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I knelt on the stage, powerless and full of hatred and despair. My Daleks, weapons primed, called the Doctor forward. He made his way over the seats and stood before us, glaring with all the anger that I felt. 'You will die, Doctor.' Dalek Thay said. 'It's the beginning of a new age.'

'Planet Earth will become New Skaro.' Dalek Jast continued.

I could not believe this was happening. I had led them for these many centuries and they had listened. And now, when I had tried to help them, tried to keep us alive, they betrayed me.

The Doctor spoke out. 'Oh, and what a world with anything just the slightest bit different ground into the dirt.' His words held meaning for me, but not for my Daleks. It pained me just to think that I was once exactly like them; emotionless. 'That's Dalek Sec.' He continued, acknowledging me. 'Don't you remember? The cleverest Dalek ever and look what you've done to him!'

My Daleks made no sound. They only looked on. 'Is that your new empire?' The Doctor questioned them. Still my Daleks did not answer. 'Is that the foundation for a whole new civilization?' He looked at me with pity as he saw what I had been reduced to; a chained animal.

I had to speak. They would not listen to the Doctor, no matter how much truth he spoke of, but perhaps they would still listen to me. Perhaps they still held some regard for me. 'My Daleks.' My voice was weak, breathless. I had been drained of all my energy, something that I had not experienced in many years. 'Just understand this; if you choose death and destruction then death and destruction will choose you.' I looked to both of them, willing them to understand. The chain around my neck was heavy, making my movements difficult.

'Incorrect. We always survive.' Dalek Thay replied, making it obvious to me that they believed themselves invincible. I wanted to scream at them that we were not invincible. If we were, why had we needed to resort to our experimentation? 'Now we will destroy our greatest enemy, the Doctor!' Dalek Jast screeched. I felt a heavy shadow descend upon me. They could not kill the Doctor! He had tried to help us in our time of need and for that act of kindness he needed to be spared. 'But he can help you!' I cried. The Doctor looked at me and I knew he was willing me to be quiet, to avoid endangering myself.

'The Doctor must die.' Dalek Jast continued. This was madness and I had to stop it. He could help them if they only let him! 'No, I beg you. Don't!' I crawled in front of the line of fire and stood, hearing only the loud screech of 'EXTERMINATE!' as I did.

Then there was nothing but pain. I heard my scream, my loud and piercing scream as a pain like nothing I had ever felt before ran through my entire body. I could see nothing, hear nothing except my pained howl and then I felt my body hit the ground with a dull smash.

I lay in pain, my body broken in ways I could not imagine. I could barely open my eye but what I saw made me feel some faint hope. The Doctor was alive, looking on me with disbelief. 'Dalek Sec?' He called to me. I moved my hand as much as I could to show I was still alive. His body relaxed at the sight of my movement but was again tense when he faced what were once my Daleks. 'Your own leader. The only creature who might have led you out of the darkness and you strike him down!' He turned to the Dalek humans. 'Did you see what they did? Do you see what a Dalek really is?' He kept his voice quiet but I heard the anger that he wanted to let free. 'So,' He continued. 'If I'm going to die let's give the new boys a shot, eh? The Dalek humans, their first blood! Go on.' He snarled, lifting out his arms. 'Doctor, do not…' I started, fighting back the bleak darkness, but stopped when he gave me a quick nod of his head. Then I knew he had a plan. He looked back to the Daleks. 'BAPTISE THEM!'

'Dalek humans, take aim.' Dalek Thay commanded. The Dalek humans primed their weapons and aimed for the Doctor who remained calm and still. His friends looked on in horror, thinking that he would soon be dead. 'What are you waiting for?' He asked. 'Give the command.' I lay and watched with dread as I heard 'EXTERMINATE!' cried above me. The Doctor flinched, his friends gave horrified shouts. There was no fire. Dalek Thay called to the Dalek Humans again but there was still no fire. They stood, gazing blankly at the Doctor who had a look of triumph on his face.

