The most glorious of days had come – the sun was shining, a cool, refreshing breeze swirled around all in its path, the trees were glistening in the sunlight and as the branches swayed gently in the breeze, the odd flower growing at the feet of the huge, glorious trees, hiding beneath the growth of all the other living things growing around them.

The golden pathway was littered with leaves and lush, green grass. Two elegant Elves walked down that path, hand in hand and they couldn't be more content. A day of peace had finally arrived, their home country was once again restored to its former glory and all the evils and burdens in their lives had finally been vanquished forever. Everything about them and the area around them was beautiful in everyway. The two elves laughed, jested and spoke to each other happily – they enjoyed walking through the forest together, so they walked quite a long way for a few hours with each other.

After a while, simply walking became tiresome and so the male elf chased the female, making her laugh almost hysterically. Legolas chased Anié through the forest, round the trees and over small, grassy plains. Both Elves were extremely sleek and could run swiftly like deers without making any sort of print on the grass, but eventually, Legolas caught her and held her back from running. Anié, losing her balance whilst shrieking with laughter and light-heartedly protesting, fell over, Legolas falling down also not far from her. They both lay on their backs, laughing hard as their eyes scanned the sky above them.

Anié sat up a little, supporting herself with her arms, when suddenly, she began to feel a little uncomfortable. A pain began to dwell and grow in her abdomen and her eyes closed as she placed a hand on her stomach in an attempt to nurse the sudden shock of pain. Legolas, still lying on his back, chuckling, looked across at his wife and was horrified at the look of discomfort on her face. In one swift movement, he launched himself onto his knees beside her, his face showing sudden concern.

"Anié?" he said, fear obvious in his voice.

Anié took several deep breaths, her hand still resting on her waist.

Legolas apologised continuously: "I'm sorry Anié, I'm so sorry. Are you alright? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I …"

"It's alright" Anié interrupted quickly, looking across at her lover and smiling.

"I'm not hurt" she reassured him, "my fall just gave me a bump, that's all!"

She smiled at him in reassurance that what she said was true and he smiled weakly back, looking a little unconvinced. He sat down close beside her and moved forwards so their noses were touching. They gazed into each others, both of them taking fleeting glances at their other's lips.

"I never want to hurt you again" he said softly, his hand moving down her body to join hers. As he briefly caressed her hand with his own, his palm gently rested on her area where the pain had risen from.

She saw his face darken slightly as Anié saw within him his hidden grief.

"You still grieve over the events of the past" she asked him.

Legolas turned to her, his face totally fallen and shadowed with sadness. She placed her hand on the side of his face and gave him a small kiss on the lips.

"Inside, the guilt still remains" he replied sadly, almost darkly, "but I grieve more for those who did not survive to see this beautiful day".

He thought of Haldir as he said this, whose corpse he had held in his arms at Helm's Deep which seemed - thankfully - so long ago. Many more memories of Helm's Deep came flooding back and he almost wept. Anié saw his heart bleed for them and hers wept also.

"Do not grieve for the past" she told him, "What's done is done, and although my heart weeps for them also, we must not dwell on such saddening thoughts. We have our own life now and we must use it to the full".

Legolas looked across at her and smiled, the darkness lifted.

"That is true" he said softly, agreeing with her.

He stroked the side of her face with his free hand.

"Veleth nîn" he said.

Both individuals felt the same urge of passion and romantic love in that moment. Legolas leant forward into her face and they kissed, softly yet deeply, holding each other close. As Anié fell slowly onto her back onto the grass, Legolas' palm traced the swell of Anié's abdomen, for when Anié had said "we have our own life now", she was right – a new life had begun for the two individuals, who were now married, and a brand new life had begun for the elf-child that grew more with every day that passed within Anié – a child purely created through love.

The end.