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It was over.

Chandler sat in the white room, trying not to look at the needle pulling string through his skin, wincing only slightly if it touched a nerve.

Everyone was there, including Ross and Rachel, who had both been at work before Monica called them. A bottle of wine and cans of beer were open on the table. The doctors, though they objected at first to the alcohol, eventually gave in as the friends celebrated together.

Joey was in the middle of it all, sitting next to Chandler, one hand clasped around his friend's. He was back, his memories and mannerisms and personality all restored with the sight of Chandler's blood. He had just returned from giving a statement to the police, with detailed descriptions of the three men who had hurt him so badly.

"There wasn't anything wrong with me at all." Joey said once again, his voice holding surprise as he thought about it. "I just didn't want to remember."

"I know." Chandler smiled at Joey, who still looked faintly confused at his own behavior. "Listen, we're just glad you're okay. I was kind of starting to think you'd never remember." He stopped, embarrassed as always to admit a flaw.

Joey nodded, accepting this as he reached for his half-empty beer. He raised it to Chandler with a mock-salute. Chandler stuck out his tongue at him. The doctors had given into the alcohol, but they hadn't allowed Chandler to drink any while there was an anesthetic in his system.

A nurse came in, young and blond, carrying a chart for the doctor to sign. Joey let out a low whistle, making the girl turn around. Raising an eyebrow and looking the woman up and down he said, cockily, "How you doing?"

Chandler, Ross, and the girls laughed at that, laughing harder as the girl ignored Joey and left. Ross patted a hurt-looking Joey on the arm, "Better luck next time, man." He said, trying to keep from laughing.

"So you really do remember everything, Joe?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah. I mean, I don't remember anything that's happened since I was...since the apartment was robbed. But I remember everything else, like..." he thought for a moment, then said, smiling, "Like the time I got that turkey stuck on my head. Remember that, Monica?"

Monica rolled her eyes. "That was a perfectly good turkey, you dumb..." Chandler turned out the rest of the conversation and turned to Ross who was leaning against a window, staring out at the city below them.

Sighing, Chandler shook his still-numb hand, only half-listening as the doctor told him what he couldn't do with the stitches in. Joey was okay. The men who had hurt him would be caught. His best friend would be okay.

And that was all that really mattered.

I'm kind of sad to let it go. I just love Joey and Chandler. But it's over.