Cameron awoke a couple of hours later when she was hit with a wave of nausea. Cameron literally flew off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Foreman who was in the kitchen heard Cameron's quick dash to the bathroom and quickly hurried into the bathroom. By the time Foreman entered the bathroom Cameron was sitting on the floor next to the toilet. Foreman picked up the glass that was on the cabinet, filled it with water and then handed it to Cameron.


Cameron took a last sip of water and put the glass down on the floor.


"Much. Let's just hope this doesn't last much longer."

Cameron smiled and buried her head into Foreman's chest. Foreman started to feel Cameron's body start to shiver.

"Lets get you into the shower then you can get into bed."

Cameron smiled and stood up followed by Foreman. Foreman led the way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Cameron began to undress when she felt Foreman's hands take over. Cameron closed her eyes as Foreman undid her bra. Cameron let out a tiny gasp as Foreman began to slide her pants down her legs. Cameron stepped out of her pants and stepped into the shower. Within a few minutes Foreman stepped into the shower.

Cameron wrapped her arms around Foreman's body.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Foreman slid his hand onto Cameron's stomach.

"And I love our baby." Cameron smiled and gently pressed her lips to Foreman's.

"How about I wash your hair?" Cameron nodded and turned around to face away from Foreman. Foreman picked up the shampoo bottle and squeezed a good sized amount into his hands before rubbing it into Cameron's hair. After thoroughly soaping Cameron's hair, Foreman washed out the shampoo and started with the conditioner.

"Can you believe it?" Foreman raised his eyebrows.

"Believe what?"

"That we are going to have a baby." Foreman smiled

"It's amazing. To think that in here" Foreman moved his hands to her stomach. "Is a baby that we created." Cameron put her hands on top of Foreman's as he gently rubbed her tummy.

After a few minutes of Foreman rinsed Cameron's hair.

"Let me get you a towel." Foreman got out of the shower and grabbed Cameron a towel.

"Here you go." Foreman wrapped the towel around Cameron's body then did the same with his towel.

"Thanks. I will be out in a few minutes." Foreman nodded and walked into the bedroom. Cameron picked up the hair dryer and began to do her hair. Back in the bedroom Foreman was now in bed waiting for Cameron. Meanwhile Cameron was in the bathroom standing on the scales. After weighing herself Cameron made her way back into the bedroom with a smile upon her face. Foreman noticed this and questioned her.

"What are you smiling about?" Cameron couldn't help but continue to smile.

"I have put on 6 pounds" Foreman shook his head and smiled.

"You women are hard to understand sometimes." Cameron raised her eyebrows and climbed into the bed next to Foreman.

"What do you mean?" Foreman rubbed his forehead.

"Well. Normally women fret if they put on weight. But you're happy that you have put on weight. I just don't get it." Cameron burst into laughter. Foreman gave Cameron a confused look.

"Im happy to put on weight because I have a baby inside me!" Foreman smiled and pulled Cameron closer to him.

"Im glad you're happy." Cameron nodded before slowly falling to sleep. Foreman draped his arm over Cameron's body before sleep overcame them both.