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Italics: Albel's thoughts.

I Wish I Could

By: Kikushi

The sound of her voice rang like a hundred bells in the spring as she laughed playfully in the clear, ocean water.

"Peppita, no!" she screamed, as the child attacked her with monster splashes.

Peppita laughed, diving away as Sophia prepared to attack her in return.

Sophia stood in the water looking for Peppita, her hands on her hips and smiling good-naturedly. I watched as her soft, cherry red lips opened and let out a soft sigh. She closed her eyes and fell back on the water, floating with her arms spread out to her sides. Her silky brown hair sparkled as it floated in the water under the sun. Her form was a breath-taking copy of a goddess.

I hate you.


Her eyes popped open in a split second, barely catching a glimpse of the small girl she had been looking for earlier, before letting out a shriek as she plummeted down below the surface of the water. After a few seconds, she splashed back up, coughing.

"Peppita!!!" she sputtered, gasping for air, "That was mean!"

The small girl swam in front of her and tilted her head apologetically.

Sophia stared at the child's wide eyes and smiled. She disappeared down in the water, grabbed Peppita's knees and threw her up in the air.

Peppita laughed, yelling, "Wheeee! Do it again! Do it again!"

Sophia giggled, "All right. Come here, you."

I hate you.

She obliged to the little girl's request a few more times before, diving down inside the deep water while the girl wasn't looking.

As Peppita came down with another heavy splash, she whirled around grinning, ready to say, "Do it again!"

But no one was there.

"Sophia?" Peppita called, whirling her head around frantically. "Sophia?"

She was greeted with silence.


A blinding flash came from deep under the water and reached the surface. A big wave followed and a big splash of water shot out, raining down on the little girl.

"S…Sophia?" Peppita called in the direction of the light that had appeared a few seconds ago.


Peppita turned around and her face lit up. "Sophia! I thought that you left me!"

Sophia laughed. "Of course not. I would never leave someone behind."

I hate you.

Then all of a sudden, she tilted her head in my direction- leaning on the edge of the Aquios Bridge.

"Hey Albel!" she called, beaming up at me and her eyes shining, "You want to join us?"

Peppita giggled. "Yeah! The water is fine!"

I turned and started to walk away, hearing them pouting and calling for me.

Then there was a sudden silence.

"Hey…" I heard the older girl say, "How do we get back up there?"

I forced back a smile that was threatening to replace the scowl that I wore as I heard them screaming frantically for me to come back.

I really wish I hated you.

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