Miaka-15 (reddish brown hair with green/gold eyes)

Tamahome-17 (dark blue/teal hair with grey eyes)

Hotohori-18 (long dark brown hair with hazel gold eyes)

Nuriko-18 (purple/dark brown hair with violet eyes)

Tasuki-17 (red orange hair with amber eyes)

Chichiri-24 (blue hair with brown eyes)

Chiriko-13 (light brown hair with dark green eyes)

Mitsukake-22 (black hair with blue eyes)

Disclaimer: I do not own any Fushigi Yugi characters. They belong to Yuu Watase.

Miaka and tamahome are in high school with the gang. I kinda changed the story BUT they still have their unique power/character.

At miaka and tamahome's apartment

"Miaka!! Where are you???" tamahome

(munching sound)

'I know that sound' tamahome thought.

"MIAKA!! How can you be eating when we're having guests??" tamahome

Miaka looking guilty with mouth full "I war gwona welp..extep darh warh dish wumi swell" (I was gonna help except there was this yummy smell)

"Anyway who told you to cook that good??" miaka

(sigh) "Well don't eat all of it" tamahome

"Too late" miaka with a sheepish look

"You are joking! Do you know how long that took me??" tamahome

"Erm..so when are chichiri and the rest coming over?" miaka

(ding dong)

"That should be them now" tamahome opening the door

"Hey guys!" nuriko

"Sup miaka?" tasuki "Hope your cooking is good tama cause I'm starving!"

"As are we" hotohori

"Thank you for inviting us no da" chichiri

Miaka looked around. "Aren't we missing some people?" scratches head

"Yeah, mitsukake and chiriko are picking up something" tasuki

"Like what?" miaka

"I dunno. You think I follow them around like a lost puppy?" tasuki with an annoyed look

"Hey tasuki don't talk to miaka like that" tamahome with a pan raised above tasuki's head

"Err..yeah sure tama..sorry bout that miaka" tasuki

'If I wasn't hungry I woulda fried his arse' tasuki thought

(ding dong)

"Mitsukake and chiriko are here now" nuriko

"Open the door then" tasuki

Nuriko gives him a smile and throws him out the window.

"That's sorted..hi chiriko, hi mitsukake! You brought tama" nuriko

"Yup he wanted to see miaka" mitsukake

"meow meow meow meow (I just wanted food)" tama

"Aww..i missed you too tama" miaka hugging tama

"Someone call me?" tamahome

"Get back to your cooking!" nuriko

'I hope I didn't ruin things again' thought miaka biting her lip

Tamahome takes his mobile out and punches in some numbers.

"Yes, hello. Is this Oriental Chef? I'd like to order some food

(lists 20-30 dishes)..yes yes..i'm coming to collect..how much?? Okay thank you..bye"

"Psst..hotohori I need to borrow some cash" tamahome

"Why?" hotohori

"Um..well you see..(explains in great detail) and that's why I need cash..not for anything else" tamahome

"It best not be..how much you need?" hotohori taking out his wallet

(mumble mumble) "Around £50 will do thank you" tamahome

"You better pay me back!!" hotohori watching tamahome speed off

'My money is gone for good' thought hotohori

At Oriental Chef

"Hi I ordered some food by the name tamahome" tamahome

"Yes sir let me check for you" girl smiles flirtatiously

'No..I love miaka..I love..?' thought tamahome

"Well here's your order sir" places the bags in his hand while touching his hand

'Thank god miaka isn't here or she would have a fit!' thought tamahome

"Err..thanks bye" tamahome

"Bye cutie..call me" girl smiles seductively

Tamahome looks at his hand and realises she gave him her number

'If miaka finds out I'm dead!' tamahome rushing back home