Some time had passed since Midna's interference in the battle against Vaati and shortly after, the Twili explained much more to the four heroes. The most detailed was telling them the story of how she and Venus, the queen of the fairies, talked via telepathy to each other. Midna made a vow to the fairy that she would return the three foreigners to their rightful homes only if they succeeded in vanquishing the threat to Hyrule. Now was the time for them to return and of course the first one who more or less demanded to be sent back to his world was the knight.

"What's the hold up?" he sternly asked.

"The Four Master cannot leave this plane," the queen of the Twili declared.

"B-but I need the sword…"

Before he could finish, three soft fingers gently pressed against his lips. It was too difficult for the knight to hand the sword over to the sorceress. He truly needed the sword to save his land and he wouldn't give up that last hope but neither would he stop her from taking it from his hand, which she tenderly did.

His head bowed low in defeat as he turned around so his back would be to all in the chapel of the Four Sword. Without the sword, the knight thought if he even cared to return home. As he contemplated that thought, Midna mouthed a few disenchantments, parting the blade back into the former two pieces it was before.

"The Master Sword cannot stay here. It would disrupt the timeline," the sorceress spoke in her alien, echoing voice.

Those words, so final, turned the noble around. With a smirk, the clever sorceress returned the Blade of Evil Bane to its rightful owner. With a low bow, Sir Link accepted the key to the victory in his own land. Again, he pivoted around, refusing to show anyone his tears that began to swell up inside his eyes.

"Thank you Sir Link… for everything," the champion called. The knight never turned nor did he speak. The only thing the knight felt he could do was lift his hand and wave.

"Good-bye, Link to the past," the Hero of the Winds added.

"F-farewell. Oh, and Hero of the Four Sword. Take care of those flying creatures and those swimming Octoroks," the knight kindly instructed, choking on a few words.

Waving her arms over his head, chanting a few words, darkness encased itself around the hero. Nausea washed over him as the waves ripped him beyond space and time, causing him to feel vertigo. As the moment passed, he reoriented himself, noticing that he was standing in some familiar woods. Lifting his sword up to the clear evening stars, he swore, there and then, that he will free Hyrule in the name of his three brothers he knew he would never see again. Off to the Sanctuary he traveled. His date with the Moblin tribe had been postponed for far too long.

"Who's next?" the sorceress kindly asked.

"Hero of Time, there is something I feel I have to tell you but…" the hunter trailed off.

"Hyrule is in good hands," Hero of Time smiled to the future hero. What he saw in the Hero of the Winds, he knew if Hyrule would ever be threatened, the hunter would give his life protecting his homeland. That thought brought a larger smile to the wanderer's face. As contagious as a yawn, the hunter returned that smile tenfold.

"I'm ready."

"Okay Hero of the Winds, please wave your baton like so," Minda instructed, moving her hand up, left, to the right and down in a smooth succession.

Doing as he was shown, the hunter followed her perfectly as she began chanting a spell. A second later, a black funnel burst into the chamber, through the hole that Vaati made from his first exit out of the room, sucking the hunter into the void. Crying out, "why me," the hero was gone a moment later, with the worm hole vanishing back out the way it came and spitting the hunter onto a deck of a very familiar crew. A glare from his dear friend, Tetra, told the hunter that he had some explaining to do.

"Hero of Time?"

"I have a question before I go," the wanderer said calmly.

"What is it?"

"What was in the royal vault that Vaati wanted?"

"Oh," the sorceress shrugged with an answer. "The Triforce of Wisdom, which was placed in the royalty's care from the Hero of the Golden Land many centuries ago.

Now let's begin. Play this tune on your ocarina," she began humming a soft melody.

Quickly, the wanderer took up his musical instrument, keeping in rhythm with the music. He heard the melody before, the same dark song that brought him to this era. Once he caught a hold of the first verse, the rest of the melody came to him naturally. With a few incantations, the Hero of Time saw his friends vanish before his eye, replaced a moment later with the sight of his trusted mare, grazing on the grass around him. The wanderer sprinted to Epona, relieved that Midna didn't fail him. Now he could continue on with his everlasting quest to bring peace throughout the world. With renewed hope, the Hero of Time mounted his friend and rode hard to confront the dark lord.

"Is that it? This is where it ends?" the champion inquired weakly but a gentle hand stroke his cheek, having him look the sorceress in the eyes.

"You should know better than that. Does anything truly end?" Midna smiled. "I'm sure that they are all safe and most likely, back on their own adventures. Even when you free Hyrule from the Dekus and Octoroks, there will always be an adventure in your heart."

That brought a smile of clarity to the champion's face. His eyes widen in surprise as an item was placed into his hands, the pommel of the Four Sword.

"It is time that I take my leave. There is still magic in that sword. Do me a favor," she smiled as the hero didn't hesitate to nod. "Please destroy the pommel as soon as you can. It is a gate to my world and my time and it would be safer if it remained forever closed."

"I know a mountain that would enjoy a fine meal," the champion promised.

The queen smiled at the declaration to Death Mountain, the hottest volcano in all of Hyrule. Looking at the champion, she couldn't help but recognize a familiarity from her own friend all those years past. She leapt over and softly kissed him on the cheek. With a few words and a wink of an eye, her shadow blended into the handle, sending her across the void and back into the land of Twilight.

It felt so quick, as if he never truly thanked any of his new friends and now he would never see any one of them again. Long good-byes were not his forte but he wished he could've introduced them properly to Zelda, to the people that they saved. A smile crept to his face again. They were heroes, all of them and he knew that none of them helped any in need for popularity but just for doing the deeds in the name of good. A gentle voice brought the champion out of his reverie.

"Link, is everything okay. What happened to Vaati and the others?" Zelda asked in the entrance before the Four Sword chamber.

"Vaati is dead and we have all the time in the world to talk about the Four Masters and what they've done for Hyrule. For now…" the champion paused, placing a strong hand on his childhood friend's shoulder. "We have a castle to reclaim."

Author Note: I would like to thank my ex, for the inspiration when I've wrote this story that's been going on in my mind for a long while. Also, the idea of Venus, queen of the Fairies, came from her own story Queen of the Fairies at northcastle(dot)co(dot)uk. Thanks for everyone for reading Four Masters and I hoped you all enjoyed the story.