A Tales of the Abyss drabble surrounding Asch. Implied coupling. Based off an icon I happened to come across whilst bobbing around in this fandom.

Disclaimer: Asch belongs in his game of Tales of the Abyss, where he can live in all harmony of never being disturbed by the scary fangirls and boys of the world called Earth

You know those really egotistical people who lounge away their day? Those ones that can never get enough of looking at themselves in a mirror, a window or even the back of a spoon? Those people were cocky to all extends of their good looks and believed that it was their face alone that could charm the world.

Well Asch didn't know how the hell that worked but it was the stupidest thing he could ever imagine! And yet here he was, drowning in the same capsized boat as all those other people.

Here he was: staring into green eyes. Green eyes that held all those stupid little annoyances that drove people insane and yet somehow managed to keep a handful of faith. Those same eyes that just so happened to be strangled by so much pride, it was ridiculous! Eyes that even sometimes held concern or tragedy but were instantly wiped away by quick tempers or lack of interest.

Here he was: glaring at red hair. Annoying, pointless hair that framed ones face, got in their eyes and made battle highly difficult. Asch would never cut his though, he liked his hair the way it was. He wasn't about to change it. But why was it so damn ... straight? So completely un-unique that if it hadn't been for his distinctive clothes, nobody would be able to tell him apart from another. And the color? Ugh don't even get him started! Red: who in their right mind has red hair? Even if its natural! Well maybe it wasn't so bad ... not many people had red hair. At least it was a bit original in that sense.

Here he was: observing body parts. Alright, that may have sounded a bit awkward, but Asch didn't think anything of it. It was true enough. Sturdy limbs, built with muscle. They looked a bit on the weak side but never something to be underestimated. Powerful arms that could hold any sword nice and steady. Strong legs for all that walking around the needed to be done even through complaints. A nicely shaped torso, solid stomach: all those good little fixings you could imagine all wrapped into one package.

With exception.

For you see, Asch wasn't exactly like all those egotistical people. He barely looked into mirrors unless needed to. Windows he figured weren't meant for anything but to be looked through and well ... who gets so desperate as to look at themselves in the back of a spoon? He wasn't cocky! Okay, okay, that was a lie but he wasn't too cocky about his looks.

He certainly was looking at green eyes though. And that silly red hair was something that made his fingers twitch. As for body parts, well those were appealing to the eye.

But Asch wasn't looking into a mirror at the moment.

And that's what made him so frustrated. Not because he loved his look that much that he was hallucinating! No, this form was solid flesh. This image had a complete 3D look to him, a mind of its own and a superiority complex that liked to fluctuate. He was stubborn, unrealistic and easily torn down by emotional situations. And what was so absolutely aggravating about something like this?

Simple really.

Because ... in Asch's mind ...

"Stupid dreck!"

Who in the hell falls in love with himself?


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