The day was Friday, and Miley had been pretty safe most the week. But it was still pretty hard for her to walk around in public. But at school she was always safe. But she decided that maybe this all wasn't that bad of an idea. And she was actually quite proud to get to be both of Miley and Hannah out loud for the world.

Tonight there was a concert, the first concert since everything had happened. Miley was super nervous.

"You guys... what if I mess up?" Miley asked Lilly and Oliver, who were dressed as themselves that night.

"You've never messed up as Hannah Montana." Lilly said reassuringly.

"Don't worry Miley. You'll be perfectly fine." Oliver said, resting a hand on her shoulder.

"I don't know..." Miley was sitting on her dressing room couch, biting her nails.

"HANNAH ON IN 5 MINUTES!" Robbie Ray shouted in the room.

"Oh god." Miley screamed, throwing herself into her pillows.

Lilly and Oliver sat next to her, Oliver rubbing her back, and Lilly with her hand on Miley's knee. "Stop. Worrying. It'll be exactly as it was before. I promise." Lilly whispered loudly to her.


"I already said that, but yes."

"Pinky promise?"

Lilly laughed, "Definitely." And her and Miley pinky promised.

"Hey! What about me?" Oliver laughed.

Miley laughed for the first time in a good while, and pinky promised with Oliver too. "How could I ever forget about the Ollie Trolley?" And she smiled at him.

"Miley?" Robbie Ray poked his head inside, "They're ready for you." And he smiled.

"Coming daddy." Miley said with a crack in her voice.

She stood up, and both Lilly and Oliver stood up after her. "Luck?"

"Bunchs of it." Lilly said. And they all three hugged.

Miley took one last look at her best friends, and hurried off towards the stage.

She began singing the song, 'This Is The Life'. While Lilly and Oliver were watching her from the side. Oliver had his arm wrapped around Lilly, and she looked up at him.

"She's amazing." Oliver said, still looking at Miley performing. "Only she could pull through all of this like this." And he smiled.

Lilly was still looking up at Oliver, "Yeah... amazing..." And she was thinking about how he was the amazing one.


After the hour of the show, Miley ran into her best friend's arms. "YOU WERE RIGHT LILLY! IT WAS AMAZING!" And they all stood there hugging.

"Well... I am usually right." And she smiled.

"Miley... you were amazing." Oliver smiled at her.

"Thanks guys." And she looked up at her two best friends, smiling hugely. After a few minutes she said, "Hey you two, I'm gonna go get dressed into Miley. Then we'll leave and do ourselves a sleepover."

"Well don't take to long." Oliver yelled after her.

"Oh, she's going to." Lilly said smiling.

"Yeah I know, just figured I'd throw it in there. Once again." And they both laughed.


After about half an hour, which seemed like way to long to get ready, even for Lilly, Miley walked out of the dressing room.

"DEAR LORD. FINALLY." Oliver complained.

"Shut up. I'm a girl."

"Lilly never takes that long." Lilly blushed.

"Well she's Lilly and I'm Miley."

"She's still a girl."

Lilly laughed, "Can we go now?"

Miley laughed too, "Definitely." And they all walked out to the limo, not even bothering to switch into a car, because they definitely didn't have to anymore.

After another half hour, they were at the Stewart household. "Finally home." Miley said, stomping into the house.

"Ohhhhh yeahhhh." Lilly said, following her into the living room, flopping on the couch.

"Hot chocolate, music videos, and staying up late." Oliver said smiling, and sitting next to Lilly on the couch.

"Is all you care about food Oliver?" Lilly asked.

"I said music videos too."

She laughed, and Miley said, "I'm gonna go change into my pjs. Be back guys."

She walked up the stairs, and Oliver looked over at Lilly. "Do you want to go to the beach, I kinda wanna talk to you."

"Sure, let me just get Miley."

"Actually, I just wanted to go the two of us."

"Oh... ok, then I'm gonna go at least tell Miley where we're going."

"Ok." Oliver smiled after her, as she ran up the stairs.

"Oh my lord Miley." She said, jumping into Miley's room. Who was luckily still fully dressed.


"Oliver wants to go to the beach to talk. JUST THE TWO OF US!"

"Are you kidding me?"

"Not at all. I wonder what's gonna happen." She ran up and hugged Miley, and left the room in a hurry filled excitement.

"I think I know." Miley said outloud, smiling at the door her best friend had just ran out of.

When Lilly had appeared downstairs, a happiness filled Oliver and he couldn't help but smile. "Ready?" He asked.

"Definitely." And Lilly smiled back.

And then they walked, the walk to the beach was going to take a total of five minutes. Oliver grabbed Lilly's hand. She looked up at him, to find him smiling at her, like a huge dork. 'Oh my gosh. Is this seriously happening?' Lilly asked herself.

