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The Thrill of Moving On

Chapter 3: Friday

Outside the window the wind blew harshly, beating at the window as a small crack in an opening allowed the outside world into her room; whistling in a soft eerie echo.

She laid in her bed, half asleep, half awake; not sure what to do. It had been a week since the three new students arrived at school and today would be their first Friday. She wasn't sure what she was going to do during the weekend. She usually cleaned around the house or occasionally took Shippo out somewhere or spent time with Sango. She rolled over in bed, her eyes flashing as it rested on her window. The whistling irritated her while giving her the realization of the environment she lived in. She gave up, dragged herself out of bed and headed into the bathroom and began running the water.

She was unusually awake rather early; it was only 4AM, but she couldn't sleep. She stood at the bathroom sink staring at herself in the mirror. Her weary eyes reflected nothing but exhaustion and frustration, her cheeks with a light tint of pink, and her lips swollen pink. She exhaled softly and began to brush her teeth. She looked over at the bathtub, came to the realization that she was up rather early, locked the knob for the water to stay still, got rid of her clothing, and slowly got into the tub.

She sat in the tub as the steam engulfed her body; relaxing her muscles. She seemed rather content sitting there. Her eyes half closed staring down at the reflection in the water. She moved her hand and touched her face lightly and brushed a strand of hair away from her eye. She didn't understand why she couldn't sleep all night. Nothing had promoted any doubt or frustration before she had dozed off; or at least nothing she could remember of. The week had been very interesting with the three new students. She had new friends to enjoy her days with; it was an interesting week, nothing she'd complain about.

She sunk further into her tub and reached out to drain the water. She got up, turned on the knob and began to wash her hair. Moments later she got out of the bathroom, towel around her body, a towel on her head, and hair dripping wet as droplets of water trickled down her exposed skin. She walked over to her bed slowly, her every step echoed in her room and mingled with the whistling. She leaned her head forward and began to dry her hair with the towel that was on her head. She stared at the floor as the carpet tickled her toes. She smiled and leaned her head back and sighed seemingly less distressed.

She got up from her bed and began to get dressed. She got into her undergarments, her white blouse, her teal vest, her matching skirt, black stockings, and then her shoes. She inspected herself in the mirror. She tilted her head slightly, reached out for the brush that was on her dresser and began to brush her hair out slowly. Every strand of her hair was silky and fell into the correct position. She parted her lips, reached out for her chap-stick and applied it onto her lips. She inspected herself a bit more, gave an approving nod, and did her usual check up on her brother.

Finally at the bottom of the steps, she looked over at the clock; still too early. She dragged herself into the kitchen, got her morning cup of milk, and sat down in a chair. She kicked her legs a bit, wondering how the day would turn out. She sat there drinking her cup of milk for the longest time until she decided she'd finish it and leave.

She got up, cleaned her cup, and walked out the door. She stood outside for a moment to decide if it was too cold or not cold enough. She thought for a second if she needed a sweater and came to the conclusion of not wanting to enter the house again so she headed on her direction towards school.

All week had been sunny and warm and suddenly the shift in weather confused her. She held her sides as she walked to school, occasionally avoiding from having her skirt fly up in the breeze. The way to school seemed longer than usual; she looked down at her feet as she walked; hearing footsteps coming from behind her.

"Morning Sango." Kagome said as she turned around to meet her friend's smiling face.

"Morning Kagome." Sango said and jumped next to her friend. She noticed that Kagome wasn't wearing a sweater and raised a brow, "It's cold, what are you doing not wearing a sweater?" Sango asked as she touched Kagome's forehead. "You don't look so well." She said softly; realizing what the day's date was.

Kagome looked at her worried friend and smiled, "I'm fine." She said and shook her head, "Plus, I don't have a decent sweater to wear at the moment." She whispered as the two continued on their way to school.

Sango would occasionally glance over at her best friend who seemed off in her own world. 'Poor thing.' She thought to herself as she locked her arm with Kagome to help keep her warm.

Today was exactly ten years since Kagome's father passed away. She always went to visit his grave on holidays and the day of his death. She usually wasn't sad when it came to these days when she'd visit him; she was over the shock of his death, but strangely she was rather depressed.

