By EsmeAmelia

AN: Yes, here it is, the long-awaited sequel to my "hit" story, "My Mother." I'm putting this first chapter up now mainly so the fans of "My Mother" can put it on their Alert list or whatever before they forget about the first story. Be forewarned - updates to this story might be slow since I'm writing it simultaneously with my other AU, "Father and Son."

And yeah, I don't own SW or any of the characters in this story except Rianna, Nia, Senon, Cre, Hella, little Padme, and whatever other original characters my crazy mind might introduce in this sequel.

Chapter 1

Padme strode into her daughter's apartment, her own footsteps soon drowned out by the pitter-patter of a child's bare feet. Her mouth burst into a smile as the source of those footsteps dashed up to her, wearing only a yellow shirt and bright blue panties, her grinning mouth bearing those cute little baby teeth.

"Nana!" Jaina shouted enthusiastically. "Nana! Nana! Naaaaaa-na!"

"Hey Jaina, sweetie!" Padme exclaimed. She bent over and scooped her two-year-old granddaughter into her arms. "Where's Jacen?"

"Daddy dryin' Jacen," Jaina explained in her high voice. "He gotta baf."

"Oh I see," Padme said with a grin, her voice instinctively raising its pitch and her words becoming clearer.

"I gotta baf too!" Jaina continued. "See?"

Padme leaned closer to her granddaughter and inhaled deeply through her nose, breathing in the fruity scent of children's soap. "Mmmm, you smell all clean."

"I cean," the child repeated. "Daddy wash my hair an' I cose my eyes cuz I don't wanna get soap in dem."

Padme patted the girl's still-damp hair. "Well that's a good idea. Soap in your eyes can hurt."

"Yeah," said Jaina. "I getit in my eyes once an' I cwy."

"Oh, poor Jaina," Padme cooed. "But you didn't cry this time, did you?"

"Nope!" said the child, playfully shaking her head, whipping her wet hair around, slightly moistening her grandmother's face.

"Jaina, do we have a visitor?" a voice playfully inquired, causing both adult and child to look up and see Leia standing in the living room doorway, her hair down in soft curls over her shoulders, a baby boy in her arms.

"Look!" Jaina exclaimed, pointing a small finger at her mother. "Dere's Mommy an' Ani!"

"Little Ani!" shouted Padme, putting her granddaughter down so she could get closer to her daughter and her youngest grandson. Leia and Han's third child had been born a few months ago, an extra-special delight for Padme when his parents named him. If she still had any doubts on whether or not Leia had forgiven her father, they were all erased when she named her baby after him.

Padme rubbed little Anakin's fuzzy head. He stared at her with his large eyes for a few moments and then broke into a smile, motivating his grandmother to kiss his soft forehead, practically ignoring his mother.

"So Mother," Leia said in a rather loud voice, "is there any special reason why you're here?"

Padme finally looked back up at her daughter. "Oh, nothing much..." She gave a mischievous grin. "...I just wanted to congratulate my soon-to-be Jedi Knight."

Leia scrunched her face as if Anakin's diaper was dirty. "Mother, it's really not such a big deal. It only means that I've trained enough to be a Jedi Knight if I wanted to be."

"But Luke's knighting you in front of the whole galaxy tomorrow - that should at least be a bit of a big deal," Padme said playfully. "Not everyone gets named a Jedi Knight at the opening ceremony of a new Jedi Academy, you know."

Leia's face still didn't relax. "Mother, I'll still only be a part-time Jedi. My life is first and foremost about being a mother and a politician."

Padme smiled at her daughter as she stroked her grandson's head, her pride unwavering. There were times when she found it hard to believe that it had been more than three years since Leia freed her from the carbonite encasement that had held her for so long. In fact, there were times when she couldn't believe that she had been freed at all. There were still some mornings when she expected to open her eyes and find herself dead - all that happened since giving birth had been an illusion. The ability to touch and interact with her grandchildren was still a wonder to her.

"Come on - I think Jacen will want to see you," said Leia, pushing her baby son up to steady his weight and heading for the twins' bedroom, closely followed by Jaina. Padme smiled to herself one final time before following them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The two women, one toddler, and one baby found Jacen bouncing on his bed, giggling loudly, soaking wet - and completely nude. His dripping brown hair clung to his head, curling up only slightly from the body's movement. Next to the bed stood a disheveled and almost as wet Han, trying in vain to wrap a towel around his son, not noticing the crowd that had just entered.

"Nana!" Jacen shouted, bouncing higher, waving both his little hands at once.

Han whipped his head towards the doorway, a sheepish grin on his face. "Oh, hey Mom. Any chance of you helpin' me out here?"

Padme playfully put a hand on her hip. "Now Han, after two years I would think you'd learn how to dry a child."

Before Han could respond, Jacen leapt off the bed and ran up to his grandmother. "Nana! I miss you!"

"I missed you too, Jacen...even though it's only been two days," Padme said as she hugged her wet grandson.

The hug got the small boy to hold still long enough for his father to sneak a towel around him. "Gotcha!" he shouted, to which Jacen responded with shrieks and giggles, soon joined by his sister, mother, and grandmother.

"So Mom," Han said as he rubbed his son's head with the towel, "I hear you're speakin' at the ceremony tomorrow?"

Padme shrugged. "Yeah, but it's not a long speech."

"So you're givin' a speech, Leia's gettin' knighted, but all I get to do is sit in the audience and watch the kids." Han's eyebrows lowered in mock anger. "Is that fair?"

"I thought you didn't want to give a speech," Leia said with a knowing grin, gently pinching her husband's cheek.

"That's beside the point."

Han's little protest was all the distraction Jacen needed to wriggle out of his father's arms and once more grab his grandmother's legs, soaking her skirt. It was only when Jaina looked up with her cheeky grin and exclaimed, "Jacen naked!" that the adults noticed what had happened.

Han groaned. "Jacen, if I've told you once I've told you a million times..."

He didn't get to finish his scold, since the little boy took sanctuary behind his grandmother, sandwiched between her and Leia.

"Jacen," Padme said as she looked down at her grandson, trying in vain not to smile, "come on out. Your father's getting angry at you."

"Daddy not gonna be mad," he explained. "He wanna play wit' me. He chasin' me wit' da towel to play. We do dis all da time!"

Even Han had to laugh at that.