Post-game piece of plotless Sheelos fluff.

I know that toast probably wouldn't be a traditional sort of thing to have for breakfast in Mizuho but I thought that Sheena might have it occasionally as it seems likely that she would have had it for breakfast (and as a snack) sometimes during the journey.

Dedication: for the Sheelos Sisters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco own it I believe.

"You know something, you're not bad company," Sheena smiled at Noishe as she sat down at a small table after placing a tray of breakfast items on it.

Noishe barked and wagged his tail happily, waggling his ears in an attempt to be cute so that the summoner would give him a piece of toast. She laughed, rolled her eyes and then passed him a piece.

"I can see why those two keep you around, even if you do eat an awful lot," she said and then grinned as Noishe pulled an expression that somehow conveyed two emotions at once. Hurt because she'd said something uncomplimentary and amused that she thought that Lloyd and Colette were in charge.

"I hope they're having a nice time," Sheena thought out loud, patting Noishe gently on the head before starting to eat breakfast.

She had offered to look after the dog-like creature while Lloyd and Colette were on their honeymoon and she had to admit that she was enjoying his company.

Both of them looked up as someone knocked on the door. Sheena muttered something about timing as she stood up and went to answer it.

"Fear not, the great Zelos Wilder is here to help you look after Noishe," the redhead grinned and cheered before Sheena even had a chance to speak.

"Good morning to you too," she said, rolling her eyes as she stepped aside to let him in.

"Morning. Is that breakfast?" he asked, walking into the room she'd been sitting in and settling down at the table.

"Yes, not that it looks like I'm going to get to eat any of it," she shook her head as both Noishe and Zelos helped themselves to slices of toast.

"You know I've been managing perfectly fine on my own, Noishe's not really any trouble to look after," she added as she sat down.

"Well, I'm here to help now anyways," Zelos smiled as he spoke through a mouthful of toast. "So, what are we doing today?"

"I don't know what you're doing. I'll be doing some training, helping grandfather and then doing some laundry. Hopefully Noishe won't decide he's interested in that, Colette says that he has a fondness for stealing socks," Sheena chucked as she scritched Noishe behind his ear.

"I can do your laundry for you if you like," Zelos offered.

"You, do my laundry? You think I'd let you near my clothes after what happened the last time you did my laundry?" Sheena raised an eyebrow at the swordsman.

"That was an accident I swear, I don't know how your underwear got into my pocket that time on the journey…" he replied with a hurt puppy-dog-eyes look.

Sheena crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow again in reply.

"I'm innocent, honest," Zelos protested.

Sheena shook her head then grabbed the last slice of toast from the plate.

"If you're so eager to help you can go and cook some more breakfast. Make sure you don't toast the bread for too long, Noishe doesn't like burnt toast," she said.

"He's a dog, he can't be that fussy," Zelos tutted.

"He is. He won't eat burnt toast, he turns his nose up at over-cooked vegetables and he likes his biscuits dipped in tea if you're drinking it at the time. Honestly Zelos," Sheena sighed as she stood up to help him with the breakfast plates. "If you're going to stay and help I'm going to have to teach you an awful lot about Arshis-sitting."