Harry Potter and the Heir of Gryffindor

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Chapter 1

"HARRY! Get down here or no breakfast for you!"

This is what Harry Potter woke up to. It was just like he woke up every other day at Number Four Privet Drive. There was nothing abnormal about this scene. Besides the fact, that Harry Potter was a wizard. He was just a regular boy who attended Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. This fact in itself would have been weird. But there's more to it then that. He was not just any wizard, he was a famous one (A\N: If I need to tell u why he is famous then u need to read the books).

He was famous in the wizard world, but that meant nothing in the muggle world. Muggles were Non-Magical people. And Harry Potter just happened to live with the mugglest people of all. His aunt and uncle and then there is his lovely cousin who just happened to be the size of a Rhino.

Harry reached for his glasses on the bedside table to stick them on.

"Damn, I better get down there before Vernon blows his top." Harry ran out of his room while still pulling on his Dudley hand me down's. He raced down the stairs before his whale of a cousin could get there or else Dudley would eat his grapefruit.

He sat down in the kitchen murmuring his morning. He just got his usual grunt from his uncle and a glare from his aunt. "Can't even say hello properly." He murmured. This just earned him another glare from his aunt. After another couple minutes of Dudley whining about his food and his uncle complaining about a rival drill company, Harry decided to go upstairs before they gave him any chores.

"Well I suppose I can do my homework." "There is always the History of Magic essay". Realizing he would not get anything done just lying there, he went over to his desk where all his scrolls and books were to start on the 3-foot essay.

After working diligently for hours he decided it would probably be good if he went to sleep to make up for what he missed last night.


He was standing in an old room lined with torches. The room contained a large 4-poster bed with a nightstand on the side. To the opposite of the bed was a huge old fireplace. The whole room was decorated in Red and Maroon along with other similar colors. It was remarkable how much the room looked like rooms at Hogwarts. The room was not what he was looking at though. The room contained one huge painting above the mantle.

With a few steps forward Harry could read the inscription under the painting. It read: GODRIC GRYFFINDOR in bright bold letters. Somehow none of this surprised him though. What really surprised him was how shockingly bright Gryffindor's emerald green eyes were.

In all this time he had not noticed that the hangings around the bed were closed. With a quick stride over he slowly pulled the hangings back. Behind them an old man with the same green eyes as the painting lay.

Gryffindor looked up and spoke. "You my heir." "You will be the cure to the evil that plagues your world". "You will know when it is time". "When it is time, you will know the secrets of the ancients". "The secrets. Of the last line of the Olde Ones of which you are heir to".

With that said a mist of pure white and flecks of green engulfed Harry.

He woke of with a start to see the clock blinking at 12:11 and a whole lot a tapping on the window.

Harry leapt out a bed to open the window all the while trying to figure out what his dream meant.

He opened the window to let the three owls come soaring in. He sat on his bed murmuring to himself. "Well I suppose I could owl Sirius". "No that won't work he would get worried about me and come here and get caught". "Well at least the dream was not one with "volde...". "OUch". "Oh I'm sorry Hedwig, I forgot that you were here".

After setting all the presents and letters in a pile the owls soared out the window into the starry sky except for Hedwig who went back to her cage for a good rest and a drink.

He was just sitting down when a small blur flew through his window. "Pig...." "Come on get down here". He grabbed the young owl right before he knocked over the inkwell next to his completed essay.

He ripped open the letter from Ron. While Pig, went over to get a drink in Hedwig's Cage. This caused Hedwig to hoot disapprovingly at the young owl.

The letter read:

Dear Harry

How are you doing? I hope those muggles aren't getting you down. Mom is still asking Dumblemore if u can come over the last week, but he still says that u r safer where u r. Me and Hermoine are going to Diagon Alley the 28th. If u can come send a message with Pig back. Hope to c u their.


He ripped the paper off the small package that pig had brought. Inside was a wood box with a Quiditch logo on top. He slowly opened the box to reveal a Champion style Snitch.

"Wow, Ron". He set the box aside and grabbed Hermoine's letter.

Dear Harry

Hey. Hope you are not bummed at your relatives. Do you know why Ron is not writing me much? I didn't go to Viktor's place. My parents said he was to old for me and it was just to far. I still talk to him though we are just good friends now. Do u know what Ron's problem is with Viktor? Oh well. Hope to see u at the burrow or Diagon Alley. Remember to keep studying we have O.W.L.S. this year.

With Love,

Hermoine's package looked about the size of 2 book's "Figures she would send me books" He tore off the wrapper to reveal Quiditch Through The Ages and Hogwarts A History. A note fell out with it. "I figured you would need something to do while their". "Well she was right I am bored" "I just hope she does not hope for me to memorize Hogwarts A History"

His next gift he recognized as Sirius's writing.

Dear Harry

How are you? I am sorry I have not written in a while but I am on a mission for Dumblemore. I can't tell you where I am right now but I will see you soon.


The present from Sirius was a Wizard Watch with all the names of his friends on it. "Cool" "It is just like the clock at the weasleys". He murmured to himself.

He looked around till he spotter his last gift. It was from Hagrid. He Wrote.

Deer Harry

How ya doing? I'm fine. I can't tell ya where I am right now cause I am on a mission for Dumblemore. Hope ur well. And if ur not, I can come by and teach them a lesson. I will c ya at Hogwarts when u come.


When he looked around he found a miniaturized trunk. It was the same kind that Barty Croutch had last year.

"Wow Hagrid you have really outdone yourself this time".

After messing around with the various compartments of his new trunk and sending 'thank you' notes out with Hedwig, he packed all of his stuff in it including his old trunk.

He had just started getting out bedclothes when Fawkes Dumblemores Phoenix came soaring in the still open window. "Fawkes! What are you doing here" There was a letter in his beak.

He removed the letterform Fawkes beak5. It read.


Grab your broom and get out of the house. Death Eaters have gotten past the protections!

Professor Dumblemore

He ran around his room grabbing his Broom and his Invisibility cloak. He pulled his wand out of his pocket where he had started carrying it since the Triwizard Tournament. He was just about to leap out the window on his trusty firebolt when he heard the front door being broken down and his aunt's shrill screams.

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