Dean stepped a little harder on the accelerator, letting Baby have her head for all she was worth. The Dallas skyline fell behind them, the bright sun reflecting off the massive glass buildings.

He turned on the radio, throwing a glance in his brother's direction. Sammy sat in the seat, loose and more relaxed than he'd been in months. There was even a touch of color on his cheeks.

"Who was she really, do you think?" His brother was staring out the window, his tone soft.

Dean shrugged. "Dunno. She never really said. She had power though, that's for sure." And he was indebted to her, whoever she was. She'd helped his brother deal and for that alone, he'd be eternally grateful.

"It's really sad, in a way."

"What is?"

"All Ricky ever wanted was to save his people, his way of life. To save something that had been taken from him."

Dean nodded, sure Sammy was right. But he was in no way willing to forgive the man for the steps he'd taken because of it.

After everything was said and done, Ricky gave them no trouble. They left him tied up on the roof of the DMA and an anonymous phone call made sure he, the relics, and other evidence on the rood were found.

"But why kill Thomas?" Sam asked. "It was such a risk."

Dean shrugged. "My guess is the dude probably left work, forgot something and came back for it. He noticed something wasn't right, went to check it out, and paid the price. He was way too much the fussy type. Couldn't leave it alone, whatever it was."

Sam sighed. "You're probably right."

"You bet your geeky ass I am. I'm always right."

He saw Sam throw him a disbelieving disgusted look. "What…ever."

Dean grinned to himself and turned up the radio, pressing the gas pedal down just a little more.

The End