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It was exactly two days before his birthday when Murdoc Nicalls found out the awful news.

This particular morning began when he rolled off the bed in the middle of a dream about a palace filled with an endless supply of alcohol and many beautiful women. His eyes fluttered open only to find that he wasn't laying on top of naked supermodels or swimming in sweet smelling wine and instead laying on extremely rough carpet.

Murdoc then let out a slight grunt of disappointment and rose to his feet.

"Today," he thought, "will be a good day" and why wouldn't it be?

His 41st birthday was two days away, after all, and his band-mates were apparently planning something big to make up for his lackluster 40th.

Looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, the bassist began to notice the typical signs of aging in his face: his eyes were surrounded by tiny, subtle wrinkles and his small sideburns had specs of light gray. Even his belly, which had always been slightly plump, had grown larger. He didn't care though: as long as he had money, beautiful women, and his precious Black Sabbath, he'd be happy for years to come.

Once in the kitchen, he found Russell reading the paper while Noodle and 2-D were picking at their meal of pancakes and toast.

"Good morning Amigos!" he announced as he sat down and put his boots up on the table.

"nice to see ya, Muds," Russell muttered, "but get your feet off the table, will you?"

"Did you sleep okay?" 2-D asked as he stabbed at a bit of pancake.

"Oh yeah, just had an odd dream last night, that's all." Murdoc then cleared his throat and asked, "You guys know it's my birthday on Wednesday, yeah?"

"You've told us." Russel replied, clearly annoyed by this question.

"We've heard you a hundred times in the past week." Noodle added.

"Actually, I think he's told us about twenty times." 2-D said.

"It's a figure of speech, dullard." Murdoc spat as he got up to get some coffee.

"I'm sorry for nagging, lads," he then replied, "I'm just excited because"

"Yes," Russell interrupted with an look of furious irritation, "we know your birthday last year was absolute crap." He then sighed. "You know, you've been acting this way all week. Maybe you don't deserve any birthday."

"The world doesn't revolve around you." Noodle added.

"C'mon, without me, you'd all be starving to death in the streets!"

2-D then rose from his chair.

"Compared to bein' in "your" band, that option actually sounds tempting."

He turned to leave when the robotic loudspeaker announced. "phone call for Mr. Nicalls. Please head to the studio."