The rest of the walk, they kept their hands entangled. When they finally arrived at the beach, Oliver stood infront of Lilly and just looked at her, now holding both her hands. "Lilly?"

"Oliver?" He was looking into her eyes. She was getting even more nervous every moment that he looked at her. 'Oh. My. God.'

"Why did you say you didn't like me?"

She had not expecting this, "Umm... because I didn't want to fear rejection from you." She admitted, and looked down at the sand under their feet.


Why was he asking all these questions was the question. Lilly was worried that what she thought was going to happen, actually wasn't going to happen. "Because... because... Really Oliver? Do we have to talk about this?" She looked up at him. Of course they had to talk about this.

"Of course." He said to her. Lilly took her hands out of his, and turned around. She wrapped her arms around herself, and looked out onto the ocean. This wasn't going as she wanted it.

Oliver sighed loudly. "Lilly?" But she didn't turn around. "Lilly please. I want to talk to you."

"You mean question me. I know your mom's a policewoman, but I mean come on, you don't have to act like I did a crime, and you need to question me."

"Lilly, it's nothing like that, honestly."

"Then what is it?" She asked, finally turning around.

He looked into her eyes, and he melted. "I like you." He mumbled, still looking into her eyes. Shocked, like he always was, at how beautiful they were.

Lilly looked at him, annoyed. "Of course you like me. We're best friends. Why wouldn't you?"

"You don't understand Lilly..."

"Oh I understand perfectly. You just wanted me here to embrass me. Thanks Oliver." And she began to walk away.

He grabbed her wrist, and pulled her towards him. She was now pushed against his chest, and she could hear his heart beating. She wanted to hate him, but she couldn't. He started to run his fingers through her hair, and she melted. "Lilly. I like like you. Majorly." Lilly could hear his heartbeat getting faster. "I would do anything for you. I want to be with you. I want to hold you. I want to be able to kiss you. I want to be able to look at you and say "That's my girlfriend." Lilly you're amazing. And I never want to live without you."

Lilly stood there for a few minutes, letting the words sink in, still listening to his heartbeat. Wait? He liked her. She couldn't believe it. This was a dream come true. She could feel his heartbeat once again becoming quicker. "Lilly?"

"I can't believe this." She said so quietly, that she couldn't believe Oliver had heard her.

"Me either."

"This is amazing."

"It is."

Lilly looked up at him, and found his eyes filled with tears. This was the first time she had seen him tear up like this. Even after knowing him for all those years. He was crying because of her. This bought tears to her eyes too. She couldn't believe this was happening to her.


"Yes Oliver?"

He smiled nervously, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

She smiled back, "Definitely." And dived herself back into his chest. He was hers.

He tighted his grip and didn't want to let go of her. Ever. His girlfriend, Lilly Truscott.

After several minutes, "Lilly?"

She giggled, but stayed in his chest. "Yes Oliver?"

"Can I kiss you?" She beamed.

"Only if you really want to." And she looked up at him, and he was smiling.

"Yeah I definitely do."

"And I definitely want that kiss." She smiled brightly back.

And that's when it happened. Oliver still hung onto her tightly, but released her a little bit, to enable a better first kiss. And the moment their lips touched, magic. It was not to long of a kiss, but it just the right amount of time.

Their lips released, and they looked at each other. Smiling giddyly. "I liked that kiss." Lilly said, pulling herself into his chest once more.

"Me too." And he held her tight. With the night sky above them, the stars shining, and a new love blooming.


An hour passed by, when Lilly and Oliver decided that it was time to go back to Miley's house.

Their hands were once again entangled into each other's, but Oliver also had his arm around her at the same time. Which made Lilly feel like the luckiest person in the whole, and she couldn't believe this was happening to her. Her. Lilly Truscott. It was amazing. Truly amazing.

Once getting there, they found Miley sitting on the couch. She was eating strawberry ice cream, and watching 'The Notebook', crying. She looked up at the both of them walking in, looked down at their hands holding each other, and then looked back up at her best friend's happy faces.

She threw down the ice cream carton on the table, "OH MY GOD!" and ran up to them. "IT FINALLY HAPPENED?!?!"

Lilly bleamed, and Oliver said, "Finally." Lilly looked up at him, and smiled at his happy expression.

Miley grabbed the hands that were holding each other, and ran over to the couch. She pushed them down. "Details! Details!"

Lilly leaned herself against Oliver, and he had both of his arms around her waist. He started telling everything that had happened. Without missing any details whatsoever. Miley watched Oliver with so much attention that Lilly thought she would bust.

So there they were. Oliver explaining with great details the start of his and Lilly's relationship as more than friends. Lilly looking up at Oliver with excitment in her eyes. And Miley looking back and forth from Oliver and Lilly, happier than ever, and forgetting everything that happened in the past week. It was good to have all made up, and to be full best friends once again.


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