The two made it to school; a part of Kagome was hoping the guys would pick them up today and give them a ride. Walking in the cold wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing to do.

The two of them entered class and sat in their seats, noticing the other guys weren't there.

Sango turned around in her seat and looked at a very distracted Kagome. "Ne, we do have school today right?" Sango whispered as Kagome looked around, noticing no one was in class yet.

"I believe so." Kagome said slowly while quickly getting up and looking out the classroom window to see students still walking around. "Yeah, people are here." Kagome said and looked at Sango. "Are we supposed to be somewhere else?"

Sango walked out of the classroom, looked at the door and called for Kagome. "We're supposed to be in the library. What the hell. I didn't see this when we walked in." Sango said as she ripped off the sign and threw it on the floor.

Kagome walked over, picked up the piece of paper, and stuck it back on the door, "Don't do that, lets go." Kagome said as she walked out of the room.

Sango followed, noticing Kagome was acting very strangely. She knew that today was her dad's tenth year but she never seemed to ever be distant on those days. "Kagome" Sango sang and jumped next to her and wrapped her arms around her in hopes to cheer her up.


"Is everything ok? I mean, I know today is your dad's tenth year but I've never seen you like this." Sango said softly and looked down at her friend.

"I'm fine, just thinking how to tell my mother I want us all to go to the graveyard." Kagome whispered softly deep in thought.

"Is she busy with work still?" Sango asked.

"Yeah, she is. I've been thinking of picking up a part time job too to help out with things. She's always coming home really late and all she does is go to sleep; rarely see her anymore." Kagome said as she sighed softly. "It's almost summer and I don't want to be stuck at home all day." Kagome laughed.

Ever since Kagome's father passed away, her mother had to take all the responsibilities of the finances in the house, bills, and whatnot and she had to work from day to night and was rarely ever around. Kagome rarely ever saw her or talked to her, and whenever they did talk, it was quick and prompt and her mother would be off to work or something important. For as hard as her mother worked, they barely got by. Kagome had always wanted to help but her mother told her to worry about school and taking care of her brother was all she asked for, nothing more; nothing less.

Sango nodded as the two of them reached the library and entered it only to have all eyes on them.

"Kagome, Sango, where have you two been? The bell rang five minutes ago!" The teacher called from across the library.

"We didn't see the note on the door so we were just chilling in class." Sango called back as she pulled Kagome into the classroom and sat down on a chair and pulled Kagome on her lap.

"Sango!" Kagome whispered harshly as she squirmed to get off Sango's lap. "We're at school."

"Puhlease Gome. Everyone knows we're secretly lesbians." Sango said laughing as Kagome blushed and Miroku came rushing over with Inuyasha close behind.

Sango loved Kagome as if she were her own sister. The two shared secrets to each other and every problem they had they'd express it to each other. They had been best friends ever since they could remember and wouldn't be able to live without each other's presence.

Kagome got off Sango's lap and sat next to her as she noticed Inuyasha sitting down next to her and Miroku sitting down next to Sango. She didn't see Sesshoumaru anywhere. She looked at Inuyasha and nudged him, "Where's your brother?"

Inuyasha only pointed. Kagome's eyes followed to where he pointed and she noticed Sesshoumaru was looking for a book.

"Do you know why we're in here?" Kagome asked while looking around the classroom.

"We're supposed to find a book and do a report about it or something. Sounds like elementary stuff to me." Inuyasha said as he got up and headed over to a bookshelf.

Everyone in the classroom was bickering away and searching for a book. Kagome sat there as Sango and Miroku stood up leaving her behind. She looked down at her lap and gripped her skirt in her hand tightly. She felt really tired all of a sudden and hungry. She got up slowly and headed over to a bookshelf and began looking around.

Inuyasha had been watching Kagome as she sat in the chair and seemed in pain. He raised a brow and watched her as she walked over to a bookshelf sluggishly. 'Wonder whats wrong with her.' He thought as he looked over at Sango, "Oi, is Kagome ok?"

Sango nodded and looked up at him, "Don't worry about it. I suggest you don't ask her." Sango said as she pulled a book out of the shelf and inspected it, "Personal stuff. I'd tell you but I don't think she'd want me to share it."

