Arthur Weasley walked around the table placed in the Burrow's backyard and decided to get a cup of punch. Most of the wedding guests were dancing, whispering, and smiling as the world was in peace. Arthur smiled but couldn't help himself from feeling a bit afraid for his family and friends' safety.

Arthur sat on a chair, and he watched Molly dancing with Charlie. Molly's happiness was palpable and a twist of emotions; during that day, she cried as much as she laughed. Arthur perfectly understood her. It was unique having all their children together and also marrying off their oldest son.

Bill and Fleur were talking. He stroked the curve of her back while he whispered something in her ear. Fleur kissed him.

Harry and Ginny were dancing. They had avoided talking, but when the guests started to dance, Ginny grabbed Harry's hand softly. He followed her in silence and a little smile lit the worried face of the boy whom Arthur had taken care of like a son.

Ron was sat eating another piece of cake. Arthur chuckled about his son's sweet tooth while Hermione, who was wearing blue robes, sat down close to his son.

Ron said something to Hermione, who blushed and smiled. Then Ron's ears got red. Arthur almost choked on his punch when Hermione softly grabbed Ron´s hand and ate the cake from his fork. Ron smiled and gave her another piece, gently putting the fork in Hermione´s mouth.

Arthur decided to join the twins, who were talking with Lee Jordan, and leave his son who was taking a step forward - one like he made so many years ago regarding the lovely and brave Molly Prewett.