(Second Hannah Fic, this one actually has to deal with Miley. haha. Slight Loliver though, it's hard not doing a Hannah Montana story without that. Reviews please.)

Miley, a 16 year old sophomore, looked down at her English paper. She didn't really feel like doing a stupid paper for the stupid book they were reading. So she got up from the kitchen table, and began to walk up the stairs.

"Hey bud, what are you doing?" Her dad was obviously home, and Miley turned and walked down the stairs. She smiled widely at her father, Robby Ray.

"I was supposed to be doing a English paper." And as soon as she said it Miley knew she had just said the wrong thing.

"What do you mean supposed?" He asked, looking at her. He then picked up the blank piece of paper that was supposed to be a English paper. Miley laughed nervously. "There's nothing on this piece of paper." He said, waving it in the air.

"Well... I was going up to my room to brainstorm." She said, flashing a big smile.

"Nice try bud. Get over here, and do this paper." He pointed down at the chair that Miley had just popped up from a few moments before.

"Hannah needs practice." She said, beganing her run for the stairs.

"You know school comes first!" He yelled at her, and she slowly came walking back.

"Fine..." She sat down on the seat, and began to write her stupid paper, for the stupid book.

About two hours later, she finally and actually finished. She jumped up in the air, and began to dance. She started singing the song "Nobody's Perfect". Which was her song. For she was secretly the world famous pop star Hannah Montana. But only her family, best friends, and sercurity guard knew about it.

She ran up to her room, and began to get into Hannah clothes. There was a big party going on that night. A party for Teddy Geiger, the completely gorgeous singer, who's new cd had just hit big.

As she was getting ready she heard her two best friends arrive. Lilly and Oliver. But she knew that Lilly was going to stay downstairs with Oliver. She usually came up and helped Miley, but Oliver didn't always come to the parties.

So she finished getting ready. Having a shiny pink top, blue jeans, with a shiny silver belt, and she walked downstairs. "I like your outfit Miley." Lilly said smiling.

"Very nice indeed." Oliver said, and Miley could tell he was just going along with Lilly. He didn't care what she wore.

"Ok my turn to go get dressed." Lilly said with excitement, and she grabbed the bag she had brought with her.

"Oliver you gonna be ok sitting down here without us?" Miley asked, as they started up the stairs.

"I think I'll manage." He said, grabbing the tv remote, and flipping through the channels.

As they got up stairs Lilly ran right over to the Hannah closet. Miley followed, and they locked themselves in. "So I've been thinking..." Miley said outloud while Lilly changed her pants.

"What?" Lilly asked, afraid of what she was thinking. She was hoping that it wasn't the fact that she seemed to like Oliver. Because she didn't. Or least she didn't want to like him. But she knew she did, and couldn't deny it to herself any longer. But she could most definitely deny it to anybody else.

"What if I told the world I was Hannah Montana?" Lilly was honestly happy she didn't ask about Oliver, but was shocked that Miley might want to tell the world her biggest secret.

"Why in the hell would you want to do that? Everyone would treat you completely different, and I thought that's why you didn't want the world to know you're Hannah Montana." Lilly was utterly confused. She had finished dressing, and sat right across from Miley. She was wearing black skinny jeans, with pink stitching on all the places that was needed, and a black mini skirt over her pants. With a shirt that was black with some pretty awesome pink design on it. She had yet to put on her wig, so she looked pretty funny.

"I don't know, it's just that I've been thinking about how all the stars get all this attention all the time. And that would be nice to get that. You would be famous too. Have you realized that? You're the biggest pop star's best friend. You would be famous just by association." She grinned widely.

Lilly got up and walked over the the mirror. She got her bubble gum pink wig out of her bag, and began brushing out all the tangles. "I don't want to be famous by association. I just wanna be Lilly. I don't want cameras following me around everywhere." She started to put on the wig, not so much as looking at Miley. "If I ever get famous, I want it to be because I've done something. Not because I'm best friends with Hannah Montana."

"Ok then. I'll pull some strings, you could be a singer too, or write a book. Then we could be famous together."

"I don't want to be a singer. Or write a book. I just don't think it's a good idea." Lilly said, turning around and glaring at Miley.

"Why not?" Miley asked, standing up.

"Because you'll always have cameras following you around and it'll take the fun out of it. Like seriously." Miley looked disappointed, and sat back down. Lilly couldn't bear to look at her, so she turned back to the mirror, and started to put on her pink eye shadow.