boy didn't understand what the man was saying at all.

A difference in languages made his small brow furrow "Wha'? Ah dun know tat." The man frowned and Harry realized the mask was gone. Two bright red triangles stood out in the dark lighting. They had the child's undivided attention, he even forgot about the pain in his hand for a while as he tried to puzzle out why this man had painted his face.

Fingers that should have been chubby came up to touch the red triangles and a surprised look crossed his face when it felt just like any other piece of skin. Inuzuka Momosuke smiled a little as the child seemingly forgot about his pain and demonstrated the curiosity that got his daughter into trouble all the time. The door opened with a quiet click and the hand jerked away as if burned. Blue eyes turned to look at the Yondaime. Arasai smiled at the wide green eyes peering at him through broken glasses.

The door closed just as quietly as it had opened "Who is he?"

Momo shrugged "He doesn't speak Japanese Hokage-sama. I asked him if he was alright and he spouted babble at me. I was wondering though, do you think I could adopt him? Pups can't survive on their own in the snow you know."

Arasai grinned "How did I know you'd ask that? I've already written up the document that says he's part of the Inuzuka clan. You just have to name him and hope your wife doesn't kill you for this."

Momo grinned widely "She's been complaining that she doesn't have any babies around what with Hana in the academy and Mika not letting anyone near her puppies." Harry, satisfied that he wasn't going to be hurt any time soon had snatched up a piece of the cloak and wrapped his hand up in it. Blood was staining the gHana material, but he didn't mind.

He was trying very hard not to make any noise despite how much it hurt. He didn't want to draw their attention to himself after all. Being a child made that very difficult though and he couldn't stop himself from yelping when the cloak was accidentally pulled on. Immediately both pairs of blue eyes were on him. Harry shrunk away from the attention.

Arasai frowned as he realized the hole was still untreated "Wait here and I'll go get something to bandage that up with." Momo nodded and wrapped his arms around the shaking child. Within half an hour Harry was renamed Inuzuka Shurachi, had his hand wrapped, and was settled in a large bed. He fell asleep and that is where our story started out. In his bed with him suffering from night terrors.

The little face was scrunched up as he ran frantically from the shadows trying to get him. Flashes of colorful light drew his attention sometimes, but he was to scared to want to go look at them more closely. Hands and feet twitching in his mad dream rush to escape drew the attention of the smallest puppy sleeping on his bed. There was about a fourth of the pack snuggled in around him to keep him warm in the cold winter.

Cautiously, so as not to wake any of the other dogs, the puppy edged toward the sleeping child. A quick inspection told him that nothing was hurt and no one was really cuddled up with the human. Deciding that it would be his job, the puppy climbed onto Harry's side and settled to sleep on his hip. He remained undisturbed all night as Harry's dream had instantly smoothed out.

Inuzuka Hana, now ten years old, watched her new little brother sleeping for several long minutes before walking into the room. She inhaled deeply then said in the loudest voice she could muster without yelling "Shurachi, time to wake up!!!" Harry, or rather Shurachi, shot up in bed like a rocket and stared around himself with wide eyes.

The puppy yelped as it was suddenly dislodged and Hana laughed at them before hopping onto the bed with him "Good morning sleepy brain! Tou-san said I got a new baby brother and you're it! I'm your Nee-chan!! Isn't it great?"

Wide green eyes watched the beaming girl until she quieted before Shura tried answering. He remembered how his new parents had greeted each other last night and hoped he was doing it right "Konichiwa…?"

Giggles issued forth from Hana "Iie, Ohayo! You were close though. Tou-san says you don't know how to speak very well so I'll help you kay?" Shura gazed at the girl curiously. He barely understood that he was wrong about the greetings he'd said and was completely lost when it came to anything else she'd said. He was painfully aware of how difficult it was for him to communicate as the day wore on.

For starters, they thought he was able to understand them even if he couldn't speak. That was quickly remedied when the man from the night before had told him not to try touching the puppies and he did anyway. His hand, which had already been injured, still throbbed in protest whenever he thought about how close that females mouth had come to removing it.

It was about a week later that he worked up the courage to speak with his new mother. He'd been eagerly sucking up any knowledge offered by his new family and thought he could at least get his point across. Padding into the kitchen, he looked around for the kind hearted woman. She was cleaning the dishes as he'd expected so he had to tug on her pants to get her attention.

When those warm brown eyes were on him, Shura wrapped his arms around himself and shivered exaggeratedly then said very firmly "Cold." When she didn't get it he repeated the actions a few more times. He was about to give up when her face suddenly brightened in a smile.

Tsume picked her new son up and carried him to the hall closet. "You're cold little pup? Then we'll get you a nice warm jacket and do that clothes shopping I've been putting off. Your father shouldn't mind to much when I tell him you asked for something to keep you warm." She tucked Shura into an overly large furred coat.

Happy he'd gotten what he wanted, Shura was content to let himself be carried around the village. They visited several clothes stores and a Food Market before returning home. Shura was intensely glad to change out of his over large clothing from Dudley into the new pants and shirt. The pants had been made to they were baggy in the leg, but fit at the waist and the shirt had fishnet sewn on the sleeves to make them longer and across the neckline so it seemed like he was wearing two shirts.

