by Lizardbeth and Lowri

While searching for the Lost City, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel are trapped in a strange and frightening alternate Earth. Fifteen years ago a terrible disease killed the adults, leaving the children to fend for themselves. Now those children have grown up, and a war is brewing over who will control the future. SG-1 finds they'll have to fight and risk everything, if they hope to return home.

IMPORTANT: This is technically a crossover with the t.v. series Jeremiah; however, no knowledge of the series is necessary. (if you only know SG-1, you can think of it as any other alien planet that SG-1 visits.)

This is a NOVEL, featuring the whole of SG-1, including Jack O'Neill, and is complete and beta'd. We intend to post more than one chapter each week, until the end.

Our inspiration came from the many actors who appeared in both shows. We tried to stay consistent to their characters in both. Some other familiar SG-1 characters also appear in this story, though they are not canon to the Jeremiah universe. For reference, we made a list, with small thumbnail images of the characters visible at our author website link.


SG-1: Seventh season, immediately after "Chimera" and before "Death Knell".

Jeremiah: Before the two-part season finale of season 1 ("Things Left Unsaid"). There are also a few spoilers for the beginning of S.2, but the arrival of SG-1 into this universe also changes many things. We have kept to Jeremiah canon where possible, but we also made a few adjustments to make the canons more closely parallel (particularly: we shifted the date of the Big Death back to 1989, and also the layout of Thunder Mountain more closely matches that of the SGC.)

Thanks to Cindy, Methos, Shallan, and Janet for being our guinea pigs and their helpful comments on our early drafts.

Special thanks to Kathryn Andersen who helped edit the first half into something resembling a final draft, to Grace, who carried on to the end, and to Laura who gave it the final read through.

Reviews/feedback are the coin of the realm and ALWAYS appreciated!

Chapter 1

Mar 15, 2004

The wormhole dumped Jack and his team onto the surface of P6X-318, the latest world from the Ancients' database. Ever since Anubis had reared his ugly, incorporeal head, the SGC had been working nonstop to try and locate the lost city as well as any weapons left behind.

"Wow," Daniel muttered behind him, and for once, Jack was inclined to agree. The MALP imagery had not done the place justice.

Directly in front of them was a series of slender arches, one after another, each rising higher than the Stargate. They were made of a beige crystalline substance, dusty like everything else on the planet. The 'tunnel' made by the arches marched up to a slender spire made of the same material. It was difficult to tell exactly how tall the spire was, but it had to be at least three times the height of the nearest arch. Beyond the spire was a whole lot of nothingness.

"So, Carter, is it a big gun?" he asked, to break the silence.

She gave him a tolerant smile. "I have no idea, Colonel. Could be a big gun. It could just be ... pretty."

He snorted. "I doubt the Ancients built anything just to be pretty."

"They might have," Daniel muttered softly, but loud enough for Jack to hear.

Ignoring Daniel's comment, Jack got down to business. "All right, look sharp, people. We all remember the time travel doohickey -- let's try not to activate this thing before we know what it does. I'd rather not experience this morning fifty million times again."

He started down the steps at point, Daniel and Carter trailing him, and Teal'c at the rearguard. Though Jack didn't say anything, he was getting a little warning tingle at the back of his neck. Something wasn't right.

Some of his uneasiness was because of the barren landscape. Jack normally complained about trees, but there were none here. There was no vegetation at all, only dirt and rock stretching to the horizon. The sky was a hazy gray-blue, full of dust.

But he had the oddest sense of familiarity, combined with a feeling that it was not a place they should be.


Carter's voice stirred him from his thoughts and he realized he was standing still, staring up at the top of the spire.

He shook his head once briskly to focus. "Sorry. Just trying to figure out how many marshmallows would fit on that stick."

Carter's eyes widened in disbelief while Daniel just frowned back at him, not buying the flippant remark.

The four proceeded under the arches, positioned so only one person was beneath an arch at a time. Daniel craned his neck trying to see directly beneath the first few arches. Jack had already looked. There were no carvings or images on the arches, but the base of the spire might hold some hints about the purpose of this place.

The breeze stirred wisps of sand and dust across their path, and for a while the wind was all that Jack could hear. But then he lifted his head and slowly turned. The sound was faint and high-pitched, like the whine of a distant whistle, and seemed to be coming from everywhere.

"Anyone else hear that?" he asked.

"Indeed, O'Neill," Teal'c answered then pointed at the spire. "I believe it is coming from there."

"It still has power." Carter looked around nervously.

"Nobody touch anything," Jack ordered. He continued to prowl forward warily. The wind picked up in strength, plucking at his clothes and nearly stealing his hat, and he froze. But it was only the wind.

One part of him scoffed at his caution. Nothing was happening and nothing was likely to happen.

The other part of him was convinced something was already happening. That it was, in fact, too late.

"Is it just me or are the arches glowing?" Daniel asked quietly, squinting upward.

Jack followed Daniel's gaze. The arches were glowing. They seemed to be taking on a reddish cast. Worse, the pinnacle of the spike was shining brightly, and he didn't think it was a reflection of the sunlight.

