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The Thrill of Moving On

Chapter 1: Eh?

From a distant was a soft beeping. It echoed in her four wall room and into her ears. She groaned softly and rolled over on her bed as the echoing grew louder. Her arm reached out slowly as her finger placed delicately onto the "off" button and she sat up slowly. She turned her head to look at her clock. It read 5:30am. Her lips parted slowly as a small sigh escaped.

"Good morning…" She whispered to herself. She got out of bed, pulled her blanket into the proper position; appearing like she made her bed, and headed into the bathroom sluggishly.

She reached for the shower knob and then began to brush her teeth at the sink until the water in the shower warmed up.

Thirty minutes passed as she got out of the shower, steam coming off her body slightly while she wisped over to her closer, opened it, and walked in. She fumbled around a bit until she found her school uniform, shoes, and stockings. She got dressed slowly, taking her time and stood in front of her mirror and turned; making sure nothing was out of place.

She walked back into her bathroom and blow-dried her long raven locks and her bangs to the side a bit. She brushed through her hair with a comb and headed out of her room.

Her house was always empty in the mornings. Her brother Shippo didn't have school until 8:30am, her mother was sleeping still; she didn't have work until about 11am. So it was always a lonely way to start the mornings.

She walked into her brother's room slowly, turning off his night light and headed over to his bed and kissed him on the forehead. "Have a nice day Shippo. Behave." As those words escaped her lips, she slipped out of his room soundlessly as if she was never in there. She walked past her mother's bedroom, stopped, and continued walking.

She went down the stairs slowly; each step echoed to her that she was one step closer to the world.

She went into the kitchen, grabbed a cup of milk, and looked around, realizing she forgot her book bag. She sighed with discontent and headed back upstairs, grabbed it, rummaged through it for her keys, and headed back downstairs, only to hear her little brother groaning in his room.

She walked into his room and looked at him. "Shippo?" She called.

"Kagome, what time is it?" He asked her softly with his face in his pillow.

"Not time for you to be awake, but if you want to be a good boy, you can wake up now and get ready for school so mom doesn't have to have a hassle with you." Kagome replied.

"Ugh…" He rolled off his bed and plopped on the floor. "I guess I can be a good boy for today." He said as he sat up and looked up at his sister who smiled down at him.

Kagome walked over, knelt down and brushed his messy hair to one side and kissed his forehead. "Good, don't make mom mad. Go shower and brush your teeth. I'll set up the cereal on the table for you." Kagome got up and walked out of his room and did as she promised, got her keys, and left the house.

She loved Shippo like no other. She treated him with the most delicate care she possibly could. She grew up rather dysfunctional, and she wanted him to grow up in an environment he would always remember in a positive way.

Kagome locked the door behind her and began taking on foot towards her school; ever step she took was a heavy un-wanting step.

Its not like she was hated at school, as a matter of fact, she was very well liked by all; in and out of school. She was a very pretty girl. She was nice, ambitious, confident, and most of all, mysteriously unique. She seemed almost perfect.

"GOME!!" Screeched into the morning air.

Kagome turned her head as a girl a bit taller than her jumped and wrapped her arms around her shoulder.

"Good morning to you too, Sango." Kagome laughed as she hugged her best friend.

Sango was a very athletic girl. She had long brown hair that reached her waist, straight bangs in the front, and brown eyes. Sango was a very pretty girl, but even cuter when she would get mad.

Kagome on the other hand was a medium height girl. She wasn't too short nor was she too tall. She had a wonderful figure, honey brown eyes, pale skin, and beautiful raven locks of hair flowing down her back. She was definitely a very pretty girl.

"What's with the long face? I know its Monday, but puhlease. At least be happy to see me." Sango joked as she nudged Kagome lightly.

"It's not that. Shippo isn't doing so well in school. I asked him if he wanted help, but he refuses to let me. Along with my mom being grouchy" Kagome said while leaning her head back and looking up at the sky and took in a deep breath.

Sango sighed, "Shippo again? I'm sure he's trying. Just encourage him to do better. Maybe something at school or at home is distracting him?"