'Why?' One of the Dalek humans asked.

'Daleks do not question orders!'

'But why?'

'You will stop this!'

'But why?' The Dalek human looked to the Doctor.

'You must not question!'

'But you are not our master and we… we are not Daleks.'

I was taken back by this. So the experiment had failed? What had gone wrong? 'No, you're not.' The Doctor started, looking to all the Dalek humans. 'And you never will be. Sorry.' He turned back to the Daleks. 'I got in the way of the lightning strike. Time Lord DNA got all mixed up. Just that little bit of freedom.' With this he looked at me and smiled. I felt happiness for the first time in my life. He had given my Dalek humans what I wanted them to have, something that I feared had been robbed from them.

'If they will not obey then they must die.' Dalek Jast cried, taking fire on the Dalek human who had been brave enough to speak out. 'GET DOWN!' The Doctor cried to his friends before he dived to the floor, hiding behind the seats, his companions doing the same. I watched fire from both sides fly above me, screams from my Dalek humans and then both Daleks die in an explosion of burning debris that scorched my already broken body. I wanted to scream with the extra pain but I did not have the energy.

Instead I lay, waiting for death to consume me. I welcomed it. For my race had not taken heed and had brought itself to this. My Dalek humans would go into the world and be free. The last of my old race had to die. It was the only way things would ever be right. I let the room around me sway, let the sound fade into a distant echo. I heard the Doctor's comforts to the Dalek humans and was thankful for it. He would help them. I knew he would.

I heard the cries of the Doctor's companion, Martha Jones. A training doctor, he told me in the Trans-genetics laboratory. She would help him tend to the injured. 'Doctor! Look!' I heard her cry. I did not know to what she was referring but I was sure it was something important. It did not matter though. My work was done.

I gave what I thought to be my last breath until I felt something touch me. My pain increased at the contact and I flinched. 'Dalek Sec! Oh, don't die on me now!' It was the Doctor. I managed to open my eye and look at him. I tried to speak but I couldn't; I was beyond speech. 'Look, stay calm and don't waste any energy you have left, understand?' He said, signalling to Martha Jones. I didn't want this. I wanted to die. But I could not tell him. He lifted my broken body into a sitting position and I managed to hiss in pain. 'It's alright. You're going to be fine.' He said, producing his sonic device and placing it against the steel collar around my neck. Martha Jones arrived next to us. 'Martha, find me some water, quickly!' The sonic device broke the lock and the collar fell to the floor with a crash that rang in my head painfully. The shackles around my wrists soon followed. Martha returned with a plate of water which she gave to the Doctor. 'Drink this.' He put the object to my lips and tipped the water down my throat. I coughed from not expecting it to enter my mouth so quickly. 'There we go, now we have to get everyone out of here…'

There was a large grouped howl from my Dalek humans. I looked on in horror as they fell to the ground, lifeless. Dalek Caan had destroyed them. I knew he had. 'They can't, they can't. THEY CAN'T!' The Doctor cried as he saw them fall to the ground. Martha shook with shock. 'What happened? What was that!?'

'They killed them rather than let them live.' The Doctor replied.

I had not been able to make a sound up until this point, but the cry of anguish that escaped me shocked even myself. My people, all of my people, my hard work, my hope for the future, was gone forever.

'A new species. A brand new species and that thing killed them!' The Doctor screamed with anger. That was the last thing I heard before I felt, heard and saw no more.

The Doctor

We had left New York, Martha and I saying our farewells to friends who would not be forgotten. I had been able to help Lazlo recover his health in the Trans-genetic laboratory but Dalek Sec would need more than that. He needed treatment that we could only give him in the TARDIS and over a long period of time. I looked at his broken form, lying still as death in bed with all manner of medical instruments attached to him.

