Just a little Furuba one shot that's been sitting on my desk for way too long. Hope it makes you smile!
Yuki stands facing Kyo. Once again they are fighting. That stupid cat should know that he will never win, yet he continues to hate Yuki and want to destroy him. Every time they fight it hurts the rat. Not physical pain, but something much deeper. Yuki loves the fiery orange haired boy. He loves his foolishness and determination; his passion and his temper.

He continues to fight Kyo because it makes the cat happy. Even though he always loses, Kyo lives for those battles.

But today Yuki is sick of fighting. He turns away from Kyo and goes into the house. The astonished cat follows. Soon his puzzlement fades to anger. Shigure and Haru look up from the couch as he passes. Shigure's face is questioning but Haru's eyes are all on Yuki. Kyo doesn't know how anyone could love that damn rat. He follows Yuki into the den. Yuki turns to face Kyo; violet eyes meeting amber. They glare at each other, not speaking. It's those purple eyes that make Kyo give into his feelings. Their deep pools capture Kyo and force him to admit what he's beet denying for a very long time.

He steps closer to yuki and places a hand on his shoulder. Yuki's expression doesn't change. Kyo leans in and presses his lips to Yuki's. Yuki doesn't pull away, but he doesn't kiss back. He doesn't know if Kyo really returns his feelings. He doesn't want to be hurt. Kyo pulls back, he looks disappointed.

"Kyo," Yuki whispers.

Kyo doesn't reply, but his eyes are moist.

"Kyo, do you love me?"


"Say it."

"Say what?"

"Say you love me."

"Yuki, I love you with all my friggin' heart."

Yuki knows he is honest. He grabs Kyo around the waist and pulls their bodies together. Their lips meet again. Kyo drags Yuki to the couch.

A half an hour later Haru walks through the den on his way to bed. He finds Yuki and Kyo asleep in each others arms. He sees the smile on Yuki's face and his anger disappears. At last Yuki is happy, even if it isn't with him.