Summary- Rahzel's dad now sits and waits for his daughter to return home to him. He spies a dress that had once fit her when she was seven. What does he think now? No pairings, Dazzle Fanfiction. Rahzel's Dad Point of view.

Disclaimer-I do not own Dazzle, all rights go to Minari Endoh and Tokyo Pop.

Revised; such a cheery word.

Ok, maybe not cheery to be exact. More like, a second chance when you thought you weren't going to be granted one. In that case, it was a redeeming word, which brought relief and sometimes sighing. wasn't really cheery, but slightly scary knowing that you could completely change yourself just because someone said you could.

Or it was scary because you might of known it all along, just needed someone to point it out for you. Anyone within their right mind would be scared. makes mountains move, and humans will never be comfortable with change. Change is scary. Changing yourself is slightly terrifying.

Yes. It has always hurt to cut yourself with sharp objects. Why would it be any different to cut yourself apart with sharp ideas, and completely reconfigure the pieces with even sharper needles?

Strength is found within the pile of pieces you make from cutting yourself apart first. Finding what you can find in yourself, or pieces of yourself is what makes you learn. It's what helps you learn. With your knowledge you have found strength. With your aptitude and determination, you have built yourself security.

You built yourself. You put yourself back together. I merely told you that you could. I did nothing but inform you of something that you knew. Something you just needed to be confirmed. I gave you the necessary tools, but even that you had. You had the ability to use them without me telling you.

I take no credit for who you are. You are your own. Simply you are Rahzel. You are your own masterpiece. Honey, I don't think that Michel Angelo could have made anything more beautiful...or breath taking.

You are Rahzel. You were once Rahzel as well, but Rahzel was hidden: hidden in the name Rahzenshia Rose. You knew who you were all along; you just needed a fact confirmed.

You are your own...You are Rahzel...

Sometimes, a teacher does need to confirm something can be revised. But you knew that.

No...Not revised...


Author's Note- What ran thru my mind when I was reading the part of Rahzel's past with her father. I was thinking when he reflects on Rahzel now, what he thinks of that moment. So taking matters into my own hands, this is what I thought. It's in his POV (point of view), so it might seem a bit off in places. No, it's not beta-ed. I don't have one. I tried to proofread though…If you like, you can review. Please, I need critisim and someone to tell me where my grammer needs help.