"I know; I do. But, I don't want him to grow up and be some kind of bum on the corner. I doubt something at home is distracting him. Maybe someone's being mean to him at school?"

"He's not going to be a bum with the kind of sister he has. Even if he was, you'd take him in and take care of him." Sango laughed and patted Kagome's shoulder. "Just relax. I'm sure him getting B's aren't a bad thing. I doubt he has kids picking on him. He's too adorable."

Kagome pouted as they continued to school bickering about their weekend.

"Word is that we've got three new students coming to school." Sango mentioned out of the blue.

"Really?" Kagome looked at Sango and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Would I lie to you?"

"…" Kagome gave her a blank look.

Sango laughed and nodded, "Well, that's what I've been hearing, I don't know if it's true."

The two headed to class and waved to people who would greet them.

Kagome sat down in the middle of the class, her original seat, and Sango sat in front of her. The two took out their school supplies and looked up at the same time as the class began to whisper to one another.

Kagome's eyes caught sight of golden eyes staring into the classroom. She tilted her head slightly. 'Eh?' she thought to herself. 'They must be who Sango was talking about earlier.'

Sango turned around, "I told you!" She said and turned back to the front of the class.

Three young men stood in the front of the class.

"Class, we have three new student, please welcome them and help them in any way possible." Their teacher announced. "Please introduce yourselves to the class."

"My name's Miroku, I'm a junior and very single." Spoke the new student with short black hair that was tied in a small low pony tail, brown eyes, and a charming smile.

The girls in the class giggled softly as they heard his insinuation.

"My name is Sesshoumaru. I'm a senior." This one was very tall. He had golden eyes, very long silver hair that was tied back into a low pony tail, he appeared very serious, and very pale skinned.

The girls whispered suddenly as they stared at Sesshoumaru. No doubt he was a very handsome guy; they bickered if he was single or not.

"Inuyasha; Junior." Short, simple, and right to the point. The young man with golden eyes stared through the class, long silver hair like Sesshoumaru, but it wasn't tied, and a very unsatisfied look on his face.

"Sesshoumaru, you can sit next to Kagome; Inuyasha, you can sit behind Kagome, and Miroku, you can sit next to Sango. Sango, raise your hand, and Kagome, raise your hand. Hopefully it wont be to difficult to tell who is who." Their teacher addressed.

It was somewhat obvious. Kagome had two empty seats around her, and Sango had one next to her; took common sense.

They all got seated and the young man with black hair began flirting.

"So Sango was it? My name is Miroku." She smiled over at Sango as he got seated.

"Obviously my name is Sango as it was pointed out, and you already addressed yourself. If you're looking for a toy to have fun with, look somewhere else." Sango snapped and turned around to talk to Kagome.

Kagome laughed softly at Sango's rudeness to the new male, but then again, the guy was directly hitting on her and looking at areas he shouldn't have.

"Sango, be nice." Kagome teased and looked over at Miroku, then Sesshoumaru; who's eyes locked with hers. She blushed and then turned around to Inuyasha and smiled at him. "Welcome to Shinkon High. If you guys need any help, feel free to ask Sango and I; though id suggest me, 'cause Sango is a bit feisty in that department."

"Feisty? Just how I like them!" Escaped Miroku's mouth as Sango glared at Miroku then at Kagome.

Class started and ended quickly, Kagome couldn't help but constantly look over at Sesshoumaru. He didn't seem to be interested in class at all and was reading a book. She didn't want to turn to look at Inuyasha because it would be too obvious she was looking at him of course.

The bell rang as Kagome got up, put her things away and headed out of class arm in arm with Sango.

"So what's today's special?" Sango asked Kagome as she stopped in her tracks.

"OH NO!!" Kagome cried out and turned to look at Sango, "I forgot to make lunch!" She cried out as people behind her laughed; not for the fact that she forgot her lunch, but more for blocking the door. Kagome blushed and moved out of the way and looked at Sango, "I forgot all about it 'cause Shippo was groaning in his room." She explained and Sango waved her hand.