"Sir, the noise is getting louder and higher pitched. I think it's building a charge," Carter suggested, her voice raised above the strange noise and the wind.

The color was shifting, from red through orange and yellow to green. The light was bright within the arches, making the surface seem transparent.

This couldn't be good. Jack opened his mouth to order them back to the gate.

Lightning flashed, blinding him. As the white light seared across his vision, an electric tingle swept through his body. He wasn't able to finish the annoyed, resigned swearword that sprang to his mind before the brilliance abruptly went dark.


Sam came to with a sneeze.

Alertness sprang back quickly, and she realized she was lying flat on her stomach on the hard ground, her P90 uncomfortable beneath her. As she sat up, she winced at the pain in her knees and hands, but nothing appeared to be broken, only bruised from hitting the ground.

"Colonel? Daniel? Teal'c?" she asked anxiously, seeing their sprawled forms on the path.

"I am unharmed, Major Carter," Teal'c reported, climbing to his feet. "You?"

"I'm fine. Daniel?"

He waved a hand, checked his glasses, and got to his feet, rubbing at his elbow.

O'Neill groaned and struggled upright. "What the hell was that train?" he muttered.

Sam looked around noting the unchanged surroundings. The arches were still softly glowing an eerie green, though the light seemed to be fading. She glanced at her watch to see how long they'd all been unconscious. "Colonel, I think we were only out for a few seconds."

O'Neill recovered his cap from the walkway and jammed it on his head. "Oo-okay," he drawled, "you'd think a weapon made by the Ancients would do more than knock us on our asses."

"It might not be a weapon," Daniel suggested. He squinted up at the spire. "Maybe it focused most of the energy out in space and we were … incidental?" He met her gaze and she shrugged.

Anything was possible. Without more evidence, she had no better idea than the rest of them. Given the massive size of this place she doubted that it was intended to do nothing, but whether it even still functioned properly was unknowable.

"Colonel?" she prompted, when he said nothing. Was he going to scrub the mission, or let them continue?

"Jack, we haven't even gotten to the spire yet," Daniel protested, but the colonel held up his hand to stop the incipient rant.

"I know all that. But, frankly, it doesn't look much like a Lost City to me," O'Neill commented. "And if this doohickey comes in a portable model I haven't seen it yet. Not to mention we have no idea what it just did. We might have blown up the sun."

"That, uh, seems unlikely, sir," Sam offered.

He rounded on her, and demanded sarcastically, "Oh? Then you know what it does?"

She had to shake her head and admit she didn't.

The colonel stiffened and a thoughtful expression filled his face. "The MALP's still recording, isn't it?"

She smiled, realizing why he was asking. "Yes, it must be. It probably has a record of what happened."

"Good. Back to the gate," he ordered and waved her and Daniel to go first. "We'll grab the MALP's tape, go home and see what happened." Daniel started to object and got cut off by the colonel's look. "No, Daniel. Let's be smart about this for a change, okay? We can always come back."

Daniel glanced at the center of the ruins and tried once more, "I think I see writing on the stones around the spike."

O'Neill slapped him on the shoulder. "It's been there for thousands of years. I think it'll survive for another day or two. I hate to be a party-pooper, but we're getting out of here."

He started back down the path and the others followed. Sam realized she was glad to leave. The place was creepy in its desolation, like a ghost town. She half-expected Anubis himself to come popping out between the arches.

She also didn't like the fact that the machine had built what must have been an immense power charge and only knocked them out for a few seconds. The anti-climax was ominous. An Ancient machine that big and complicated very likely did something equally big and complicated.

The breeze had blown a few strands of her hair into her face and she reached up to push it aside. But her hair resisted her efforts. She realized it wasn't a breeze, it was static electricity. She turned to look at the arches and noticed that the green hue was shifting color again.

"Sir," she shouted. "It's building another charge."

He didn't hesitate. "Go! Grab the tape if you can. Daniel, dial."

They ran. With the skill honed by numerous gate extractions under fire, they knew what to do: Sam ran to the MALP, with O'Neill behind her, but watching over his shoulder anxiously. She pushed the button, and had to wait until the tape ejected, noticing a flash of green coming up through the dirt. It suggested that part of the machine was buried beneath them as well. The size of it was staggering.

She heard the whine of the charge building as an undernote to the louder sound of the gate spinning.

Daniel hit the last glyph and slammed the red dome, and the wormhole opened.

"Code in. Let's go!" O'Neill shouted.

"The tape!" she made one try to stay and wait for it, but O'Neill's hand was on her shoulder, pushing her toward the gate.

"No time! Go!"

She didn't argue, not when the ground was starting to glow. She ran.

Up the three steps to the platform. Still nothing struck them down, and there was no flash of light. She kept going, right into the wormhole behind O'Neill and Daniel, with Teal'c at her back.

She smiled in relief as she entered. They were safe.

Or so she thought, until the wormhole dumped her out the other end.