Inuyasha nodded and walked off to another bookshelf deep in thought, 'Personal stuff?' he thought to himself as he slowly wandered over to the isle Kagome was in. "Oi, you look tired." Inuyasha said as he pulled a book off the shelf and looked at her, "You ok?"

Kagome looked up at him suddenly; she hadn't noticed him come towards her. She nodded and pulled a book out of the shelf acting like she was looking for a book.

"Are you sure? Because I don't think you'd like to read about male prostate." Inuyasha said and looked at the book and then Kagome.

Kagome dropped the book as he said that, her cheeks turned bright red, and her eyes avoided looking at him. He knelt down , picked it up, and handed it back to her as she shoved it back into the shelf. He eyeballed her for a second, he knew something was wrong since she seemed out of it; it didn't take much to notice when someone was off in another world.

Inuyasha realized he shouldn't have said anything when she took the book out. He was only trying to be friendly and talk to her; since he did consider her a friend now.

Suddenly in his thought he heard the teacher bang on the desk at the front, "Alright class, and times up. Come check out your book and we're leaving. Those of you, who haven't checked out a book, come back in and check one out on your own time."

Kagome looked up at the teacher, shoved the book she was holding back in the shelf and dragged herself to leave the library with the rest of the class.

Inuyasha shoved his book back in as Sango, Miroku, and Sesshoumaru checked out their books with the rest that found a book they wanted to do a report on.

Inuyasha caught up to Kagome when she stopped at the door and waited for the others. "Sorry about earlier." She said as she sighed softly.

Inuyasha didn't say anything as he leaned against the wall with her and waited on the others to come out as well.

"Are we all going to hang out today? It's Friday." Inuyasha said as he glanced down at her. He noticed she was about a head shorter than he was and it required him to look down at her when he talked to her or wanted to look at her face.

"Um, today's a bad day really." Kagome said as she looked up at him, "Not a bad day but, bad timing I guess you can say." Kagome said as she looked straight ahead again, "I have plans after school today with my brother."

"Oh." Inuyasha said, somewhat disappointed. He wasn't sure why he was disappointed.

Kagome smiled and bumped into him jokingly, "Maybe this weekend we can all hang out or something." Kagome said as the other three came out and eyeballed them.

"What this weekend?" Sango asked walking over towards Kagome. Miroku seemed interested in what was going on and walked towards Kagome as well.

Inuyasha snorted, "Nothing. Maybe we can all hang out this weekend was what we were talking about. Keh."

Kagome laughed and nodded, "Maybe if I finish the chores around the house on time." Kagome said as she began to follow the rest of the class back to their classroom.

"Want me to come over and help?" Sango asked as she ran to catch up to Kagome. "I've got nothing to do."

"You cleaning up would be a disaster." Kagome teased, "Miss I've never ironed my own clothes before."

Sango glared at Kagome, "Hey, at least I offered."

The two laughed as Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sesshoumaru walked behind them.

"Are we hanging out together after school?" Miroku asked Inuyasha while watching Sango walk next to Kagome.

"If you mean you, me, Sesshoumaru, and Sango, then yeah." Inuyasha said simply while shoving his hands into his pocket.

"No Kagome?" Sesshoumaru asked while putting his hands into his pocket too.

"She's got plans today with her brother." Inuyasha stated as they all entered the classroom.

Inuyasha sat staring at Kagome; she didn't seemed very focused on class for the day like she usually did. She was always concentrated on the lessons, very focused; but today she seemed to not care so much.

Kagome turned and looked at Miroku, "Oh, Friday's we usually wait till after school and go get something to eat. Sorry we didn't tell you guys that. But today I can't go with you guys so you guys can go with Sango. She said as she pointed at them, them being the guys, and then Sango.

They all nodded and spent their lunch in the cafeteria talking; but mostly it was Miroku talking to Sango and Inuyasha. Kagome and Sesshoumaru just sat there listening.

"Kagome, you seem rather quiet today." Sesshoumaru stated as he pulled his book out and began to read it again.

Kagome glanced over at the book and him, "Mmm…" Was all that came out of her at first, "Same goes for you; though you're always quiet."

