1. A new life

I was sitting on the bench in my room watching the carriages pass by in the dim street light. It was a beautiful night outside and I felt like rebelling. The year was Eighteen-ninety. I was a seventeen year old girl destined to be married to someone I didn't even know. There was no way that my respected family would have let me do anything to jeopardise what they have put together. I felt chained up in a world that I wasn't supposed to be living in. I felt out of place.

I was a strong willed girl that was very independent.

"Isabella" my mother called me from her bedroom. I raised gently still managing trip on my exquisite gown as I walked towards her bedroom. She was at her dressing table brushing her long chocolate brown hair. I looked much like her, the same round face, full red lips and pale translucent skin.

"Yes mother?" I asked as I took the brush from her hands and brushed her hair for her. She gave me a soft smile.

"I want to talk to you about something my daughter" she said softly. She took the brush out of my hand and placed it on the table. She turned away from the mirror to face me. I sat down on my knees in front of her my head looking down on the luxurious carpet.

I played with the carpet not wanting to look my mother in the eyes for I knew what she was going to say.

A warm hand cupped my chin and I looked up into my mothers brown eyes.

"Isabella you are already a beautiful young woman and your father and I have found you a perfect husband" she smiled.

I stared at her with disbelief. How could she do such a thing to me, her only daughter? She wanted to be free of me and marry me off to some stranger that I didn't even know.

"Mother why, why are you punishing me like this?" I asked starting to hyperventilate I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. She looked down at me her eyes understanding and anger, understanding because she went through exactly the same thing that I was going through and anger because I was being defiant.

What would my father say about this?

"Isabella sop being insubordinate, your father and I have chosen the young man for you and that's final. There is nothing that you can do about it do you understand young lady" she said strictly. The tears were now flowing freely from my eyes.

"Yes mother" I said in barely a whisper. I stood up and left her room running to mine. I fell on my bed and burst into tears. I wasn't free I could never be free in a place like this. Men had all the power and woman had no say what so ever. This is not the life that I want to live. I wanted to do so many things that were just impossible for a woman to do in a time like this. Yes we were treated with respect but never as an equal.

An idea hit me and I instantly stopped crying.

I was going to run away, but how far could I run before I was recognised. Where would I run to? New York was a big city I could run somewhere anywhere just away from here.

I waited until everyone in the house was asleep before I snuck out. I decided to dress like a boy, wearing long black pants, a white shirt and a long cloak. I hid my hair in one of my father's top hats. I took a bag with a loaf of bread and a few apples. I had a dress in my bag and a pair of shoes along with money. This should last me for about a week before I would really have to use the money. I took a valuable piece of jewellery with me so could sell it if I ran out of money.

I was now on the deserted street in front of my house.

"Goodbye mother and father" I whispered more to myself than anyone else and then took off around the corner never to see the house ever again.

I turned into an alley in a street that I didn't know and sat against the wall. The tears fell down my face. I realised now that I was alone, all alone.

"What is a young person like you doing in a place like this crying?" asked a harmonious voice from somewhere in the shadows. I looked up in shock and saw an exquisite man standing before me. He had long black hair that fell to his shoulders. His skin was so pale, paler than mine and looked paper thin.

"Who are you?" I asked in a shaky voice.

The man looked at me and smiled. He placed a delicate hand on my cheek and I flinched at how cold it was. I looked into his burgundy eyes and they looked shocked and fascinated.

"This is interesting, very interesting" he murmured in his beautiful voice. He looked down at me. "What is your name dear?" he asked me.

"I asked you first" I said not able to hold my tongue.

Instead of saying that I was an insolent little girl for being so forward he smiled and chuckled softly.

"My name is Aro and you are?" he asked me.

"Isabella Swan" I answered automatically not wanting disappoint this strange and beautiful creature. He looked trust worthy, like I knew him for a long time.

"Dear Isabella now this is something I don't do often but you would be a great asset to us" he said and without another word he picked me up and pressed his lips to my neck. I was frozen. What was he doing?

Suddenly a pain shot through my neck and I screamed in agony. I could feel fire flowing through my veins, it felt like they were going to burst open in protest. I screamed again and then I was floating into a world of darkness.

