Since I' ve gotten so much fan attention here' s a bonus!


Our Yume OVA

"Ahhh, finally some time to get away from all that crap. " Yoru sighed, taking his luggage from the conveir belt.

"Hey pookieface, " Ran yawned. "Where are we going to stay? "

"Don' t worry, I' ve got a hotel reservation. " Yoru smirked, "That gives us plenty of space to-- "

He looked at yume, his big purple eyes wide open.

Yoru cleared his throut, "Have good clean fun together. "

Yume chuckled, "Liar. "

Ran grinned at yoru, "Sounds like fun. "

Yoru grinned back, "Stop pretending to be so innocent. "

"I' ll stop when you stop. "


Hehe, short but sweet! hope you guys enjoyed reading, because I enjoyed writing!