Here's the epilogue, friends

Here's the epilogue, friends. Served fresh from my house to yours. It's short, but then again, it's just a small epilogue.

Raven flipped a burger on the grill, and inhaled what she considered to be the heavenly smell from the Gods. It was a warm summer day, July 4th, as it were, and she was in charge of grilling the food for her and Chelsea's fourth of July party.

She glanced around, a smile dancing on her lips. Her guests were truly an very different mix than she would have thought possible. Chelsea's parents had flown in from San Francisco. Her own parents had come in from D.C.. Eddie had been found in Los Angeles, his music production company flourishing, and had brought his wife and two kids out. Cory had been rounded up, girlfriend in tow. Bella had brought her boyfriend, as well, and her other two interns had shown up together, much to her surprise. Despite such radically different personalities, Maggie and Sylvia had survived thus far together, and Raven was truly happy for them. The rest of her office had filtered in and out all day, and so had their new neighbors.

Chelsea was playing with little Robin in the front yard, helping their young daughter to put a square peg through a round hole. Chelsea insisted that Robin put whatever shape she wanted, wherever it was she wanted it.

"I refuse to tell my daughter to conform!" Chelsea had joked when Raven first brought the subject up.

Everyone had just loved their house. And Chelsea could feel the good vibes it held. She was just waiting for those years to pass until Raven's vision came true. They had gotten engaged only a few weeks back, and couldn't wait to hold a ceremony.

She glanced around their gathering and spotted the other toddler in the group – Eddie's son Gregory was only a few months older than Robin.

"Hey, Eddie, bring Greg over here," she hollered.

"Chels, you think they'll get married some day?" Eddie waggled his eyebrows.

"I think we should betroth them." Chelsea replied solemnly.

"You do realize she's trying to get a triangle into the square hole?" Eddie questioned.


Eddie rolled his eyes. "So how ya been?"

Chelsea shrugged, "I'm great."

"So, you and Rae, huh? And here I thought I would be the best friend that wooed her."

"Yeah. She's been really… spectacular." Chelsea held back tears.

"You two are perfect for each other," Eddie agreed. "And the daughter?"

"My ex-husband's. Raven adopted her, though." Chelsea grinned mischievously, "I'm trying to think of a good way to ask Raven if she's ready for kiddo number two."

Raven sneezed and glanced at her fiancé. She could almost smell trouble on the breeze. But, she figured, that was okay. Chelsea and her, they could handle anything if they had each other for support.