"It's ok, but tomorrow you'll have to bring it 'cause its not fair that I have to bring it. Make up for today. I guess we can get school food; the thrill of it all." Sango said sarcastically.

Kagome laughed in a sheepish way and they both headed towards the lunch room.

Behind the two were the three new students. Girls gawked at them as they walked by.

"Oi, Kagome."

Kagome turned, her hair swayed perfectly and in an almost very dreamy way. "Ne?"

Inuyasha was stricken in an odd way. "C-Can you show us were the Cafeteria is?" Sesshoumaru looked down at Kagome and Miroku smiled at Sango.

"Oh, sure. Follow us." She smiled as she turned around and continued on the direction she was originally heading..

Inuyasha stared at Kagome from behind. 'Isn't she very talkative?' He thought as he stared at her hair swaying back and forth.

"Inu, stop staring." Sesshoumaru said in a very oh-so-lacking-interest tone.

Miroku nudged Inuyasha and he elbowed Miroku back.

They all reached the cafeteria in a matter of minutes and Kagome turned to them, "Here is it, enjoy the mystery meat." She teased and realized Inuyasha was staring at her and she turned back around quickly blushing. Sango noticed this and grinned.

Kagome always blushed when guys stared at her, she didn't do so well with the opposite sex staring at her.

"Thank you Kagome. We appreciate it." Sesshoumaru said as he walked passed them all and sat down at an empty table, pulled out his book and began to read.

"What's that book that he's always reading?" Kagome asked as she turned to look at the two left behind them.

"Some kind of book for college I think. Something like that. He takes school and whatnot seriously." Inuyasha said.

"Are you two related?" Kagome asked curiously.

Inuyasha gave her a 'are you stupid' look. "Obviously; we've got the same hair and eyes." He said.

Kagome felt stupid for asking such a question as she turned around and pulled Sango away.

"You always manage to scare the cute ones away that pull away their cute friends." Miroku said and crossed his arms over his chest.

Inuyasha watched as Kagome walked away and turned to glare at Miroku.

They all spent their lunch time together. Kagome with Sango and a few other girls and guys who decided to sit and talk to them; Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sesshoumaru together at another table as girls flocked over to try and talk to them.

Kagome would occasionally glance over, only to catch Inuyasha looking over sometimes as well.

The lunch bell rang as everyone got up and headed out of the lunch room. Kagome and Sango always took their time so it was a lot easier to get out instead of having to push their way through the crowd.

Inuyasha and the others seemed to be doing the same thing as well. All five of them got up at the same time and left.

Kagome didn't look at them at all as she left quickly with Sango following close by.

"Great, now we don't have a tour guide anymore!" Miroku whined as he noticed Kagome avoiding them.

"Inuyasha has that effect a lot; doesn't he?" Sesshoumaru mocked as he walked ahead of the other two with his hands in his pocket.

'Not like I yelled at her, geeze.' He thought to himself.

They all entered class, boring as ever until school ended and everyone left. Kagome was the last to leave class. She took her time like she did in a lot of things. She didn't seem much focused as Sango popped her head into class, "Gome, hurry up."

Kagome pulled her bag off the desk and headed towards the door; as she got out, she noticed Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and Miroku were outside waiting with Sango.

"They wanted to know if you wanted to go get some ice cream or something." Sango said as she smiled, "They'd even pay!"

Kagome smiled and nodded, "I guess."

"Is that a yes or a no?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome looked at him, "Yeah…" She whispered softly, wondering why he was so rude. She was use to guys being so nice and delicate to her.

Sango gave Inuyasha a dirty look as he looked at Kagome, realizing she seemed to shrink at a lot of things he said.

"Well, since we're new here, where is a good ice cream shop?" Inuyasha asked trying to be friendlier.

"Don't mind him; he's very, what's the word; socially handicapped?" Miroku said as she wrapped his arms around Kagome and Sango's shoulder, right as he did that, Sango elbowed him away and Kagome laughed softly.

'This'll be interesting.' She thought to herself.

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