Vala lay on the grass, immobilized by the sight before her. Daniel looked up and caught her eye, giving an all-knowing smirk, full lips shiny from the clear juice making narrow tracks down his chin. Her breath caught in her throat as he returned his attention to the feast at hand.

Lowering his head, Daniel's white teeth nipped a bite at the tender flesh before him as his fingertips dug slightly into yielding skin. The pink tip of his tongue snaked out and stroked up the ripe chasm, curling to capture the sweet nectar oozing out. He lowered his mouth to fully cover the opening and she could see his throat working as he none too gently sucked on the delicate surface laid bare for pillage beneath his expert palms.

Lifting his head again, he stared straight into her eyes as he raised one hand to his face and with sinfully audible sound, began to lick at the remaining juice running down his long fingers. With an final torturous sweep of his middle digit, Daniel licked his lips before tossing the now spent delight to the side and reaching for another.

Damn, but the man could eat a peach.


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