Sesshoumaru nodded, "Fair enough." He continued to read and then glanced down at Kagome. He knew something was wrong but knew it wasn't his place to pester her about it.

School finished quickly as Kagome quickly left class after waving goodbye to her friends. She rushed down the hall to get home quickly. She didn't know why she was running, she didn't need to, but she felt like she needed air. They all stared at her as she ran; Sango wanted to chase after her but knew it was futile; Kagome was way ahead of her already.

Kagome made it out of the halls and into the windy steps of the school. She stood there for a second and sighed softly. She felt sick. She had been hungry all day, tired; she didn't know what to do. She wanted food but she had to prepare flowers for the visit. She debated and decided she had enough time. She began to walk home, she had an hour before her brother got out of class. An hour to give her time to eat, pick flowers, freshen up, pick up Shippo to go to the graveyard.

On her way home the wind suddenly started blowing harder as the bitter wind slapped at her body, causing her hair and clothes to sway in every direction. She was halfway home when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She stopped for a second as she heard her name from a distant. 'Go away.' She thought to herself as she tried to get off the wall and get away from whom was calling her.

"Kagome, what are you doing?" Kouga asked as he rushed up to Kagome, taking her arm into his and helping her off the wall. "Are you ok?" He asked as Kagome tried to free herself from him.

Down the street Sesshoumaru was driving Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango somewhere to eat as they all caught sight of Kagome being help by Kouga.

"Geeze, doesn't he ever leave her alone!" Sango yelled in the car as she crossed her arm.

Everyone looked at Sango and then the guy next to Kagome. "Should we stop?" Inuyasha asked as he looked at Sango.

"Depends. We should see what happens." Sango said as she tapped Sesshoumaru's shoulder to pull over and park.

"Kagome, babe, you look sick." Kouga cooed as he wrapped his arms around her waist, making her grow uncomfortable as she shoved him away.

"I'm not your baby! How many times do I have to tell you this? I am sick of you!" Kagome yelled as she felt a burst of anger come over her. She wasn't sure why she yelled at him, and when she realized she did, she covered her mouth. "Sorry." She whispered while Kouga stood there shocked.

Inuyasha smirked in the car as Sango laughed and Miroku sat there confused.

Kagome turned around and began to walk away holding onto her sides again shaking in the wind as she sighed heavily. "I knew I should've brought a sweater." She mumbled to herself as Kouga stood on the sidewalk watching her walk away. He scratched his head, gave up, and left.

"Let's drive her home, she looks freezing." Sango said as she jerked in the car, unbuckled the seatbelt, and got out waving at Kagome. "Kagome!" She yelled as the girl she was calling turned around and looked at her.

'Why is everyone following me…' she thought to herself as she waved.

"Come on, Sesshoumaru will drive you home!" Sango yelled as she waved her arm, ushering Kagome to come across the street for the drive.

Kagome shook her head, "Its ok! I'm almost home!" Kagome called back as she began to walk again.

"Maybe we should leave her alone." Miroku said, "I mean, she hasn't been talking all day and seemingly avoiding everyone." He said as Sango nodded.

Inuyasha wasn't listening. He was watching Kagome shiver occasionally as she walked. "We can't just let her walk in the cold like that." He said as he looked over at Sesshoumaru who looked at him and gave him a nod. Inuyasha got out of the car suddenly and ran across the street towards Kagome. He didn't know what he was doing exactly but he felt the need to hurry over to her side. "Kagome." He called as he stopped next to her and she looked up at him. "Come on; let us drive you home, the wind is picking up." Inuyasha said as he touched her arm lightly.

Kagome looked at his hand and then at him, "I'm fine. I'm almost home." She said as she noticed him taking off the outside of his uniform. Her cheeks flared as she pulled away, "W-What are you doing?" She said as she turned away.

"Don't take it the wrong way, geeze." Inuyasha said as he finished unbuttoning it and placed it on her shoulders. "Here, if you're going to refuse a ride home, at least take this and keep yourself warm. Just give it back to me Monday so I don't get stopped for dress code." Inuyasha said as he noticed her holding her side with one hand. "Are you ok?"

