A Long Awaited Update

Sorry, sorry, sorry about the long absence. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that many people may not like this update.

Sadly I will not be continuing Team Who. Instead I plan to write new Who fiction with a future Doctor that has yet to be seen. I'm doing this so that I can make my Who stories my own, and so that I won't be tied to criteria set out by a certain Doctor's behaviour or past storylines. However, should anybody wish to continue with Team Who then I am more than happy to allow it. Just let me know, through (leave a comment on the reviews section, etc) if you are interested in continuing the story and I'll ask you to write me a small chapter about a Who related topic, just so I can see who would be best for the job; it may even be that I'll choose several writers to continue the story, and I can leave a few notes on the story should people wish to use them.

I may not be continuing it, but I still love that story very much :) .

I am also changing my username to match that of my Deviantart account, just to keep life simpler. In future my username will be Michaela-Le-Mongoola.

Sorry again for the long wait, and the crushing disappointment that is sure to follow.