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A/N: Kind of an excert from The One With the Cat when Joey and CHandler try to get rid of the Entertainment Center. Then it takes on its own form.

"Hey, Joe, anybody come by―" Chandler stopped, his mouth hanging slightly open as he surveyed his apartment.

There was no furniture. The only thing in the room was the huge Entertainment Center. Chandler would have laughed at the irony of it. If he hadn't been so scared. Where was Joey? He circled around the counter and spotter a large red puddle lying just in front of the counter. He knew that his heart had stopped. He was gasping for air, his brain turned icy cold. Oh no...oh no...oh no...

"Joey?" Chandler glanced into both bedrooms ― from what he could see most of the stuff was still there. But no Joey. "Joey!"

Scared now, Chandler spun in a circle, about to run into Monica's apartment. He had to tell her. Alert someone. A soft thumping brought him back into his deserted living room.

Crossing the to entertainment center. He moved a stick away and opened the door. For a split second he remembered months ago when Joey had first built the stupid thing. CHandler had bet that a grown man couldn't fit inside. When Joey climbed into the cabinet he shut the door and barred it just like now. The feeling of de ja vu was so strong that Chandler's head spun. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Inside was Joey. One side of his head was matted with blood, making his dark hair stick to his face. Bruises littered his arms and there was a dirty shoe impression in his back. Chandler groaned, reaching out his hands to bring Joey out of the cramped space. He shook him gently, trying not to hurt him.

"Joe? C'mon buddy, you okay?" Chandler tried to keep his voice low and even but he could feel tears dripping down his cheeks.

Joey's eyes opened he looked up at Chandler and tried to smile, but it turned into a grimace as he rolled over, curling automatically into a ball. Chandler brought himself over to his friend, his hands again reaching out and drawing Joey's body to his.

"Sorry Chandler." Joey muttered, his face pressed into Chandler's shirt.

"Shhh...don't talk." Chandler said, trying to think of what to do. Joey was hurt. Bad. But the phone was gone, along with the rest of the appliences. Could he leave Joey while he went across to Monica's?

Joey kept talking his words coming through now and then. "Was stupid...didn't think...so big...hurts...hurts a lot..." He was drifting now, hovering on the edge of unconsciousness. Chandler rocked him gently, desperetly trying to think.

"Chandler?" Monica came through the door, saw them on the floor, and screamed. "Oh my god...Joey!"

Chandler looked up and saw her frozen to the spot. "Monica, call an ambulance!" Chandler shrugged off his coat and laid it over his friend's not prone body as Monica rushed out. "You're going to be okay Joe." he assured him in the calmest voice he could muster. He was assuring himself at the same time.

Because Chandler wasn't really sure of anything.

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