On top of that was his very own, brand spankin' new, fur lined jacket. It was blue with soft white fur and a very large pocket that was also lined with fur. His mother had said something about it being made by an Inuzuka, but he'd hardly understood and only cared that he could fit the puppy that had been following him around in it.

Days bled into weeks and weeks into months as he slowly became accustomed to not understanding them and then picking up things here and there. He was good enough to respond the same as any four year old by the time summer rolled around and Hana had lost interest in her new brother. The novelty had worn off after a few months and she realized he really couldn't understand her.

That didn't stop her from showing him off proudly however. It was the third week of summer break when Hana showed up at the house with a bunch of her friends. Shura ran to the door to greet her as he usually did, all of the family got this treatment, and froze upon seeing so many unfamiliar faces. A white haired boy with glasses caught his eye first. He seemed to be smart from what Shura could tell. Altogether that one made him uneasy.

Next was a boy with black hair spiked every which way, a high collared coat that covered his mouth and nose leaving the dark sunglasses for others to view. After that was a blond girl with a big smile and a smaller blond boy who looked incredibly shy. Finally his eyes were drawn to a boy that had a puppy in the front of his shirt and two red triangles.

Hurriedly looking around the hall he ducked behind a large plant. It was a useless effort as they'd all seen him, but it made him feel better. Hana smirked slightly as she watched her brother hide. The white king poodle puppy she had on her shoulder barked, setting off the lab in the other Inuzuka's shirt. Shura scrunched up further "Oh little brother mine. Come out, come out where ever you are. You know Tenri can find you and so can Yumi."

Knowing he'd been found out the small boy darted from behind his plant into the living room. A low table provided sufficient cover to make him feel safe and he eagerly crawled under it. Slow footsteps followed him until all the people were standing in the doorway. Chatter drifted to his straining ears "He's so cute Hana! I didn't know you had a brother." snort "I didn't know I had another cousin! Since when has your mom had a baby? And why doesn't he have the-"

"because he was adopted Akira."

Silence fell and Shura shivered. Something crawled onto the tip of his nose so he carefully reached forward to move it onto his finger. It wiggled around his hand for several seconds before flying off. Shura had to stifle a giggle at the delight in having seen such an unusual creature. It was like a beetle only nothing like any he'd ever seen.

Someone said something quietly and all but one pair of feet left. Those feet grew steadily closer until they became a knee, then a face. Red eyes peered at him from behind askew sunglasses "Are you going to come out little one?" The question was soothing on Shura's nerves for some reason. He slowly backed out from under the table without making any sort of contact with the boy.

Now on opposite sides of the table, Shura folded his hands in his lap and looked down. He knew he'd be turning five soon. He couldn't act scared of strangers all the time or his new family might get tired of him. Still, he flinched when a hand reached out to turn his eyes to the covered face. "Well then little one. Now that you have left your hiding place I suppose I should do something for you."

The hand moved a little away from his face and it's fingers splayed. As soon as Shura's eyes focused on it a swarm of the little bugs he'd found covered it entirely. Wide green eyes stared at the insects with both delight and fascination. Tentatively, he reached for the shifting mass. Immediately his hand had the little creatures crawling all over it as well.

Footsteps distracted him as dozes of little pricks made his hand twitch. He barely noticed the kikai disappearing once Hana had returned with her friends. Immediately the boy with the triangles hurried over to Shura to inspect him. After several seconds of the four year old squirming a large grin split his features. "Hey there cousin Shurachi, I'm Akira! This is Yumi." The puppy barked "So you're the reason Hana's been all annoying lately, huh?"

Hana puffed up indignantly "I am not annoying!" Akira laughed at her and danced away from the senbon thrown at him. Shura stared at the weapon with contempt written all over his little face. The expression shocked several people, it seemed so alien on his features. With two fingers he plucked the needle from its resting spot in the table and threw it out the open window.

Light flashed through his hand as he did this and Akira grabbed it. Both he and the Aburame next to him peered through the tiny hole in the middle of his palm at the table below. Shura waited until he could take it no longer then jerked his hand back. Everyone was silent for several long seconds before Shura heard the door open and raced out of the room to get away from the awkward stares.

Momo scooped the little boy up and carried him into the living room. Shura buried his face shyly in his new fathers neck making the girls in the room coo at him. "Oh, Akira! I see you've met your new cousin then?" The boy nodded and Momo turned his eyes on all the other children. "Konichiwa minna-san. What are you all doing over here? Did you come to meet little Shurachi?"

He bounced the boy slightly, making Shura clutch tighter at him. "He's cute, ne?" A few giggles sounded in the room and Shura squirmed in his fathers hold. Momo put the boy on the ground and went to ruffle his hair when Shurachi ducked away and aimed a stern look at the man. "No Otoosan." He carefully patted his hair down then cocked his head to the side in confusion when everyone started to laugh.

A little brown head pushed itself out of his partially unzipped jacket to see what all the noise was about. Doku, as Shura had named his little puppy, yawned widely then sniffed. He couldn't smell anything dangerous so he crawled back inside and curled up in his pocket to sleep. With a little huff of annoyance that no one was attempting to explain what was so funny, even if he wouldn't understand it, Shura left to find his mother and maybe help her in the kitchen.


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