I awoke in a beautiful room on a soft bed. I was in a dark midnight blue corset dress and my hair hung loose down my back. I didn't remember how I got here all I could remember was a man named Aro bit me.

I touched the side of my neck but I didn't feel anything. It must have been a dream, only vampires bite people and they aren't even real.

I could still hear my screaming in my mind and my agonising pain I pushed it into the back of my mind shivering at the thought. I looked around the room and was surprised on how clear it looked. The bed was in the middle of the room with a dressing table on the far side of the room and a chest of draws on the other side.

I could here voices. They seemed to be coming from inside my room but when I looked around there were no people around.

"Aro how could you?" I heard an angry voice.

"Caius she is unique think of the status that she would bring to the Volturi" I heard Aro's voice.

"How do you know that she is immune to everyone's abilities?" asked the man named Caius.

"I don't know but we will see when she wakes up, we will test her with Jane and Alec" he said like it was the final world. The voice called Caius didn't speak again.

I looked around the room again. I felt different, but a good different. There was a mirror in the big room and I walked towards it, my walking felt like gliding and I was surprised how graceful I was. What I saw in the mirror made me scream.

In three seconds the door of the room opened and three men stood in the door way. They looked at me in awe. I stared at the mirror again; this couldn't be me could it? It had to be some kind of magic mirror that made you look how you wanted to.

I was paler than usual but not as pale as Aro. I still had a round face except it was more defined. I had a slight blush on my cheeks. My lips were fuller than I last saw them, exaggerating my face even more. The one thing that scared me about my face was that my eyes were crimson red with brown mixed in-between like a spiral.

I turned around to the smiling Aro wondering what is going on.

"Aro what happened to me?" I asked him.

"Isabella you are one of us now, welcome to the Volturi" he smiled. He opened his arms wide. I ran to them and he closed them around my small frame. I was surprised at how graceful I was and I didn't trip once.

"What am I and who are the Volturi?" I asked him confused.

"You are now a vampire Isabella and part of the most powerful vampire family in the world" he said against my hair.

I looked up at him with disbelief. He didn't look like he was lying his red eyes were truthful.

I contemplated on what he just told me. Maybe I was a vampire even if they weren't real. I felt comfortable here and I wasn't going back to my parents and my potential husbands. This was a perfectly good reason to why I was so beautiful and had a musical voice and didn't trip at all. Insane I know but I was never known as a sane person. I was a mystical creature.

A vampire.

"Jane please come to Isabella's room" Aro called.

A little girl who didn't look more than eleven came into the room which was now mine. She had the same red eyes as everyone in the room she had to be a vampire.

"Yes master?" she asked Aro, respect flowing through her voice.

"Show Isabella your power I want to see if she is immune to yours just like she is to mine" he told her.

Aro let go of me and placed me in the middle of the room. He stepped back and joined the other two men. Jane stood in front of me, an evil smirk on her face. She looked at me her eyes boring into mine. She pouted and growled frustratingly. I felt something inside of me and suddenly the small girl was on the floor screaming in pain. I ran to her side shocked at what happened.

"Now this is interesting" said Aro.

"What happened?" I asked him in a panicked voice.

Jane stopped screaming now and backing away from me, her eyes wide and afraid. Aro and the other man behind him were smiling. The other mans face was just grim and looked board.

"She used my power" Jane muttered still on the floor. She looked like a little girl not the girl that I saw before that was too old for her body.

"I didn't mean to hurt you" I whispered to her.

She looked up at me terrified but then bowed her head "I'm fine mistress" she said and stood up gracefully. She looked at Aro and he nodded and then she left the room.

"You have been called mistress by Jane, now you are truly one of us" Aro said laughing.

"Why is that?" I asked confused.

"Jane doesn't even call me master or even Marcus" the man who I assumed was Caius pointed to the silent man on the right of him.

"I'm Caius and that is Marcus. Don't worry he is always silent. Welcome to the Volturi. Normally we wouldn't accept someone new into our coven but you are special" he smiled at me.

I couldn't help but smile too.

I was now part of a powerful family of vampires. My life was strange and scary at the same time but for some reason I didn't mind. I accepted who I was, what I have become. I felt like I belonged here. This was my new home.