-ran pov-

It seemed like any ordinary day, I was completly wrapped around the arm of my lover, yoru. We walked along the beach, the ocean glissened in such a beautiful way, almost as beautiful as the ocean located in yoru's left eye. I turned my head torwards my lover so I could ask him the most simple of quesions.

"Yoru?" I give him a look with big crimson red eyes, "do you love me?"

He replies with a smirk, "you're a total goofball ran, of course I do." I giggled, then turned my attention back to the sandy beaches forward.

"I know," I say tring to get him to shoot me that ' what the hell?' look, but insted he smiles and looks ahead.

suddenly I heard a peculiar noise, almost like whining...

"What's that? It sounds so familiar," I ask, yoru chuckles.

"Ran, calm down, it's just the sound of a baby crying."

There was a moment of scilence after he said that...

"A baby?"

I pull him in the direction I hear the screaching whining. Behind a rock we find a child, tears in it's eyes.

The child had short pink hair and big purple eyes, almost completly naked, a blue blanket wrapped around it's waist.

"The poor thing!" I said, bringing the small infant to a hold in my arms. I look at yoru.

Yoru looked at it like he had never seen a kid in his life, then spoke.

"Is it alive?"

I give him a discusted look and push him. "Of course he is you idiot!"

"Well where the hell is it's parents?" he asks, I stare at him, then at the child.

"I don't know..." I pause. I look up at yoru again, who, still seems clueless.

He turned to look at my pout and finally comes to his senses.

"No...no, no,no!" he yells, which makes the child whimper a little.

"Oh come on, he's just a child! I-I can feed him and clean--"

"No!" he yells again, crossing his arms and turns away from me.

I look at him, "yoru...". He turns back in my direction, his face full of nervousness.

"Do you really mean that?" I asked, my eyes tearing up.

He paused, I knew he hated seeing me like this. "...No..."

I understood why yoru acted that way, he was scared, he didn't know what to do.

He flicked the childs hair.


Suprised, I stared at him, a sweet smile on his face. I was touched, smiling as well.

We then held the baby together, and I giggle,"Our yume."