My heart broke for this creature. He was the only Dalek to have ever been brave enough to completely change himself for the greater good, the only one to have ever tried something more radical than previous attempts to save his race and this was what it had led to; his being close to death and being in the knowledge that what he had worked so hard for was gone. What's more, he was the only one survivor of his race of hybrid Daleks. Just like I was the only Time Lord.

Dalek Caan had escaped and I hated myself for forgetting that it could use the emergency temporal shift. I looked at Dalek Sec again. Even in stasis I could see the pain, both mental and physical, that he was going through, pain that Caan had added to.

For days we had travelled, landing anywhere, not knowing where to stay and in that time I had found that I had a great respect for Dalek Sec and this made his pain worse for me to endure.

Martha entered the medical room and tapped my arm. 'A watched pot never boils.'

'I know.'

'Then come and have a cup of tea.'



'Yeah, alright.' I had no choice. She had already begun to pull me from the room. Martha led me into the kitchen and put the cup in my hands. 'Drink up!' She smiled. But I could see through that smile. She was forcing it.

'How did he survive?' I asked myself as I put my cup of tea to my lips. Martha raised an eyebrow at me. 'What?'

'That shot should have killed him. How did he survive?'

'Perhaps because he's a Dalek?'

'No, it's not that. I've seen Daleks kill other Daleks before.'

Martha looked into her cup and clicked her tongue. I didn't understand it. Dalek Sec shouldn't even be in the TARDIS now. He should be buried in the ground, peaceful and calm. And why was I letting him live? I knew he wanted to die. I had seen it in his eye back at the theatre, heard it when he cried over his loss. Why was I making him suffer? Was it curiosity? Did I want to see what he was capable of now he had hands and feet? I shook my head. Why was I doing this?

'Martha?' She looked at me. 'What do you think of euthanasia?' I watched her mouth drop open. 'Doctor you can't. If he dies that's his entire species gone!'

'Martha, he is suffering!' I pointed back towards the medical room. 'That poor creature is suffering and I'm prolonging it.'

'There's still a chance for him to start again but there won't be if you let him die.'

'Martha, there is no chance! We will never have that amount of gamma radiation again!'


She left the kitchen in a rush to get to her room, leaving me alone to think about what I was about to do. I made my way to the medical room, running my hand nervously through my hair as I did, an odd habit that I really wanted to stop. I made my way inside, looking over the last of the human Daleks in the universe. I thought about what I was to do to end this suffering that I was causing and I found myself reaching for the machine that was keeping him alive. I lay my hand on it and bit my lip, having an argument with my conscious.

'Go on. Do it.'

'No, I can't.'

'Do it, man. Do it now.'

'He deserves to live.'

'He doesn't deserve this.'

'He could find something in life.'

'You are turning insane my friend.'

I couldn't do it. I couldn't cause a genocide. I couldn't bring myself to kill a creature that I now held in high regard, even though I once detested him. Not even that past hatred could make me do it. I took my hand away from the machine and looked at the broken genius that lay as still as death. 'I'm sorry. I can't.' Taking one last look at him I left and made my way to the attic where I could sit and think about nothing in that vast and empty warehouse like space.

The attic isn't the warmest place in the TARDIS but it's really the only place that's quiet enough for me at times. I lay on my back and stared at the high ceiling trying to clear my head but all I could see in my mind's eye was sped up images of the events in New York. Sounds rang in my head, blurring with the images and making a fevered dream from which I couldn't escape. It was driving me mad. This plan hadn't worked as well as I thought it would. I needed a distraction.

I sat in the TARDIS wardrobe and fiddled with the pockets of an old pair of trousers. I sat in the kitchen and munched away on biscuits. The game room didn't do anything for me. And so I found myself lying, once again, on the floor of the attic. The Zero room came to mind. Perhaps I should fix it up and move Dalek Sec into there? It would make things easier for him. It did wonders for me. I ran my hand through my hair again. 'What to do, what to do, what to do?' I rubbed my eyes, walked around, sat down and walked around some more. This was going to be one difficult recovery.

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