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Vision Thing

by Niki


"During my meditation tonight I encountered... a presence in the Force. Not quite a ghost - more like a memory. A young woman... she had never received any formal training but was strong in the Force in her own way. Occasionally, it let her... see things. Glimpses of the past, glimpses of the future, but always small things.

"Then one day she had the strongest experience of her life. She saw a soldier, a young handsome man, walking down the street, and she knew that if she crossed that road, and met his eyes, they would fall in love, and, eventually, marry.

"In her mind she saw what it would be like. Being a soldier, he would be gone a lot, and she would fear for him. She would face the birth of their son alone, and, one day, she would face dying alone.

"But she also saw him coming home to her in between all his heroics. Saw him arriving, panting and flustered after running through the endless corridors, just to hear his son's first cry. Felt him arriving just in time to hold her when she took her last breath.

"She lived all this in mere seconds, and took another moment to weigh all that pain aganist all the love and joy she'd witnessed. So she crossed the street, met his eyes, and said: 'Hi, I'm...'"


They spoke the last word together, and Carth closed his eyes in remembered pain. "She did have another such vision," he whispered, not doubting the story for a second. "With her last breath she told me she died happy because she knew I would find peace... and love."

And the woman who had once been called Revan held her husband close and cried with him for the courage and generosity of his first love.