A/N: Alright guys! I have decided to repost Decided minus the spelling errors because it is really a great story and well written and you guys would love it! Please just check it out if you can and leave me some reviews! I will repost chapters daily until I have reposted all the chapters and then I will start posting new chapters! Please check it out and God Bless!

Now for those of you who don't know this story is the sequel to 'Undecided'. You don't really have to read Undecided to get 'Decided' you just need some background information! So here it is:

Undecided was about Brooke. She went out with Nathan and they were in love. That is until Nathan's older brother Lucas came to visit from college. Brooke and Lucas instantly get along and sparks fly. Brooke ends up cheating on Nathan with Lucas and later Nathan finds out and is infuriated and the break up. Later Nathan realizes that he still loved Brooke and wants her back but by now she is already going out with Lucas. She cheats on Lucas with Nathan and feels extreme guilt over not being able to decide between the brothers. She decides to leave town not wanting to cause anymore heartache. She says goodbye to both boys but it is Lucas who catches up with her at the airport and tells her he loves her and will wait for her. She doesn't say who she chooses but it is pretty obvious it is Lucas.

Decided takes place five years later when Brooke is on her way back to Tree Hill with her answer! Things have changed! Please read to find out what happens! Thanks and God Bless!