Kagome nodded, "I'm just hungry is all." She whispered as she pulled the vest over her tightly, "Thank you." She said as she nudged him lightly, "Go back in the car; I'll see you guys Monday. Have fun." She said smiling as she waved at the others in the car.

Inuyasha nodded and walked back to the car and they drove off slowly, watching Kagome to make sure she was ok.

Sango patted Inuyasha's shoulder, "How smooth." She giggled and began laughing and leaned back in the car.

"Shut it!" He said as she squirmed in his seat, "She was cold."

"Why was she holding her stomach?" Sesshoumaru asked as he glanced down at his brother.

"She was hungry; or that's what she said at least." Inuyasha said and glanced back up at Sesshoumaru.

Sango sighed and turned around to look at Kagome one last time as they made a turn.

An hour past and Kagome was on her way to pick up her brother. She had gotten something quick to eat at the house, freshened up, and had freshly picked flowers in her arms. She went to go pick up Shippo as he came running out and the two headed towards the graveyard. This time Kagome didn't make the mistake of not bringing her sweater.

Kagome knelt down in front of a grave that read Higurashi, Kozu. She closed her eyes for a moment, took in a deep breath, sighed, and opened them again. She gave a small prayer, placed the flowers down and looked at Shippo as he did the same. She stared at the grave. 'Ten years.' She thought to herself. She missed him.

Kagome and Shippo left the graveyard shortly since she noticed Shippo was shivering in the cold. "Come on, let's go." Kagome said as she wrapped her arms around Shippo and hugged him tightly to her.

Sesshoumaru drove by the graveyard and slowed down.

"What are you doing?" Inuyasha asked as he looked at Sesshoumaru and the direction he was looking. He saw Kagome and Shippo walking out of the graveyard. He noticed she was dressed nicely, "Oh." He whispered. The both of them realized why Kagome had been acting weird all day; she was visiting someone at the graveyard that day. The two continued home silently, thinking that she was probably visiting her father.

That night Kagome sat on her bed hugging her pillow, her eyes focused on the vest Inuyasha had lent to her. She pulled her knees up close to her chest. She looked down at her pillow and buried her face into it, sighing softly. It was almost midnight and she was waiting until her mother would be home. After almost dozing off she heard the front door open and close. She got out of bed and headed down the stairs slowly.

Her mother was taking off her heels and heard steps. She looked up slowly and smiled tiredly at Kagome. "What are you still doing up?"

Kagome crossed her arms, "I couldn't sleep." She said softly, "And having pains again." She muttered. Her mother waved at her to come downstairs and headed into the kitchen and sat down.

"What kind of pains?" She asked as she placed her things onto the table.

"I don't know. I didn't eat all day and then I started having sharp pains on my way home." Kagome explained.

"This isn't the only reason you're talking to me, now is it?" Her mother asked as she placed her chin in her palm and stared at Kagome who sat down in front of her.

Kagome avoided eye contact with her mother and began to play with the sleeves on her pajamas.

"I know what today is; don't hate me for not going." Her mother said as she leaned back in the chair, "You know what I have to do to keep a roof over our heads." She said softly and rubbed her head.

"I've been thinking of getting a job before school is out." Kagome started as her mother looked down at her. "I mean, I don't have much to do over the summer, no summer school, so all id be doing is staying home and I'm sure Shippo will be out and about with his friends. I want to help." Kagome said softly. "I know things haven't been the same since dad, well, passed away."

They were a very well off family. Her dad worked for a huge company and was one of the main chairmen, but when he got into a car accident and passed away, they had to rely on their mother's income and it wasn't anything compared to their father, and everything fell apart. They had to move out of their large house into the house they currently live at, sell almost everything expensive and those they didn't needed, and tried to pull by everyday. Things got a bit better as it became stable, but it wasn't the same.

"If that's what you want to do honey, feel free to do it." She said as she reached out and placed her hand on Kagome's hand and smiled. "It's late, let's go to bed alright?" She said and then added, "And don't play innocent, when you get nervous or anxious your stomach hurts." He teased as Kagome blushed and pouted.

Moments later Kagome laid in bed content. She felt relieved as she closed her eyes slowly. 'Night Papa.'

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