A low purr in Vala's throat had Daniel lifting his head to stare. All the languidness in his body fled at the sight of her lips scant inches from the offering awaiting her attention. A wicked gleam in her eye had every muscle in him tightening, but as she opened her mouth to sample the treat, she shot him a look of blind innocence.

Her tongue flicked out to tease the tip with feather light caresses as her hand slowly drew down the skin toward the base. Tilting her head to the right, she trailed her teeth down the side before returning to the top. Shifting her eyes upward, she moaned softly, then in one swift movement, encased the pale shaft in the warm heat of her mouth.

Grasping the base of her prize with both hands, she pulled it out slowly, savoring the taste of the firm flesh. Her cheeks hollowed out as, with a torturous slurp, she sucked the round point as it passed her swollen lips. Carefully, she moved it back into her mouth, throat working as she swallowed the cream-colored sweetness till with a sigh, she let the limp casing fall to the plate in front of her.

Bananas in the commissary were definitely a bad idea.

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